Thugesh: Real Name, Biography, Career, Net Worth, and more

Thugesh: Real Name, Biography, Career, Net Worth, and more
Thugesh: Real Name, Biography, Career, Net Worth, and more
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Mahesh Keshwala, popularly known as Thugesh on social media by the name of his Youtube channel ‘Thugesh’, is a well-known and famous YouTuber. He posts videos of famous people, including actors, leaders and other known public figures. Currently, he focuses more on roast and funny clips suitable for his audience. Mahesh Keshwala refers to his fans and subscribers as “Thug Sena.” He began as a fashion model but failed in it, hence later became a creator of the content.

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On the 18th of January, Mahesh Keshwala began uploading content to his YouTube channel. At the moment, his channel on YouTube, Thugesh has over two and a half million subscribers. He also manages other YouTube channels called ‘Thugesh Unfiltered’ and ‘Thugesh Shorts’, where he posts his vlogs, as well as short videos

Biography of Mahesh Keshwala

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Mahesh Keshwala was born on September 9, 1986, in Mumbai, Maharashtra which is an Indian state located in Bombay City. He studied there, and he received his Bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Mumbai.

He began his YouTube career officially in 2014. He uploaded a compilation video of thug life moments of Indian celebrities in January 2014. He titled it “Thug Life Compilation.”

Thugesh Career

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Thugesh, aka Mahesh Keshwala, started out his YouTube career back in 2014; his first channel call turned into “Top 10 India,” wherein he stocks the top 10 associated videos, including celebrities, locations, meals, etc. However, the channel is not going well now, and that’s why he closed it. Unfortunately, he didn’t benefit from many views or subscribers at some stage in the starting days of his profession. His idea was to give up on importing movies. But later,  he observed that one of his videos had nearly 500K views, which inspired him substantially. He decided to retain his YouTube journey.

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However, one day, his channel got demonetized on YouTube. This was the hardest time he had to face. Mahesh deleted all his videos on his channel and decided to make face-camp Thug Life videos and upload them on his channel. He renamed his YouTube channel to “Thugesh.”  His first Thug Life Video was on Chris Gayle.

Along with YouTube, he was additionally doing part-time jobs and modeling. He attended Indian Fashion Show and Pune Fashion Week, however, after attending some modeling shows. Thugesh found out that modeling turned into a very good career alternative, and then he ceased modeling and joined LLB.

When he first started his YouTube channel, he made videos that no longer showed his face, but for some reason, YouTube demonetized his channel, and at that time, YouTube became his most effective income source.

His subscribers desired to watch only Thug Life videos. Thugesh got his first breakthrough with the video “Ultimate TikTok Cringe,” which got many views and subscribers. At that point, he also rebranded his YouTube channel name from Thug Life Compilations to Thugesh.

On August 25, 2018, he created a second YouTube channel known as “Thugesh Unfiltered,” in which he stocks vlogs, gameplays, challenge videos, and meme reviews. He created another YouTube channel referred to as “Thugesh Shorts” on 26 October 2021, where he shares brief videos

Thugesh Family and Girlfriend

Thugesh keeps his family far from the limelight, and there aren’t always a whole lot of statistics about YouTuber Thugesh available on social media.  

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Mahesh Keshwala’s Net Worth And Income

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There are no reputed accounts to calculate the net worth of Mahesh Keshwala, but different sources estimate his earnings from YouTube and their calculated valuation.

As of 2023, his actual net worth in Indian rupees is approximately Rs.1 crore to Rs .3.56 crore, respectively. He makes around Rs 2-3 lakh each month from his YouTube channels.

His estimated monthly income from youtube is to be between Rs 25. He runs three YouTube channels: Thugesh Unfiltered, and Thugesh Shorts, AdSense advertisements and sponsorship payments in addition to as much as 10 crores of estimated annual income.

Thugesh’s income in the main comes from his YouTube channels, in which he creates roasting, statement, and gaming content material. His achievements on YouTube have contributed to his ordinary net worth.

Unknown Facts About Thugesh

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Thugesh is a famous and gifted model, YouTuber, and social media influencer.

Thugesh’s actual name is Mahesh Keshwala.

Thugesh is known for his roasting videos, for which he has over 4 million subscribers. He does not use any kind of profanity in any video on his channel.

His voice is awesome, and as soon as he starts speaking, people can’t stop themselves from giggling.

Talking about his private existence, he’s nevertheless unmarried. His whole focus is on his profession right now.

Along with roasting videos, gaming videos are also visible on his YouTube channel.

He is very careful about his health, for which he also goes to the gymnasium, but apart from this, he is likewise seen doing yoga. It’s not best for him; however, his entire family is seen doing yoga on his Instagram posts.

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Apart from this, he additionally has an Instagram account named “maheshkeshwala” wherein he is being observed by more than 1 million people.

He is seen to be very fond of cars; he has cars of all styles.

He hates Urfi Javed the most. He says that looking at the sort of garments Urfi is carrying, it seems that rats have bitten his garments. He hates her outfit.

Thugesh’s style of roasting is particular; he does roasting, but in no way uses any sort of profanity at the same time as roasting.

FAQs about Thugesh

  1. How much does Thugesh earn from YouTube?

He earns $5.5–$8.7K in keeping with the monthly budget from YouTube.

  1. What is the internet worth of Thugesh?

Thugesh’s internet worth is $ seventy-eight. 36K.

  1. What is Thugesh’s age?

Thugesh is 26 years old.

  1. What’s the height of Thugesh?

He is 5 feet, 11 inches.

  1. Is Mahesh Keshwala a model?

Yes, he’s a model as well as a YouTuber, host, and actor.

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