The Benefits of Plastic Pallets

The Benefits of Plastic Pallets
The Benefits of Plastic Pallets
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If you’re a businessman involved in product manufacturing, distribution, supply chains, or the logistics industry, surely one of the things you need to think about is loading up your products and transporting them safely to their destination. Heavy-duty plastic pallets are instrumental and very useful in this issue. The traditional wooden pallets are considered the structural foundation of storage and shipping. Nowadays, however, innovators developed the plastic pallet, which has held its own over the years.

Handling involves various tasks including lifting, stacking, storage, moving from point to point, and long-distance transportation via sea or land. To facilitate all these activities, nestable pallets are created to be moveable using equipment by forklifts, front loaders, and pallet jacks. Rackable plastic pallets can also be fully customized to better fit a company’s needs.

So, you should buy plastic pallets, since these standards are in place to minimize the inconveniences and wastage that can be experienced when transferring goods to a particular place. Now, let’s explore the benefits of plastic pallets.

They are Durable

The pallets are made of plastic, which is extremely resistant to the most damaging chemicals that would destroy other types of pallets. Additionally, these pallets last a lot longer than wood pallets do. On repeated trips, they are more dependable and less prone to malfunction. It is the perfect reusable platform. The endurance of plastic pallets is partly explained by the way they are made. They are quite a heavy-duty, resistant material because this also contains alkalis and acids.

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Their Return on Investment

Plastic pallets are a great investment overall. They are readily available, less expensive than brand-new pallets, and better for the planet. Plastic pallets are known to survive almost ten times longer than wood as a company asset. An owned pallet pool can be built using one type of plastic pool pallet and even generate its own revenue, delivering a high return on investment, even though the value of your investment will depend on usage and necessity.

They’re Hygienic

A heavy-duty, rackable plastic pallet is also very sturdy against mechanical damage, which allows it to maintain a lifespan of up to 10 years. This takes into account handling and racking in warehouses and during freight. If you are keen on running a green enterprise using pallets made solely from recycled materials, this is an eco-friendly option. 

Unlike wooden pallets, for example, plastic pallets do not absorb spills or moisture. Wooden crates will retain moisture and begin to rot, develop an odor, or get infested, requiring fumigation.

Because of their smooth surface and contamination-free materials, plastic pallets can easily and quickly be cleaned after each use or as needed. The process of cleaning and drying their anti-slip surface will take very little time, which is also important in business.

For companies in the food, dairy, or pharmaceutical industries, you can be sure products will get to your customers in good condition via extremely hygienic pallets.

They Enjoy Exemptions

There exists a wide range of measures created by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that are aimed at mitigating the introduction and spread of invasive species.

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These include termites, bugs, beetles, and pathogens. This is known as the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 or the regulation of wood packaging material in international trade (ISPM-15).

They’re Lightweight

Plastic pallet boxes are significantly lighter than wooden and metallic pallets. This makes them much easier to haul from one point to the next. This is not the only advantage of light pallet boxes. When it comes to shipping, pallet weight is important.

This is especially true for air freight shipping. While you can’t do much about the weight of our products, choosing a light pallet can help maintain your weight to a minimum.

Thanks to their weight, the plastic pallet will attract lower shipping costs in all transportation modes. They also pose less wear to the shipping vehicle’s engine which is an added plus.

They Save Space

Nestable plastic standard pallets are great for maximizing space during transport. when empty, these can fit into each other. This means you can save a lot of space – and costs on the return trips. Think about stackable styrofoam cups; you can do the same with collapsible pallet boxes – their versatility and load capacity are second to none.

Aside from their lightweight and innate capability of carrying a heavy load, maximizing space can also save you cash on logistics for transport in and outside the UK. You also economize on warehouse space by racking them up. This quality makes the pallet box ideal for bulk storage.

They are Environmentally Friendly

In comparison to other organic material-based pallets like wood, plastic pallets are often more durable and have longer lifespans. Since they are light, the load weight is reduced, which lowers fuel consumption and reduces carbon emissions. They don’t aid in the clearing of forests. Plastic pallets and boxes are created from recycled materials, and after they reach the end of their useful lives, they can be reground to create new plastic products.

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On the bottom line, plastic pallets make your work easier and help you carry things perfectly with no loss. As they come from different adjustable sizes, you can transport start safely while maximizing the space. So, if you use plastic pallets, you have a lot of benefits to achieve using it.

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