The unemployed will spend their days in jail

The unemployed will spend their days in jail
The unemployed will spend their days in jail

Three Wimbledon and six Grand Slam winners, Boris Baker, will have to go to jail. A London court has sentenced a German legend to two-and-a-half years in prison after convicting him under bankruptcy law.

The 54-year-old Baker was convicted in four cases last month under Britain’s bankruptcy law. He was accused of hiding property worth millions of pounds to get rid of debt. According to the BBC, Baker hid assets worth

The unemployed will spend their days in jail

.2.5 million (about Tk 26 crore in Bangladeshi currency).

Judge Deborah Taylor, of Southwark Crown Court in London, said in a statement that she had no regrets about her guilt. You did not show any kind of humility. ‘

The judge said Baker would have to spend half of his sentence in jail for two and a half years. The rest of the time he will be on bail. Baker’s wife, Lillian, and son, Noah, were in court at the time of the verdict, and no altercation was reported at the party, Reuters reported.

Earlier this month, Baker told the court that caregivers had been given the responsibility of looking after his property. He had been trusting them for a long time. He helped them in every way, listened to the advice of experts and worked. His lawyer, Jonathan Leidel, said many of them had given him advice. Again, many want to enjoy the benefits. Boris believes in unemployed people too much, this is his time.

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