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Image Source- IKEA
Image Source- IKEA
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The PC industry moves quickly, and to stay on top of it, you either need to be a professional, or a chronically overly enthusiastic hobbyist (and I would know). With hundreds of new components being released each year, it can be difficult to know what fresh parts actually exist, never mind which ones will build a gamers PC well suited to your needs.

Over time, people have sought solutions to this arduous task, creating copious amounts of blogs, review sites, YouTube channels, applications; the list could go on. However, despite these efforts, the computing marketplace remains a space mainly dominated by tech enthusiasts, who have both the passion and pre-disposed knowledge to easily traverse the scene.

It’s easy to see why this is problematic. Everybody needs to buy a computer at some point; in this online world, it seems difficult nowadays to envisage a task that doesn’t use the internet in some way. Sure, you can do many tasks on your phone, but sooner or later, everybody encounters a task that would be much better suited to the workflow of a more powerful machine, be that spreadsheet making, online shopping comparisons, or heavy online gaming.

Easy to Play

With the above in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people have bad experiences when purchasing new tech online. Desktops, and especially laptops, are rife with misinformation and overselling. Reading big manufacturers’ awe-inspiring product listings from 6 years ago could likely still fool you into thinking their low-end desktop might be able to run Cyberpunk. Surprise, when it arrives, it still struggles to open a Word document in less time than it takes to make 2 brews.

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These issues span the performance range of the PC market. Regardless of whether a consumer is buying a cheap budget laptop, or a more expensive mid to high-end desktop, many buyers rely heavily on hunches and guesswork to decide what specific model they’re going to purchase, and have to wait until it arrives to actually know if its meets there requirements.

Can it Game

Luckily, this issue is now heavily mitigated by the new kid on the block, Sporting many new tools packaged behind an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Can It Game allows you to lay bare the capabilities of a PC with just a few clicks.

Using eBay as its source of listings, Can It Game can read and accurately pinpoint exactly what components are within a computer based on its description, and inform you how well this PC should perform based on what it finds.

The amount of performance you can expect out of a certain component varies massively depending on its manufacturer and model number, and these things are not easy to pick up on if you’re new to the scene.

A GPU ending with “90” instead of “50” could equate to a performance difference of more than 300%, and the presence of “XT” at the end of a card could be what takes a good card to a great one. Can It Game natively possesses an in-depth understanding of all the most popular, important, and relevant components, and upon detection is ready to provide you with easy-to-understand scorings on whether or not a part is appropriate for your needs.

If you desire more information on any part, in-depth descriptions are provided on a per-component basis, telling you exactly what the product is, what its product name and number tells you, and where the product sits generally in the roster of other alternative parts that could be used. This provides invaluable insight for buyers who may encounter this product later, or, based upon what they have learnt, want to find a computer that specifically contains the part they have just learnt about.

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User Friendly

If a user does become particularly entranced by a certain product, then they should keep an eye on Can It Game’s articles section, where articles are released every day on the best deals found on the internet. Buyers who monitor these deals on a regular basis are likely to nab some fantastic deals over the period spent reading. When a user finds themselves captivated by a specific product, their journey to snagging fantastic deals begins with a visit to Can It Game’s articles section. Here, a treasure trove of daily articles unveils the internet’s finest deals.

Buyers open a world of potential by regularly visiting and attentively following these posts. These books can easily turn the time you spend reading them into a period of amazing savings. Can It Game serves as a trustworthy compass in the enormous ocean of online shopping, pointing users in the direction of the finest prices as they take daily enjoyment in educational and entertaining material.

Can It Game is completely free and available to use now – why not check it out?

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