The Journey of Startup Tixel: From Idea to Launch

The Journey of Startup Tixel: From Idea to Launch
The Journey of Startup Tixel: From Idea to Launch
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Starting a business is never easy, but the journey of Tixel, a startup that has revolutionized the ticketing industry, has been a unique one.

Read on to learn the inspiring story of Tixel. This startup is revolutionising the ticketing industry by creating a secure, reliable, and transparent platform where people can buy and sell tickets at fair prices. From the founders’ personal experiences to the challenges they faced along the way, this article takes you on a journey from idea to launch. Through hard work, determination, a great idea and a little luck, Tixel has become a successful startup that disrupted the ticketing industry and inspired entrepreneurs and aspiring startup founders.

The Idea

It all started with an idea that was sparked by a personal experience. In 2017, the founders of Tixel, had a terrible experience trying to buy concert tickets. The tickets to this Tame Impala gig were sold out, and the only options available were on sketchy resale sites. Ultimately they lost money and missed out on the concert. This experience led them to think about a solution to this problem, and Tixel was born.

The Concept

The idea behind Tixel was simple: create a secure, reliable, and transparent platform where people can buy and sell tickets at fair prices. The team started working on the concept, and after months of research, planning, and development, the first version of Tixel was launched.

The Challenges

At the beginning of their journey, Tixel faced several challenges, the main one being building trust with their users. They had to convince people that their platform was safe and that they would not fall prey to scammers or fraudulent sellers. The team worked hard to create a robust system to prevent fraud and protect buyers and sellers. They implemented features such as secure payment systems, and identity verification methods that would ensure that every transaction on their platform was safe and secure. They also partnered with reputable event organisers, artists, and promoters to establish their credibility and build trust with fans.

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Another challenge was attracting users to the platform. Tixel was competing with established ticketing websites, and convincing people to switch to a new platform is not easy. To tackle this, Tixel offered several incentives, such as lower fees and a guarantee that buyers would never pay outrageous prices for their tickets. They also invested heavily in marketing and advertising campaigns that targeted their audience on social media and other digital platforms. Jumped on Facebook groups and saw when people were selling tickets in event comment sections and advocated for them to use Tixel. Now, they use influencers, bloggers, and everyday fans to promote their brand and build awareness of their platform.

The Success

Despite the challenges, Tixel continued to grow, and their hard work paid off. They were able to attract a large user base, and their platform became a go-to for people in Australia looking to buy and sell tickets. Tixel’s success attracted the attention of investors, and the startup was able to secure funding to expand their operations. In 2022 they expanded their team to focus on growing in the UK and Europe. They also used the funding to develop new features and functionalities and expand their services in new markets.

Today, Tixel is a successful startup that has disrupted the ticketing industry. They have expanded their operations to several countries, and their platform is trusted by over a million users. Thousands of fans are buying and selling tickets daily.


Tixel’s success story is a testament to the fact that with hard work, determination, a great idea, and a little luck anything is possible. It shows that startups can overcome challenges and succeed if they are willing to put in the effort and take calculated risks. Tixel’s journey is an inspiration for entrepreneurs and aspiring startup founders who want to make a difference in their respective industries.

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