The Benefits of the Suitcase Carry Exercise

Suitcase Carry Exercise
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The suitcase carry is a flexible compound exercise that works your upper body, lower body, and core. Functional training exercises like CrossFit and Hyrox frequently employ it. This workout may enhance lower body power, increase grip strength, and add muscle.

The suitcase carry is an isometric and isotonic workout, similar to a farmer’s walk. When you exercise isometrically, your muscles are stressed without stretching or shortening, whereas when you exercise isotonically, you move dynamically, like when you walk. Beginners who want to refine their form before moving on to a farmer’s walk might try this practice.

Take a kettlebell, dumbbell, or other weight in your non-dominant hand to carry the case. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and engage your core. Keep your shoulder blades down and back as you step forward and walk with the weight in one hand. Repeat a certain number of times or a set distance.

One advantage of the suitcase carry is the ability to unilaterally train the body by training one side at a time. By doing this, injuries and muscle imbalances may be avoided. Additionally, this activity works your core, so it’s crucial to maintain your upright posture and active body as you walk.

When carrying the suitcase, you can encounter various difficulties or locations where you could improve. For instance, a weaker body area requires extra care and strength training. People frequently have stress in their shoulders, which causes the shoulder to incline toward the ear. Concentrate on lowering your shoulder backwards and toward the weight in your hand to prevent this.

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In conclusion, carrying luggage has several advantages for your general fitness and strength. It works well to strengthen the grip and target several muscle groups. By including this exercise in your program, you can improve your performance in other activities and lower your risk of imbalances or injuries.

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