The Science behind Promo Codes as Explained by Milan Rabszski

The Science behind Promo Codes as Explained by Milan Rabszski
The Science behind Promo Codes as Explained by Milan Rabszski

This post was most recently updated on September 8th, 2022

Milan Rabszski, a household name among Polish gamblers, has flown down to Belgrade to enjoy Sarma and Ćevapi and attend the AskGambling Awards. He speaks to Mr. Andrew, a journalist present at the ceremony, about his newfound appreciation for casino operators and their marketing strategies.

He quickly picked up on how casino operators attain recognition from players due to promo codes, and his heart burst with newly found intellectual joy. 

Despite the tension in the air, the award nominees are friendly and willing to share their experiences with Milan. Here is a quick summary of what Mr. Rabszski learned from this glamorous evening.

On Popularity and Benefits

Promo codes are a win-win. They bring in more clientele for the casino, and the players are happy to enjoy the rewards they deliver. 

The casinos offer promo codes not just to attract more customers but because they know this is a great strategy to:

  • Build an affiliate pyramid. Once an influencer or a friend promotes the codes, it opens up a window for more players to join. Once in, some of these players may be tempted to use the “refer a friend” bonus code and get extra incentives. 
  • Promo codes are usually linked to the casino’s landing page. Players are directed to sign up without having to take extra steps. 
  • Even if the casino doesn’t have a 100% sign-up record, promo codes create traffic and bring in ad revenue for the casino. 
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On the other hand, players have a different set of benefits. 

  • Customers may receive a greater reward if they use a bonus code than they would otherwise. Free bets, free spins, and other types of incentives are common with these types of promotional coupons.
  • Promo codes can also lower a player’s wagering requirements in addition to delivering higher payouts.
  • Promotional codes may, on rare occasions, extend the duration of an offer.
  • In some cases, bonus codes might enhance the amount of money you can win.

Bringing Promo Codes to Life

Turns out creating promo codes is simple. There are two ways to do it; either will fetch you similar rewards. The first is to use your ‘refer a friend’ code. But this applies only to new sign-ups. If you want to take it a step further and provide your followers with codes for specific games or special holiday rewards, reach out to the casino about their affiliate program. 

You can set a name, a discount; this could either be a percentage or a set amount, a deadline, and the number of redeemable bonuses if you don’t wish it to be unlimited. Customize them and send them out for holidays, tournaments, or even for a weekend marathon. 

Where to Look For Promo Codes

Online casinos often advertise their welcome bonuses. Their “Promotions” page includes current bonuses, their requirements, and promo codes. You can check out promotions without registering.

  • Numerous online casinos are present on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. They’re great for short-term offers not published on the casino’s website. If the casino has active social media channels, check them often for fresh discount codes. Online casino social media accounts are found in the “Contacts” section, so you won’t have to look them up from scratch.
  • Numerous online discount sites provide casino promo coupons too.
  • Casino review sites include lots of useful information that often goes unnoticed. This includes a casino’s license, length of operation, payment and withdrawal choices, and gaming possibilities. They often feature discount coupons and casino incentives along with casino promo codes.
  • Google if you’re lost. Search “promo codes for xyz casino” to find sites with those codes.
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One Strategy to Win Them All

Who doesn’t value a good bargain? Buy one get one free pizza offers are irresistible. Casinos, too, give you promo codes to market their products. This marketing strategy gets them, new customers, retain old ones and ensures a consistent flow of players. If done right, this casino marketing strategy will not only have you spending your money with them but also going home with rewards or a little something special. 

This works brilliantly for players who want to try new things but are afraid of financial loss. This helps customers believe they are being rewarded and remain loyal to the casino. 

Shifting the Tides with Player Involvement

When asked if additions would make promo codes a better strategy, players had ideas that casinos would want to consider. 

New Game Bonuses

Mike mentions to Mr. Rabszski that he’s noticed how new games are added on a regular basis to casino websites, but most players don’t even know of them. If casinos gave out promo codes to play these games, will we learn of the new games, and said games will start gaining a fan following. This is also a great way for the casinos to understand what works and what doesn’t in the market, he says.

Bonuses Directly Proportional to Wagering Requirements

Everyone is aware of the wagering requirements and how one has to spend more time playing just to get their hands on their rewards, complains Hannes, another player, to Milan. Having set requirements frustrates players.

Instead, a bonus that gives you fewer rewards for tapping out early and finer rewards for playing longer will allow players the freedom to choose. Deciding for themselves whether to stay longer or leave sooner will reduce their frustration towards receiving rewards, he convinces Milan.

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Wrapping Up

Milan’s Belgrade experience has taught him much about the importance of promo codes. Little did he expect the science that goes behind it. With his newfound appreciation and knowledge of kody bonusowe do kasyna, he vows to implement the same in his future projects with TopKasynoOnline.

If you want to know more about the award ceremony and what the players had to say, you can listen to Milan’s experience narrated first-hand in his podcast at

Mr. Rabszski is the editor-in-chief at TopKasynoOnline, a passion project by the Polish gambling experts made specifically for the Poles. You can reach out to them with any queries at their main office, located in Zlota 59, 00-120 Warsaw.

Email at or call and talk to Milan in person at +48 22 595 14 00. At the date of writing in June 2022, Poland accepts Blik, Przelewy24, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, and Ecopayz as payment methods.

Note: Unfortunately, gambling is illegal in Poland, so the content in this article is used only for informational purposes and is available to users outside of Poland.