Sweepstakes Casinos and Regular Online Casinos: The Differences

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Sweepstakes casinos have been blowing up due to their unique concept. With the special currency they have, players can enjoy casino games without the burden of having to bet directly using real money. 

For some people, virtual currency is one of the best solutions to enjoying games casually. That way, they don’t have to worry about their data safety and spending real money. However, according to Casinos Sweeps, players can still win cash prizes through sweepstakes casinos. 

Those still unsure of the difference between the two can read the comparison below. Each player’s preferences will play a big part, but these comparisons can help players find the type of casino that best matches what they’re looking for. 

The Concept of Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes casinos lean more towards providing players with the social aspect of casino games. The platforms allow players to win cash prizes but players aren’t obliged to wager their real money. 

The Main Difference: Money Transactions

When a player registers for a traditional online casino account they must make a real money deposit. They can use the money to bet on the games of their choice. This isn’t how a sweepstake casino works.

A sweepstake casino uses a unique virtual currency as stakes. Players can obtain the currency for free through bonuses and promotions. That way they can play without spending a dime. Still, sweepstakes operators allow players to spend real money to earn more coins. There would be a virtual store offering packages of coins that players can purchase.  

Upon winning, players receive the same virtual currency as payouts. Although they don’t seem valuable, players can redeem the coins. Each sweepstake casino has specific rules regarding how much its virtual currency is worth compared to real-life currencies. Some might also offer tangible items or gift cards. 

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Most sweepstakes sites provide two currencies: Sweep Coins and Gold Coins. Gold Coins are something a player can obtain through various bonuses or promotions. Meanwhile, Sweep Coins would involve real money transactions. Players who aim to enjoy the games casually can keep playing using Gold Coins. They can use the casino’s bonuses to earn more without spending real money. 

Meanwhile, players aiming to redeem their virtual currency must chase after the Sweep Coins. They can obtain extra Sweep Coins when purchasing Gold Coins. Then, they can use them to win more through premium games. 

Sweepstakes Vs. Regular Online Casinos

As stated above, the most apparent difference between the two is the currency. Players don’t spend money in sweepstakes casinos to fund their accounts. They also don’t use real money to bet on the games directly. Still, there’s more to just currency differences, which players must know before joining a sweepstake site. 

License and Regulations

Online casinos are naturally under tight regulation. Not all states allow gambling, naturally restricting citizens from accessing any online casinos if they’re considered illegal. If a casino wants to operate legally, it must go through the process of obtaining a license. Under strict monitoring, casino operators must follow the regulatory body’s regular audits. 

Sweepstakes casinos are less strictly regulated than traditional casinos. They still have to cooperate with the regulatory body. They would check how the operator designs players’ entry requirements. 

The reason why a sweepstake casino isn’t considered gambling is due to the ‘entry fee’ requirement. As a business, a sweepstake operator can continue operating from players’ purchases. Meanwhile, the purchases are considered as the player’s ‘entry fee’. There’s a strict regulation to how a sweepstake operator can set up ‘entry fees’ to ensure they’re not crossing into the ‘gambling’ area. 

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Payouts and Risks

Sweepstakes can give users cash prizes, and traditional online casinos could also give payouts. However, the type of risk both platforms provide is different. 

Most players approach a sweepstake casino, knowing they lean more towards casual play. On the contrary, most traditional casino players come in ready to lose their money as they gamble.

A sweepstake casino might sound safe compared to regular casinos, but they pose a risk as well. Although players won’t directly bet with their money, a sweepstake player can still win and lose their coins. Most sweepstake games also come with lower winning odds than regular casino games. 

Social Aspect

Virtual casinos might improve accessibility, but they take away what land-based casinos give. It was the atmosphere of playing the games surrounded by people or exchanging blows against a skillful opponent that virtual games lack.

Despite the social aspect it offers, a sweepstake platform isn’t as optimized as regular online casinos. The games are often much more straightforward, and there aren’t many chances to interact with other players outside the games.

Thrill and Excitement

One of the reasons why people love gambling is the thrill as there’s a psychological aspect to trying to win chance-based games. People who fall for table games can be excited when meeting skillful opponents or just learn a new strategy they can’t wait to test against others. Most casino games are fast-paced. They won’t leave much room for errors and players must be able to be quick in making decisions. 

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