Successful Event Ticketing Guide for Small Event Organizers

Successful Event Ticketing Guide for Small Event Organizers
Successful Event Ticketing Guide for Small Event Organizers
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Now imagine this: you have a fantastic event coming up- all set. It’s the coolest venue, maybe even a super cool virtual platform if it’s that kind of event. And you’ve managed to include some top-notch guests and speakers too. The works, really. 

But here’s the catch. No matter how amazing everything is, if you can’t get event attendees to buy tickets and sign up, your whole planned event might fall flat. 

Your event ticketing system is the doorway to an event’s success. The question is how to sell event tickets for small events

And that’s exactly why having a successful event ticketing software for small event organizers is a big deal.  You’ve got to make a slick ticket design, figure out how much to charge, and ensure signing up is simple and smooth for all the buyers. These things need to be right at the heart of your game plan to get people excited about your event.

Event Ticketing System Essentials 

Here are the essential things every small event organizer should consider while choosing an event ticketing system.

  • The fundamental principles of event ticketing
  • Implementing an efficient ticket pricing strategy for your event
  • Streamlining your registration and ticket sales process
  • Crafting appealing and impactful event tickets
  • And additional valuable information.

When it comes to event ticketing, there are three key aspects that require our careful attention:

Event Registration Process

Ensuring a smooth and secure registration and ticket purchasing process is important. The goal is to make it easy for potential attendees to buy tickets while also safeguarding their private information.

Event Ticketing Cost 

This involves thoughtfully deciding how to price your tickets. While choosing a ticketing platform, know everything about how much the ticketing platform should cost. This might include transaction fee, registration fees, and other hidden charges.  

Ticket Design

Your ticket is a powerful branding tool for your event and your organization. It’s also a source of information for attendees. It’s crucial to create a well-designed, functional, and visually appealing ticket.

Event Registration Process for Small Events

Event registration holds the most significance and plays a vital role in successful event management. It highlights the value of effective tools and strategies, offering insights for event professionals to enhance their outcomes. 

Event Registration involves gathering and handling guest details, guiding payment procedures, and monitoring attendance to ensure a favorable guest encounter. It encompasses two forms: online and offline event registration. The right event ticketing software makes event registration for small events seamless.

How to choose the right event ticketing for events 

Ease of Use

Prioritize an event registration platform that offers simplicity for both you and attendees. Opt for platforms with intuitive interfaces; consider integrating user-friendly Jotform templates or setting up custom registration through AllEvents without complex integrations.


Cost Consideration

Factor in the pricing of the chosen event registration platform. Select from various plans with different features to align with your budget. Explore cost-effective options like Rsvpify (starting at $39/month) and AllEvents (no cost).

Feature Assessment

Assess platform features to match your event’s requirements. Platforms provide customizable forms, payment processing, ticket creation, and more. Compare features across platforms to determine the best fit.

Security Priority

Prioritize security when handling sensitive data such as credit cards and personal info. Choose an event registration platform known for safeguarding customer data.

Customer Support:

Reliable customer service is vital in troubleshooting issues. Ensure the chosen platform offers strong customer support.

Event Pricing Strategies to Boost Registration for Small Events

There are multiple strategies for event pricing. And little did you know, event organizers can ramp up sales by offering different pricing. Here are the things you should know: 

Early Bird Discounts 

You’ve probably heard of early bird tickets, a prime example of offering discounts based on timing in event ticket pricing.

Here’s the basic idea: you provide different ticket prices depending on how close the ticket purchase is to the event date. The closer it is to the event, the higher the ticket price. This way, you’re giving discounts to those who buy tickets early – hence, “time-based discounts.”

This approach brings two key advantages:

  • Effectiveness in triggering a sense of urgency and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among potential attendees. They feel that waiting might lead to higher costs. The early bird promotion also boosts awareness for your event.
  • Encouragement for early ticket purchases, ensuring a steady cash flow. The funds generated can cover your event expenses.

Bulk Discounts or Group Deals:

Implementing group discounts can amplify ticket sales as attendees are incentivized to bring friends and family, often leading to extra ticket purchases. AllEvents’ article on selecting the right event ticketing platform provides insight into offering bulk discounts or group deals effectively without complicating distribution to your audience. This benefits both attendees and organizers, with attendees enjoying bulk purchase discounts and organizers gaining increased registrations, potentially reducing marketing costs due to higher demand.

Discount Codes

Engage repeat attendees or target customers with personalized event invitations through email. Offer specific discounts using promotional codes, distributing the codes in the email invitation. This builds trust and loyalty, encouraging purchases as attendees are personally invited and provided exclusive discounts.

Event Ticket Giveaways

Boost event awareness through ticket giveaways, and distributing free tickets to the audience. Utilize social media contests to award free tickets to winners, instantly making your event trendy and engaging a wider audience. Giveaways work well for last-minute ticket sales or if your event is relatively unknown. Maintain audience engagement before the event.

Limited Offer

Create urgency with time-limited offers, prompting quicker purchase decisions. Elevate your ticketing tactics by offering discounted premium tickets to general ticket buyers, benefiting both attendees and organizers financially.

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One Day Free Entry

For multi-day events, offer a free one-day entry ticket to attract attendees who might not participate throughout the event. This expands ticket sales, as people are enticed by the prospect of a free day amidst a paid event.

Last-Day Ticket Sales

Cater to last-minute attendees by providing discounts on the event’s final day. Capture additional revenue shortly before the event begins. With AllEvents, you can facilitate last-minute ticket sales by generating event QR codes, enabling attendees to purchase and verify tickets via QR scans.

For those uncertain about their event platform, explore Eventbrite alternatives to resolve doubts effectively.

Benefits of Event Ticketing Software 

Implementing a seamless event ticketing system increases attendees’ satisfaction. Here are some benefits of event ticketing software and why every small event organzier must have an efficient system:

Event Promotions

When promoting your event, social media is important. When choosing event ticketing software, look for a platform that connects with popular social media platforms. Plus, it provides built-in sharing options.

This way, attendees can effortlessly share event details, ticket purchase links, and excitement with their social networks. You can maximize event exposure and engage more attendees by spreading the word and generating buzz through social media.

Simplify Registration

Streamline the process with a user-friendly form that clearly explains the requested information. Test it to ensure functionality, minimizing frustration and boosting completion rates.

Offer Diverse Registration Options

Provide online, phone, and in-person registration choices to accommodate attendee preferences. Early registration incentives can encourage timely sign-ups and enhance event planning.

Send Event Reminders

Regular updates and reminders through email, text, or social media can increase attendance. Personalized messages featuring event highlights, schedules, and directions foster engagement. Word has it that effective email campaigns can increase your event registration ten folds and a good ticketing platform offers email promotions. 

Gather Information

Collect essential details like names and contact information for event preparation and future database use.

Provide Pre-Event Details

Supply attendees with event particulars, including schedules, locations, and parking information, beforehand to reduce confusion and stress. Utilize mobile apps or websites for real-time updates.

Leverage Technology

Employ online forms, event management software, and social media for seamless registration and promotion. QR codes and NFC tags can simplify check-in, while analytics offer insights for future events.

List of Top-Notch Event Ticketing Software 


EventBookings is an all-in-one online platform that empowers you with a seamless registration and ticketing process. 

Not only can you tailor your event page to perfection, but you can also supercharge your ticket sales through user-friendly marketing automation tools. What’s more, you can streamline the organisation and assessment of your event management metrics using EventBookings’ integrated video conferencing platform and cutting-edge analytics tools.

EventBookings offers a cost-effective and transparent fee structure and only incurs charges when you successfully sell tickets. For each ticket, EventBookings charge a mere 2% fee, along with an additional 30 cents for transactions within Australia. For international transactions, EventBookings offer an enticing rate of just 1% plus 30 cents.

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AllEvents provides a comprehensive range of features, totaling over 40, to facilitate efficient ticket sales and ensure the success of your event. These features encompass various aspects, including the creation of ticketing pages, secure payment processing, and specialized tools like Google Event integration and trackable link generation. 

The platform enables effortless promotion through attractive designs and customized short links. Notably, AllEvents stands out by allowing you to sell event tickets at no cost, with only a nominal $1 fee for attendees. The platform supports seamless payment collection through Paypal and Stripe, eliminating payment delays and offering convenience. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your event ticket sales with advanced functionalities at highly affordable rates through AllEvents.


TicketSpice offers various event types, including in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Their system provides all the tools you need to create a seamless ticketing experience for your attendees. 

It offers simple pricing at just $0.99 per registrant, and if you use our in-house payment processor, the credit card processing fee is 2.99% per transaction. You can even pass on processing fees to your attendees if you wish.

TicketSpice also offers features like a dynamic fee calculator, an attendee account centre, mass cancellations, and much more!


Eventbrite is a platform for event organizers to seamlessly engage with millions of potential attendees worldwide, providing them with intuitive ticketing solutions and efficient event management tools.

Diverse ticketing options, such as general admission, VIP, and early bird categories, empower Eventbrite organizers to accommodate various audience preferences and pricing models.

Eventbrite’s plans are designed for flexibility, beginning with a complimentary choice. The Flex plan operates on a pay-as-you-go model, starting at $9.99 per event for up to 100 tickets. Meanwhile, the Pro plan, priced at $29 per month, allows unlimited event hosting with a cap of 100 tickets per event. Embark on your event journey at no cost and discover the optimal plan to align with your event’s needs seamlessly!

As you can see, Eventbrite charges a high transaction fee, and there are a lot of complaints about its customer service. Hence, event organizers are looking for the top Eventbrite alternatives that offer low ticket fees per sold numbers & have more features to streamline the ticketing process.


You can establish a complimentary RegFox account, allowing you to personalize your event registration page and effectively oversee your attendees.

RegFox presents an appealing pricing structure at $0.99 + 1% per paid registrant, capped at a maximum fee of $4.9. Additionally, you have the flexibility to transfer processing fees to your attendees if desired.

An outstanding feature of RegFox is its provision of onsite tools for in-person gatherings and the adaptability to facilitate virtual events. While RegFox is a strong choice for event registration, its suitability may vary among event organizers due to its limited integration capabilities.


Eventcube offers user-friendly features, powerful analytics, and outstanding customer service. It simplifies event management with an intuitive interface and customizable touchpoints.

Additionally, it goes beyond ticketing by providing a comprehensive event management solution. This enables seamless communication and engagement among attendees. 

Despite minor time difference challenges, Eventcube consistently delivers outstanding support and technology.

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