Streamlining Digitized Business Data for Enterprise Workloads

LOS ANGELES, California – Aiyappa Machanda is making waves with several proposed advances as Global Enablement Lead for Amazon Web Services (AWS). A tech engineer by trade, Aiyappa establishes better processes and business directives for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems on Amazon Web Services. This stimulates a seamless digital transformation experience for fortune 500 companies moving to the cloud.ALZXcplD ItpShmDEzbp2z6Fv51VRfNmxmnUm9k6oMB56nwxeXadrM7pswtya1eOPdpSsShmBrebqWAjMQ6a

Through his contributions, Aiyappa Machanda takes a dynamic approach with an incisive mindset, ready to ensure maximum efficiency and Innovations on the platform.

Aiyappa Machanda is enabling and helping fortune 500 companies digitally transform their ERP applications to the cloud, thereby helping businesses to become intelligent enterprises to transact, analyze and predict in real-time in an increasingly unpredictable world. Aiyappa helps customers realize this by using intelligent methodologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain.

Streamlining Top Systems

Aiyappa Machanda, Global Enablement Lead at Amazon Web Services, spoke with us about his work within the company, considered revolutionary among industry circles. “I work to enable our partners and customers to leverage some of our latest innovations where we can migrate a complex ERP customer landscape to the Cloud in two hours with near zero downtime, which would not cause any major impact on a company’s production and operations.” Aiyappa says, “My goal is to work backward and be customer obsessed and ensure I digitize our enterprise customers to the cloud in order to drive cost reduction and improve profitability through innovation. I want businesses to focus on running their business and not worry about how much operational capacity they require to run their workloads online and also provide them with all the latest application features to run their end-to-end complex ERP businesses smoothly.”

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Helping Pharmaceutical Companies Save Lives During the Pandemic

Advocating for humanitarian causes through his work with ERP solutions, Aiyappa assisted in enabling top pharmaceutical companies to use appropriate solutions in order to manage vaccine shipments globally to ensure demand was met with the volume of vaccines shipped to a given location. Handling escalations, making use of a lush network, a comprehensive supply chain management style and a secure, reliable and scalable global Infrastructure without any disruptions and outages, Aiyappa has helped pharmaceutical companies in enabling and using software that delivered billions of vaccines around the world.

New Dynamics in a Digital World

In tackling some of the most complex Fortune 500 companies’ digital transformation journey, Aiyappa Machanda has extensively worked to enable paperless shop floor operations, integrated and scalable analytics, and improvements in real-time process modeling and simulation, providing greater clarity in running the business to maximize profits. Aiyappa Machanda also proposed several IOT and big data solutions, accompanying this information with partner solutions, so as to give businesses the greatest level of predictability in their approach in order to maximize their profitability and efficiency. Aiyappa unveils each concept, considering functionality in relation to business, sales, and logistics.

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