Three Rules of the Fireproof Office

Fireproof Office

Seeing your office in flames is really hard to imagine. However, this unsettling vision can quickly turn into reality. That’s why it’s very important to prepare yourself (and your office) and take every precaution to ensure it’s safe for you and your employees. The risk is much higher than we think – traditional offices use a ton of electrical appliances, which generate a lot of heat.

Clear plan

Not just any plan – you need a solid fire emergency evacuation plan. Make sure everything is outlined clearly, the escape route is as short and direct as possible while minimizing any potential obstacles. Fire evacuation signs have to be placed strategically and in spaces where anyone can see them clearly. You need to choose a person who’s going to be responsible for evacuation and notifying fire services.

Raise awareness

Start with people. Your employees need to know how dangerous things can get. They have to undergo specific training and learn about hazards, best practices and procedures. In the end, everyone’s safety depends on it, so every single worker has to comply. 

Regular fire drills can be a great way to raise awareness and make sure everyone knows and follows safety procedures. That will help everyone stay as calm as possible in case of emergency situation.


Your office needs proper equipment and there’s no way around it. After all, people’s lives are at stake. Sometimes a quick reaction can make a world of difference. It’s best to start with prevention, so try to make sure there aren’t any old and faulty electrical appliances. Check ventilation points on the devices regularly – if they get clogged, there’s a high risk of overheating, which very often leads to fire. 

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Sometimes that’s not enough and prevention is no longer an option. You need to be ready for that possibility as well. An office fire extinguisher and a fire alarm are must-haves in any professional workspace. They are actually required by law. Smoke detectors or sprinklers can also be very helpful. Take proper care of your fire safety equipment – it can literally save your life.

We hope this quick and simple guide will be helpful and gives you a better idea of workplace fire safety. And remember – you don’t have to get ready if you stay ready.

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