The Best Ways Of Getting New Connections Via LinkedIn

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There are no doubts left, that LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for finding new people to attend your company, especially when we include the fact, that there are a lot of active users and companies here, and interactive tools, such as Zopto alternative are able to everyone. 

But with the popularity of LinkedIn, it became harder to find more contacts, that would be a part of your company. 

The main reason, that makes the search harder is the fact, that the website is aimed at providing you with demanded specialists, including the quality of the search, while the number of results might be significantly shorter than you imagine. For this reason, aggressive marketing became not suitable for the platform, while users have to focus on the search for that one candidate. 

And today, we are going to take a closer look at contacting questions and show you the best solutions for your significant extension. So let’s dive deeply into LinkedIn contacts. 

New Profile – New Contacts

As we mentioned before, LinkedIn is against aggressive marketing here and focuses on giving you only the best candidates instead of giving you as many results as possible. For this reason, some actions you did on your account before might be claimed as harmful, or the ones, which were presented as aggressive. 

It is hard to tell the main points of the LinkedIn algorithm, so it is hard to predict its work. But you have to keep in mind, that you should create a new account, which would be your main one. 

The website is not the same as it used to be, so you have to mention that. When you have a new account, which works as LinkedIn wants, you will be able to avoid the limit and contact more than just 100 people per week. 

There are several reasons, that make a LinkedIn account “blocked”, and they include:

  • A lot of connection demands. 
  • Low % of accepting connections.
  • A lot of negative replies, such as “I don’t know this human”.
  • Spam.

Of course, all these issues might be overcome, but first, it is essential to have a clear account. But let’s take a closer look at how to avoid these problems.

A new way to optimize your account

Creation of a new account is a real challenge. Everything is because you have to make everything up once again, and, probably, don’t know where the start point is. 

First of all, make sure, that there are enough sections. You have to include them. And new rules need you to have:

  • Your very personal link, which has to be verified;
  • A background photo;
  • A profile photo;
  • A great motto, that would represent your company in the best way possible;
  • Provide the website with proper information about you;
  • Prove your working experience.
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These are the basics for your account, which would make everything easier for you. 

Improve your social selling index

When you are working with LinkedIn, you have to make sure, that your profile would be ranged pretty good. And the social selling index is the way to do that. In fact, it gives you an opportunity to create your brand, find people to attend your company, and build strong communicative bridges with them. 

If your profile is completely new, LinkedIn would see that, so you will have to find ways to increase this index. And the best one is discussing. Having live conversations with other people, the platform will see, that you are not some fake, but a real user who had just set his new account up. 

You have to work properly to provide your own content, and to give comments about the content of other people. 

Make your profile live

It is important to make sure, that your account is fresh, and that the website sees it as a profile of a real human. For this reason, even if you re-warmed your account, you will have to do it again.

The best way is to contact more and more people, which would give you more social credit for your further work. This is the best way to promote your account. 

If everything is being done properly, you will find, that you are able to contact anyone without limits. For this reason, you will have to do everything manually, which would be a great time investment. You will have to look for the accounts, which would accept your connection.

Zopto would be your best helper here because it would complete all the processes automatically, so you will not have to waste your precious time. 

With these simple tricks, you will be able to find more connections and break the 100 limits. But what are that simple tricks, which would make your work even more beneficial?

Use Correct Filters To Increase The Trust For Your Account

When you are looking for a way to re-warm your account, the “People you may know” mark is one of the best. This filter would be great because it simply increases the chance of accepting your connection. It is a nice option to warm your new profile. 

When you have a bunch of mutual connections, it would be pretty easy to find more people, who would attend a conversation with you. That is a reputation increase. When the website sees, that you are working with more advanced users, it would rather claim, that your account is worthwhile, so you will be able to break a 100 connections limit. 

And that is not just a trick. LinkedIn itself claims this feature is important and encourages more and more users to use it for account warming. 

There are two major points, that prove, that users know each other:

  • Short distance. When LinkedIn sees, that both users attended the same university or were working in the same company, it would be great proof for the website, that they are familiar with each other. 
  • The overall image. LinkedIn daily operates with a lot of information, and there is no doubt, that the rate of data management is much higher than the rate of website expansion, so all the data is certain.
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Zopto provides you with an option to send connections to the people you may know automatically, without any issues and delays. All in all, even if there is a small chance that the LinkedIn filter was mistaken, it would not affect the overall result. 

The application will get all the necessary information and improve the search engine, which would be a great solution for the ones, who want to improve their accounts. 

But keep in mind, that you have to complete everything well, and work with the script. There is a low chance, that it will be claimed as spam, but you have to be aware of potential risks, and make sure, that the contact with your potential clients would be natural. 

Use LinkedIn To Send Messages To Groups

A great option to use LinkedIn connections is to simply avoid them. Yes, you have no need to send a request to contact someone, because you will be able to contact specific groups of people. 

Everything is simple, and Zopto provides you with such an opportunity. The algorithm is pretty simple:

  • Add a new campaign. It must be a new group campaign.
  • Enter a link to the specific group you are in. It is necessary to join the group because if not, the magic will not work. 
  • Copy a link to a group you have chosen.
  • Choose members you want to contact. 

It is an easy option, and even LinkedIn SN gives a great opportunity to use group campaigns and to choose users. But you need to be sure, that the link to the group has the ID, so you will be able to export it to any application you would like to. 

But keep in mind, that this is not a completely smooth method. Though it is a great opportunity to contact ones, who got no connection with you, you will have a couple of obstacles. 

The first one is the limit. You cannot send a lot of messages in groups, so you will have to send about 20 messages in groups per day. Moreover, it is not possible to use such a feature in small groups, so it would not work in communities that contain only 4 people or below. 

However, even these obstacles will not ruin your experience of using LinkedIn, so you will be able to send great messages with a high reply rate. 

Use Zopto To Ignore The Connection Limit

What about contacting people without a direct connection? It is not a dream when you have a LinkedIn automation tool, which would help you with it. 

Even if your account has certain limits, there is no need to become desperate. You will be able to use direct e-mail contact to connect with people freely. 

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Even more, there would be an even higher possibility, that the message you send would reach the destination, and that you will get a reply. You will have to provide Zopto with a table, that contains the database of users you want to contact. 

However, keep in mind, that this method has one nuance. After contacting people directly with their e-mail, there will be no opportunity to send them a connection request, due to the fact that LinkedIn would think that you are already familiar with the user, whose e-mail you have used to send messages. 

But this is a great trick, that would help you a lot, even if you have any virtual blocks. The steps are simple:

  • Complete the table with the contacts you would like to send messages to. It can be done manually or with some external applications. 
  • Export the made-up list to the Zopto. 
  • Complete and paste the messages you would like to send.
  • Implement the table in Zopto to create a new database.
  • Start. There are several types of actions, which might contain not only messaging but subscriptions or commenting. It is important to complete messaging and to catch the attention of your potential partners. 

But make sure, that you set everything up correctly. For this reason, there are several tags that will help you. They include using e-mail, connections, and working with the table itself. Make sure to check them out before the start of the work. 

That would give you an opportunity to avoid spamming and ignore the groups which were contacted already. Also, Zopto will not break the limit itself, by sending a request. While requesting might be impossible, there are still enough options, that include simple liking or visiting. A great start to be recognized.

Why These Tricks Are Great?

Working with contacts on LinkedIn is a real challenge. When you have tough limits, it is important to find ways to overcome them. 

With these simple tricks, you will not only be able to avoid being limited but would grant an opportunity to contact a lot of people, send enough requests, and overcome the borders the platform sets up. 

And now, you have not only more reasons to use messaging on LinkedIn, but a great opportunity to try Zopto yourself. It is a great tool for the ones, who would like to implement their business strategies smoothly. 

It is safe, it provides you with beneficial conditions, that would not let the platform place limits, so you will be able to use the provided resources confidently and conveniently. And what is the best, the VPN services yo will be provided with, would grant you the best ways of using LinkedIn, because you will have your own and separate IP.

What about connections? They were never that natural. Though you will use automatic messages, there will be no suspicions at all. All the messages are being sent naturally, and LinkedIn will never claim them wrong. 

Zopto is made for people, who want to get the best conditions of work, and it is made including all the users’ demands. With all the variety of tools, there is no single reason to ignore Zopto. 

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