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People are searching for ways to make this world a place full of humanity and peace. To change the world, one must nurture through inspiration. Those who have succeeded before us can be taken as inspiration. They may be loving parents, influential leaders, model teachers, and many more like them.

Is this even possible to find all these roles in a single person?

What if I told you the best person who possessed more than these roles?

What if I told you about the greatest person in the world| The best man in the world that ever lived.

What if I told you about the most influential person in the world in 2021 whose life could inspire 1.7 billion people in today’s world?

Muhammad the best human ever to walk on earth was born 1400 years ago in Mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia. He was chosen by Allah. Long before His dawah, He got the title of Al-Sadiq and Al-Amin due to His trustworthy and true nature. In this regard, human history shows itself that there has been no one better than Him.

Let us look at the qualities of Muhammad (s.a.w) that made Him the best person in the world in Islam.



1.    He Devoted His Life To Allah

Muhammad (s.a.w) was a person of utmost care and admiration as someone could be throughout normal life. He devoted His whole life to Allah. He did everything to seek Allah’s closeness.

The level of His generosity is noticed when He proclaims in the valley of Taif. During His lecture, some people asked the naughty kids to tease Him by throwing stones. Drained in blood, He made to leave the city for His survival. At that time, Jibrael came and asked Muhammad if He wished, Allah could crush them by collapsing these two mountains encircling the people of Taif. Despite all this torture, He didn’t ask to punish the people of Taif. Instead, He prayed for them.

2.    He Was A Person Of The Best Manners

Muhammad (s.a.w) gifted the Ummah with a complete code of life. He used to treat people, even non-believers, with good manners which made Him the most influential and ideal person in Arabia.

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Ayesha (r.a) noted,” His morals counted on the Quran”.

In the Quran, Allah has applauded Him and said,

“And most certainly you fulfill (yourself) to sublime integrity.” (68:4)

3.    Good Sense Of Humor

The majority of people think that being a preacher of Islam, the Prophet had nothing to do with humor. This attention isn’t right. He had a good taste in humor but He didn’t mock or ridicule anyone.

He used to make kindhearted jokes to His fellows.

He used to chuckle with His wives.

He messed with His companion delightfully and enjoyed the company of kids too.

4.    The Most Generous Person

Muhammad (s.a.w) was recognized for His generosity long before His Prophethood. He was known by the titles of Sadiq and Amin.

The moment when He got His first revelation, He rushed home trembling from the event. Khadija (r.a), remembered Him, “Allah could never offend you. You are good to your family; you keep your promise. You help the needy ones, you support the orphans, and you rush to help the individuals who are in trouble.”

5.    Love For Kids

The Prophet always dealt with kids with kindness and mercy. He always appreciated their company. He used to race with kids and they fell on His back and chest.

I’ll offer such and such (i.e. gift or so) to the one who succeeds in me first. [Ahmad]

6.    Kind-Hearted For Animals

Being the first animal rights activist in the world, He raised a voice for the fair treatment of animals.

He advised people that animals were also creations of Allah and they had the right to be treated fairly

Aisha (r.a) narrated:

Once I felt a problem riding a horse, I kept reining it again and again. The Prophet (s) then said, ‘You must show gentleness.’


7.    Free From Worldly Desires

Muhammad (s.a.w) was selfless to the point that He provided whatever He required to any soul who requested it. He took care of Allah’s purpose to the degree that He practically did not worry about everyday belongings.

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The Prophet’s diet was as formal as His contemporaries. The Prophet usually ate bread made with grain flour. Sometimes, He used to have just a bit of food dipped in milk.

 A Hadith clarifies that “The Prophet’s stomach never became filled with food.”

8.    Full Of Mercy

The prophet bears the qualities of His Lord. Prophet Muhammad (s) is the most merciful person in the world. He has never taken revenge even though He possessed the power to retaliate. He would never cause any harm to His enemies.

During the battle of Uhud, the Prophet got injured by the attack of an enemy. He didn’t ask his followers to retaliate. Instead, He prayed

“Oh Allah, allow forgiveness to my nation for they do not know.”

9.    Modest Behavior

He is indistinct of all and never motivated any sort of immorality; somewhat He impeded and honestly empowered modesty in His proponents.

The degree of His modesty can be seen throughout His life.

On the day when Muslims built the mosque in Madina, the Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) took part in this initiative. Everyone carried one brick while He conveyed two blocks doing His part.

Another day when a channel was burrowing to protect Madina, His companions bound stones around their belly to control hunger, He bound two stones

10.           The Orphan Rights Activist

In society, Prophet Muhammad was particularly sympathetic to the orphans and would applaud His followers to take personal care of the orphans. He mentioned that the best house is the one in which orphans are treated well.

In one of His hadiths, He said:

Among Muslims, the best house is the one that keeps an orphan well treated, and the worst house is the one that keeps an orphan badly treated❞.

11.           Cooperative Human Being

Muhammad (s.a.w) was a man of cooperation. In this regard, Aisha was once asked how the Prophet (s) kept going with his kin.

She stated: “He helped and assisted his household with their tasks, but when the time for prayer came, He would quit everything and depart to attend the prayers.

12.           Respect And Care For Women

Before Islam, women were facing humiliation and discrimination.

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Arabs used to bury their girls alive. Women had no share in inheritance and were treated badly.

Muhammad (s.a.w) stressed giving women regard and equivalent rights.

He said that the best among you is the one who is best with his family. And I’m the best to my family

He used to feed his wives with his own hands.

13.            He Was A Person Of Considerate

The Prophet was considerate of every living thing.

As He used to:

  •  love children and orphans
  • treat animals fairly
  • give women their rights
  • respect the elders

Thus, He was a man of considerateness without any discrimination.

14.           Pleasing Attitude

The Prophet was the most pleasant person. He would welcome everyone with an open heart. He always addressed his followers with tenderness and a smile.

He used to play with kids and express his love wherever He went.

He used to greet people with a smile on His face. Even in the toughest circumstances, He never lost His pleasantness. His Delicate character put a decent impact on the lives of His companions and spread positivity among them.



Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) is and will always be the best man to walk this earth. He is the Habib of Allah. He brought Islam to us, and not only did he bring Islam, but he also brought humanity into this world. An example like him can never exist. Books are written by believers and non-believers that are full of compliments about our Prophet (s). We now have to follow his sayings.

May Allah guide us and make us able to follow the life of the Holy Prophet who is the best person this world has ever seen.

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