Stability AI Releases Stable Doodle: A Sketch-to-Image Tool

Stability AI, the world's leading open source artificial intelligence company,
Stability AI Releases Stable Doodle: A Sketch-to-Image Tool
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Friday, 14 July 2023, Bengaluru, India

A new service that converts doodles into photographs is being introduced by Stability AI, the business that created the image-generating model Stable Diffusion.

Stable Doodle, a sketch-to-image service, uses the most recent iteration of the Stable Diffusion model to evaluate a sketch’s outline and produce an artistic rendering that is “visually pleasing.” It can be accessed today through ClipDrop, a platform Stability acquired in March after purchasing Init ML, an AI startup created by former Google employees.

According to Stability AI, “Stable Doodle is geared toward both professionals and novices, regardless of their familiarity with AI tools,” in a blog post emailed to TechCrunch. Anyone with rudimentary sketching abilities and online access can create original, high-quality images quickly and easily using Stable Doodle.

Many sketch-to-image AI solutions are available, including free software and paid applications. However, Stability AI claims that Stable Doodle is distinctive in enabling more “precise” control over image generation.

Stable Diffusion XL, a Stable Diffusion model and a “conditional control solution” created by one of Tencent’s R&D divisions, the Applied Research Center (ARC), powered the Stable Doodle. The T2I-Adapter control solution, which accepts sketches as input and directs the model to enable better fine-tuning of the output artwork, enables Stable Diffusion XL to handle complex designs.

Stability AI
(Image Source: Stability AI)

According to AI, Stability Designers, illustrators, and other professionals can use Stable Doodles to “free up valuable time” and “maximise efficiency” in their work. However, the business does warn that the complexity of the scenario being portrayed, the level of detail in the initial sketch, and the prompt’s descriptiveness all affect the quality of the final photographs.

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The company says that sketches of ideas can be used right away to produce graphics for clients, content for websites and presentation decks, or even logos. “Stable Doodle will soon allow users to import sketches. Additionally, we will add use cases for particular sectors, such as real estate applications.

Following a lull in its commercial operations, Stability AI seeks new revenue streams with solutions like Stable Doodle. (Stable Doodle is free, but there are some restrictions.) Semafor stated in April that Stability AI was losing money, which prompted an executive search to boost sales.

Stability AI raised an additional $25 million last month through a convertible note, increasing its total funding to nearly $125 million. However, it has yet to secure more capital at a greater valuation. Stability wanted to treble the startup’s previous $1 billion valuation within the upcoming few months.

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