Best Apps to Download
The Best Apps to Download When You Move to a New City

The Best Apps to Download When You Move to a New City

This post was most recently updated on December 20th, 2021

Travel routes, packing, budgets, accommodation – there’s so much you have to plan and arrange when you’re moving to a new city. And then there’s the actual execution to consider. So, by the time you arrive in your women’s hostel in Chennai after a long and arduous journey, you’re completely exhausted from the strain. And that’s just the first step. You now have to learn the ins and outs of your new city, settle down, gather your essentials and make friends. Sounds impossible? Well, maybe if you’re not prepared. But we know exactly how to get you started. The answer is right at your fingertips with these apps. You can download them onto your smartphone and you’ll be able to hack your way through your time in a new city. Curious to know more? Here’s our list of the best apps you need to download when you move somewhere new. 

Google Maps/ MapMyIndia

How about we skip the usual routine of getting lost in a new city? Now you can move to a whole new place without worrying about commuting, traffic or distances. Rely on Google Maps if you’re in a big city or turn to the far more detailed MapMyIndia app which will take you down every single bylane of your new city. And these apps won’t just guide you on your journeys, you can also use them to choose the best means of transport, get real-time updates on traffic conditions and calculate travel routes. Sounds like a lifesaver in a new city.


So you’ve moved into your flat or PG and now you have the endless task of figuring out utilities and services. Who do you call to set up your internet? Where should you go to buy a headboard for your bed? Where’s your nearest pharmacy? With the JustDial app on your phone, you won’t need to ask any of these questions anymore. As an upgraded telephone directory, you can choose from a massive list of service providers according to their reviews and your budgets. That’ll surely take a lot of the hassle out of moving. 

Expenses Manager

Moving can take a huge toll on your wallet. In order to ensure that you don’t drain your entire bank account in the first month after you move, it might be a good idea to download a budgeting app on your phone. And the Expenses Manager does more than that. Categorize your expenses into any of their eighteen predefined categories and then let the app do the work for you. You’ll be able to analyze your expenditure patterns and savings at any given point in time. And if you’re at risk of going over your budget, the app will give you a heads up early on.


You’re obviously going to want to enjoy your time in your new city. And BookMyShow’s app can be a great way to find out what’s happening in your city on a weekend. Book tickets to a movie, comedy show, or play, receive notifications about upcoming events and choose from a variety of venues. BookMyShow has also got tie-ups with a lot of service providers, so you’ll be able to avail yourself of a tonne of offers and discounts by booking through the app.


When you’ve just moved to a PG in Financial District, Hyderabad, you might find yourself wondering about the safety of the place. The SafetiPin app can help you make your personal safety a priority. It uses GPS tracking to provide you a map of your cities safe locations so that you can plan a better travel route. It also assigns different areas a safety score so that you can scope out unfamiliar regions and know the risk factor beforehand. The app is available in a variety of language options making it easily accessible to many. 

So, those are the best apps that you should download when you move to a new city. With these, we’re sure you’ll have a smooth experience and make the most of your time in your new city. 



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