Things You Must Know About ABHA Card

Things You Must Know About ABHA Card
Things You Must Know About ABHA Card

As digitization is fast shaping the world, the Indian government has started taking measures to digitize the Indian healthcare system. A robust step in this direction is introducing the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) card. According to the government, ABHA will act as the backbone needed for establishing an integrated digital health infrastructure. ABHA will also extend support to Universal Health Coverage efficiently and securely. 

This card was launched under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission to improve the accessibility of quality healthcare services to the masses. This article features all the essential information you should know about the ABHA card, so you can sign-up for it without any worry. If you are yet to register yourself for an ABHA account, this article will help you make a wise decision.  

What is an ABHA Card?

Call it the ABHA card or the NDHM card; this unique health ID is here to change how you store, manage, and share your healthcare data with doctors, clinics, or healthcare insurer providers. This card allows Indian citizens to carry their medical history wherever they go digitally. If you often forget to carry some crucial healthcare documents during your doctor’s visit, the ABHA card will end this problem for good. You can share your ABHA card with your doctor and give them consent to view your stored data. It will help the doctor get an accurate picture of your medical history, leading to the right course of treatment. 

Besides storing your health records for free, the ABHA card also allows cardholders to access the vast data of verified doctors practicing throughout the country. This data can help you find a reliable doctor if you are moving to a new place. You can filter the doctors based on the location or specialization they hold. While multiple players offer secure storage and sharing of healthcare information, the ABHA card aims to create a standardized system for facilitating and sharing medical records throughout the country. 

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Do You Really Need an ABHA Card?

If you don’t like carrying multiple healthcare documents, like lab test reports, past prescriptions, etc., to your doctor, getting an ABHA card can help. This card eliminates the need to carry physical copies of your healthcare records to seek proper treatment. It also saves people from the hassle of manually maintaining all these documents at home. You can sync your card with your personal healthcare details, and the account will keep getting updated in real time regarding your health information. 

The government has not made it mandatory to get an ABHA card, but you can sign-up for it if you want to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enjoy easy sharing of medical information like prescriptions, lab test reports, etc., in just a few clicks.
  • Accessing the Health Facility Registry becomes quick. This registry features a full list of private and government medical facilities in India.
  • Sharing medical records with doctors, clinics, and hospitals becomes easy, instant, and smooth.
  • ABHA cards can be used while obtaining AYUSH treatment facilities too.
  • Accessing the full Healthcare Professional Registry becomes easy. This registry features a vast database of verified doctors practicing throughout India.
  • You can enjoy digital storage and management of your healthcare records at zero cost.

These are some benefits you can enjoy by signing up for the ABHA online health card. If you travel often from one city to another for work purposes, carrying an ABHA card can solve half your healthcare-related problems. 

Steps to Get Your ABHA Card

You can sign-up and create your ABHA card by visiting the official government website https://healthid.ndhm.gov.in/, downloading the ABHA mobile app, or through third-party applications like Paytm. If you want to generate an ABHA ID using the official government website, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit the https://healthid.ndhm.gov.in/ site and click on ‘Create ABHA number.’
  • You will now have to proceed using either your Aadhar card number or driving license.
  • Once you select the preferred option and enter the details, you will receive an OTP on the registered number.
  • Enter the OTP on the screen, then a National Health Authority form page will instantly load. You have to provide your details like name, gender, age, email id, etc., to proceed.
  • Once you have provided the necessary details, your ABHA card ID will be generated. 
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You can view and download the health card using the same website or ABHA mobile app. Having an ABHA card can significantly improve your access to quality medical services throughout the country, so ensure you get your ABHA card at the earliest. 

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