The international Art Phenomenon Jordi Vall-lamora expanded his influence in the U.S. and founded his art company in California.

The international Art Phenomenon Jordi Vall-lamora expanded his influence in the U.S. and founded his art company in California.
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This is a new phase for the noted Spanish artist Vall-lamora, known for his visionary performance in pieces such Shouts and Whispers; Conversations with the Radicals, wrote and directed by the international artist Joan Morey, composed by a noted series of five performances carried out in Barcelona’s famed La Capella performance space, an old 15th-century chapel used only for exquisite artists performances and Flor de Loto, a drag queen hero who fights for social justice and inclusion since the early 90s, created and performed by Vall-lamora.

An exploding worldwide audience later became aware of Vall-Lamora Sanchez’s performance when his work Life Project’s recorded audio and the video went viral in the LABoral Centro de Art website. The viral audience response to this live work also gave rise to an eponymous video piece that earned the institution the Best Website in Asturias Award, an international prize for recognition of impacts beyond barriers and cultures, as it is on a website with live transmission.

During over a decade of work Vall-lamora developed the Flor de Loto art concept, a drag queen performance, presented the first time in the United Kingdom during the early 90s. Flor is a hero in her own life who seeks social welfare, justice, respect, and love, by provoking and awakening her specters and critics’ consciences. Vall-lamora’s performance sought the best in difficulty, in a movement of rebirth, just as the Lotus is born in the mud, overcoming the adversities of the environment. Since the beginning of his career, Vall-Lamora has dedicated himself to the social impact and interpersonal development of everyone around him, seeking to build a new concept for humanity. In America, Vall-Lamora will use all his experience and knowledge to bring out the best in people. He will provide studies and artistic concepts research to young people and artists who, like Flor de Loto, want to do more than entertain, provoking changes in society and its values over time.

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Vall-Lamora relishes this artistic breakthrough: “Human beings only react profoundly to things when faced with an extreme situation. For this reason, we have chosen a blind person from birth who will help us understand the reality of the true perceptions of our interior, and a man who suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and who is ready to speak openly about his situation. The emotions arising as a result of this situation are reflected in the dance and music which make up the performance,” Vall-Lamora notes.

Trained as an actor in the United Kingdom, Spain and Asia, Jordi Vall-lamora has combined his life between the West and Asia with his art studies, meditation and philosophy with residencies in India, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and Tibet. He has worked as a performer and actor in different film, television and theatre projects and created numerous artistic installations in which the double influence of the West and the East are always present.

As thoughtful introspective artist, Vall-lamora can be forgiven if he seems unaware, he is continuing to the notable tradition of visionary Catalan artists discovering American audiences, such as when the noted Avant Garde poet and playwright Federico Garcia-Lorca visited New York 100 years ago and returned home to Spain with the inspirations for his book Poeta en Nueva York that explored many of the same emotional terrain that Vall-Lamora revisits today.

During Vall-lamora’s working years, he consolidated his name in Europe and America, being referenced as a unique, driving, extravagant artistic phenomenon. Now in his mature years of creation, Vall-lamora announces his dedication to the creative development of the U.S, founding his own art company in the state of California, in which he will provide courses, training, shows, contracts, and much more to all Americans and foreigners interested in art. Socially appealing, Vall-lamora understands the fundamental role that art plays in social construction and will provide all knowledge base and courses for not only people who wish to enter the global showbiz but for everyone interested in expanding their human conscience, willing to revolutionize their interpersonal relationships, appreciating all the things in life.

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