Tape-In Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Tape-In Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know
Tape-In Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Looking to add length and volume ASAP? Tape-in hair extensions may be the quick fix you need. Tape-ins are one of the most popular types of extensions for a reason. When done right, they look and feel like your own hair. 

What are tape-in hair extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are thin, pre-taped wefts that you mingle into your hair naturally. This type of extension is semi-permanent, meaning you’d need to get them re-taped every 4-8 weeks or so.

To apply them yourself at home, you take a thin strip of your natural hair and place it between two wefts of the tape-in, merging small sections of your real hair between the tape. The tape can be clear or colored to sum in with your scalp and hair. Brands like Irresistible Me use high-quality human hair that blends in seamlessly.

Some tape-in hair extensions:

Extension TypeHair QualityPrice RangeProsCons
Virgin Remy100% human hair cuticle intact$150-$300Very natural look and feel, reusableMore expensive
Double Drawn Remy100% human hair, healthy ends$100-$200Natural look, soft feel, minimizes tanglingCan’t use it again
Non-RemyTime-consuming to remove and reapply$50-$150Can feel stiff and needs more careDoesn’t merge
SyntheticFiber hair$30-$80Smoother ends mimic a natural lookHuman Hair
Keratin TipHuman hair with keratin bonds$70-$180Doesn’t mingle with natural hair and sheds a lotDoesn’t mingle with natural hair, and sheds a lot
Nano RingSmall keratin rings seal bonds$120-$250ReusableAffordable, easy-to-find

The above chart that I shared shows the types of hair quality, price ranges, and the main pros and cons of each tape-in hair extension; let me know in the comments which one you liked.

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Features and benefits of tape-in hair extensions:

  • Quick and easy to apply – it just takes only 30 minutes to install a full head of tape-in extensions. Much faster than other techniques.
  • Range of styles – tape-ins come in different lengths, colors, and textures to match your personal style. You can go for a subtle look or make a dramatic change.
  • Customizable – with tape-ins, you can choose to add volume and length just in certain areas, like your bangs or the back, to create layers.
  • Reusable – just re-tape the extensions every 1-2 months for up to a year of wear. Tape-ins are made to last through multiple applications.
  • Damage-free – unlike glued extensions, tape-ins don’t damage your hair when applied properly. The tape adheres to itself, not your hair.
  • Comfortable – once installed, tape-ins feel like. The tape lays flat against your head for comfort.
  • Natural finish – the tape is hidden, so the extensions look with your hair.
  • Easy to style – you can curl, straighten, and style tape-ins just like your own hair. Heat styling won’t damage the extensions.
  • Use of Shampoo – Just be gentle when washing so as not to disturb the tape bonds.
  • Travel-friendly – tape-ins keep you confident when you’re on the go, making them great for vacations and trips.

So, how do tape-ins work their magic? Let’s break it down:

The extensions come on thin, pre-taped strips called wefts. To apply them, your stylist sandwiches small sections of your real hair between two wefts, pressing the tape firmly to keep them in place. The tape can be clear or matched to your hair color.

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It takes under an hour to install a full head of tape-in extensions. Once in, they’ll last 4-8 weeks before you re-tape it.

Tape-ins have a bunch of perks compared to other extension methods:

  • Long-lasting and reusable. Just replace the old tape every 1-2 months.
  • Lightweight and comfy. You won’t feel them tugging on your hair.
  • Low maintenance. Brush and it looks usual – no special product requirements.
  • Affordable. No heavy salon bills for frequent installs.
  • Subtle. The tape lays flat and blends with your scalp.

But to get the best look, it’s key to match your extensions to your natural hair color and texture. Check reviews and ask for advice to find a texture that works with your hair goals.

How do you pick the best tape-in extensions?

Research shows you should choose 100% human hair tape-ins for the most natural look and feel. Make sure the length and color look merged with your natural hair. It’s important to choose a reputable brand that has quality textures to match the style you want.

In summary, tape-ins are an easy shortcut to longer, bombshell hair. If you want to have some awesome length for your day or just to change up your style, tape-ins create a seamless effect that feels like your own. No one but you has to know!

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