The Benefits Of Becoming A Payment Facilitator For Your Business

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The Benefits Of Becoming A Payment Facilitator For Your Business
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In today’s fast-paced digital economy, businesses are always on the lookout for ways to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences. One of the emerging trends that has been gaining traction is the concept of becoming a payment facilitator (PayFac).

But what exactly is a PayFac, and how can it benefit your business? Let’s dive in.

1. Streamlined Payment Processing

In a traditional merchant account setup, each business needs to have its own merchant account to accept card payments. This process can be tedious, as it requires a lot of paperwork and time to get approved. Enter the PayFac model. By becoming a payment facilitator, businesses can onboard merchants under their umbrella, significantly speeding up the process. This eliminates the need for each merchant to go through a lengthy underwriting process.

For businesses keen on understanding the ins and outs of becoming a PayFac, you can learn how to become a payfac, guide from Exact Payments. This guide provides an in-depth look into the processes, requirements, and best practices for transitioning into a PayFac.

2. Increased Revenue Streams

Apart from just the core offerings, becoming a PayFac opens up new revenue streams for your business. You can charge merchants a fee for processing transactions under your umbrella, which means every sale they make adds to your revenue. Over time, with many merchants onboarded, this can lead to significant earnings.

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3. Enhanced Customer Experience

In today’s age, customers expect seamless and swift transactions. With the PayFac model, the payment process becomes smoother and faster. This not only enhances the customer experience but also increases the likelihood of repeat business.

A satisfied customer is more likely to come back, and the ease of payment plays a huge role in that satisfaction.

4. Customization And Control

Being a PayFac means you have more control over the payment experience. This allows you to tailor the process to better fit your business model and the needs of your customers. Whether it’s customizing the payment gateway interface or offering specific payment plans, having control allows you to offer a unique experience to your customers.

5. Reduced Costs

Transitioning to a PayFac can lead to reduced costs in various areas.

For instance, you no longer need to pay third-party payment processors for every transaction. While there might be an initial investment to become a PayFac, the long-term savings can be substantial.

6. Quicker Settlements

With traditional merchant accounts, there’s often a waiting period before funds are settled in the business’s bank account. As a PayFac, you can often receive settlements faster, improving your business’s cash flow. Quicker access to funds allows you to reinvest in your business, pay bills, or address any immediate financial needs.

7. Enhanced Data Insights

By managing the payment processes yourself, you have direct access to transaction data. This can offer invaluable insights into customer behavior, purchasing trends, and more. Using this data, you can optimize your offerings, tailor marketing strategies, and make informed business decisions.

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8. Better Security

Being in control means you can invest in the latest security protocols and tools to ensure that transactions are safe and secure. While third-party processors certainly prioritize security, being a PayFac gives you the ability to customize and enhance security measures as per your business needs.

9. Strengthened Business Relationships

By becoming a PayFac, you’re not just offering a service but also creating a symbiotic relationship with your merchants. This fosters trust and encourages loyalty, ensuring that merchants are less likely to switch to a competitor.

10. Future-Proofing Your Business

The world of payments is constantly evolving. By becoming a PayFac, you’re positioning your business at the forefront of this evolution. As technology advances and new payment methods emerge, being a PayFac ensures you can quickly adapt and offer these solutions to your customers.


Becoming a payment facilitator offers numerous benefits, from streamlined operations and increased revenues to enhanced customer experiences and better control over transactions. As the digital economy continues to grow, businesses that adapt and evolve will be best positioned to thrive. Embracing the PayFac model could very well be the strategic move that propels your business into its next phase of growth.

Remember, innovation is the key to staying relevant in an ever-changing business landscape.

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