The Benefits and Drawbacks of Fat Transfer to Breast


Whether you want to improve the shape or size of your breasts, or simply want to get rid of a medical condition that has caused you to have sagging or deflated breasts, fat transfer to the breast is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery. Read on to learn more about the procedure, including a review of the symptoms, costs, and other drawbacks.


Symptoms of fat transfer to the breast augmentation with fat in Mumbai include tenderness and bruising. Pain can also be felt around the lump, and a lump may become larger or smaller over time.

Fat transfer to the breast is a common procedure that involves the use of a thin tube that is used to collect fat from one part of the body and then inject it into the breast. This procedure was developed to replace lost tissue, especially after breast surgery or cancer treatment. It is similar to liposuction.

The procedure is performed using specialist equipment that separates the fat from the blood. Once the blood has been removed, the fat is injected into the breast. This procedure is safe and usually involves local anesthesia.

Symptoms of fat transfer to the breast include bruising, tenderness, and changes in the appearance of the breast. Breasts may become larger, or they may be more firm than expected.


Compared to breast implants, fat transfer breast augmentation with fat in Mumbai is a less invasive procedure. It is also considered a safer option due to a lower complication rate and lack of allergic reactions. However, it is not suitable for every woman.

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One major drawback of fat transfer is that it is only available in small quantities, usually one cup size. Another downside is that the procedure is not permanent. Fat cells will be reabsorbed by your body, leading to smaller changes in breast size over time.

Fat transfer is not as reliable as breast implants and is not for everyone. It may also have a higher cost, and not everyone will see a noticeable improvement in their breast size.

Another complication is fat necrosis, a fancy schmancy term for the death of fat cells. While it is not common, if it happens it can lead to painful lumps in the breasts and reddish skin.


Getting a fat transfer is an excellent choice for women who are looking to improve their breasts without the hassle of maintenance. Unlike breast implants, the procedure involves removing fat from your own body and injecting it into key areas of your breasts.

A fat transfer best plastic surgeons in Mumbai can be used to increase the size of your breasts, as well as reshape your neck, chin, and abdomen. The fat can be harvested from your flanks, abdomen, or thighs. The fat is filtered and purified, before being reinserted into your breasts.

The cost of getting a fat transfer is not cheap, but you’ll get a more natural-looking and feeling breast than you would with a breast implant. The cost of the surgery varies, depending on your surgeon and the size of your breasts. You can expect to pay at least six thousand dollars, but your surgeon may charge less than that, depending on the scope of the operation.

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Changing the shape or size of your breasts

Changing the shape or size of your breasts is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed. Women may opt to have this procedure done for several reasons. Some women have asymmetrical breasts, while others may wish to increase the size or volume of their breasts. A fat transfer is one way to do this without resorting to implants.

The best way to go about this is by consulting a cosmetic surgeon. The procedure is a fairly straightforward outpatient procedure that can be done under local anesthesia. In fact, many women will see results a month post-surgery.

It may be worth noting that there are some pitfalls associated with this procedure. The procedure may not be the right choice for some women, while others may not have the fat cells necessary for successful harvesting.

Recovering from the procedure

During the recovery period from fat transfer to breast, the amount of swelling can vary depending on the area of the best cosmetic surgeon in India breast that was treated. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. This swelling will eventually subside and you should begin to feel better.

During this time, you should avoid heavy lifting, exercising, and any other strenuous activities. You can start light exercises like walking and stationary biking after about a week.

You should also start to increase your fluid intake. This helps keep your tissues hydrated and helps speed up the recovery process. You should also cut back on your salt intake.

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The swelling will begin to subside within a week or two. You will still feel some discomfort, but it will be minimal. Your doctor may advise wearing a compression garment for a couple of weeks to help minimize swelling.

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