Taking a Cruise with My Bestie

Taking a Cruise with My Bestie
Taking a Cruise with My Bestie
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I Recently Went on a Cruise with My Bestie!

My best friend and I have been good friends since high school. For years, we wanted to go on our very own girls’ trip, and this summer, that’s exactly what we did! We decided to take a cruise and enjoy the beautiful ocean, plenty of relaxation, and just the right amount of adventure. 

The cruise was one of the best weeks of my life. We sailed on the open sea, mingled with all sorts of interesting people, enjoyed some delicious food, and sipped on tasty mojitos. It has only been a few days since our return, but I already want to go back!

We Lounged by the Pool with Some Fancy Drinks

There was a gorgeous, crystal-clear pool on the deck with dozens of people lounging in the sun. We stayed outside all day and drank some of the best cocktails I’d ever had! There was a diving board not too far away, so we also got to watch our fellow seafarers practice some neat tricks. It was free entertainment, and it helped us enjoy each other’s company even more! 

There Was a Daunting Slide, and We Were Courageous!

There was a long, twisting slide near the pool. At first, neither of us wanted to use it, but then we saw a few people our age enjoying it, and we knew that we had to get in on the action. It took some time to warm up to the idea, but after 10 minutes of hilarious debate, we finally got in line!

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My heart was pumping hard, and when we reached the top, I nearly backed out. I’m happy I didn’t, though, because the ride was so thrilling! It reminded me of the many times my bestie and I went to amusement parks. Conquering the slide made us feel daring and gave us a great story to bring back home with us!

We Ate Some Exquisite Seafood That Was to Die For!

What would a trip across the sea be without some amazing seafood?

One night, the crew set up a dinner in the ship’s ballroom. We were expecting the food to be ordinary, but we devoured the steak, lobster, and fried shrimp!

Here and there, the ship would stop at an island, and we would get off to mingle with the locals. We would also try out different restaurants along the way, tasting local delicacies whenever we could. I had never been so full in my life, and my bestie felt the same way. We went all out, and we don’t regret it—it was Heaven on Earth!

Meeting a Fantastic Lady Who Looked Great for Her Age

We had one particularly interesting interaction on the ship—we ran into a lady who looked much younger than she was. It was hard to believe at first, and my friend and I wondered how she appeared to be in her late 30s when she was actually in her 50s. She explained that she had recently gotten a facelift in New York City and was so happy with her results!

My bestie and I were absolutely sold. As soon as we got back from the trip, we planned facelift consultations, and are undergoing the procedures in a few weeks. Something that can turn back time and keep you looking youthful for years is completely worth it!

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Bought Souvenirs at the Islands We Stopped At

The ship stopped at a number of jaw-droppingly gorgeous islands, which was great, because we slowly grew tired of being on the ship! We just about kissed the ground when we reached the shore, then started shopping. It’s always fun to visit local stores to pick up items you can’t get anywhere else! We bought lovely matching necklaces to commemorate the trip and met so many friendly. locals. They were so different from everyone we knew back at home!

All in all, this cruise was an incredible adventure. We’re already looking forward to another one!

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