The top five reasons why cricket betting is becoming so popular

There are millions and millions of people around the world who love cricket as a sport. That’s only natural, considering that cricket is the national sport of England which means that it was largely exported to the English colonies, and from that point on, it started to spread in neighboring countries and in adjacent cultures. Today, the International Cricket Council has 106 members, 12 of which are full members and 94 are associate members. 

While now much of the cricket action is to be found in Asian and African countries, fans of the sport are actually everywhere across the world. This is partly due to the progressive steps that are being made by many European countries when it comes to cricket but also due to the growing popularity of cricket among bettors. In fact, betting on cricket is becoming more and more mainstream in bet-loving markets, and so we can see cricket betting in Germany or in other European nations being among the top sports on bookmakers’ lists. 

Let’s see why cricket betting has made such huge steps in the preference of punters and why it is continuously gaining popularity. 

1. Cricket is a simple sport, it has comprehensive rules, and everyone can understand how it is played

Being a relatively easy-to-understand sport, cricket has made it into the hearts of bettors, particularly since it is pretty straightforward and it has clear guidelines and rules. Bettors generally prefer sports where they understand how they are played, how they function, and what are the main dynamics as well as the basic challenges.

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Pretty much like football or basketball, cricket is simple and comprehensive for anyone who wants to follow the sport or bet on the sport. 

2. Cricket is volatile. A sport full of upsets.

A sport that can change from one moment to another and for which prediction is a difficult thing to do, is, by definition, an interesting sport for punters and a challenging thing at the same time. There is always some action going on; you never get bored in a cricket game, and everything you know and expect to happen might turn around so fast that you don’t even have the time to realize it. 

One thing that is absolutely true about cricket is that it is filled with stories of underdogs managing to score high and upset favorites. There are so many stories like that in cricket that many people believe it to be the sport where the greatest upsets have taken place. Ultimately, cricket is so dynamic and so volatile that betting becomes not only a way to test your betting skills but also a fun and enjoyable activity on its own.

3. Plenty of betting markets

And it’s not only that cricket is a dynamic sport, but it is also that it has several things that punters can bet on. If you browse bookmakers’ websites, you will realize that there is more than just the typical, basic markets like moneyline, over/under, and totals. 

There is also prop betting, which is really interesting in cricket. Betting enthusiasts can find markets such as the Man of the Match, the Number of Sixes, or the Method of dismissal, among others, which spice things up and make watching a cricket game even more engaging. 

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4. Plenty of opportunities to bet

There is so much going on in the sport of cricket that punters will always find something to bet on. There are a lot of tournaments, events, and competitions taking place in cricket, all of which offer excellent opportunities for bettors to test their skills and give them a try. 

Besides big tournaments such as the ICC World Cup, the T20 World Cup, the Indian Premier League, and the ICC Championship Trophy, there are also smaller tournaments and leagues, which are also very interesting betting-wise. 

5. Emphasis by sportsbooks

We can’t forget that the role of sportsbooks themselves is vital in promoting the growth of any betting market. Online bookmakers are paying a lot of attention to cricket as a sport, providing their customers with very attractive and appealing odds and markets, and this on its own creates a trigger for increasing cricket’s popularity among bettors.

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