Tips for Renting a Car in Malaga

Tips for Renting a Car in Malaga

With EasyTerra, renting a car in Malaga is now easier. Assuming you have Malaga remembered for your rundown of impending objections to visit, we salute you. Because you can easily discover all its corners and move through it, without complications. Not only for our vehicle fleet but also for the amazing condition of Malaga’s roads. Additionally, Malaga has grown to become one of the Spanish towns with the best transportation infrastructure over time: land, ocean, and air.

Malaga is the obvious choice if you want to head south and escape the cold. If you want to get around Malaga quickly and easily, renting a car at the airport is also a great option.

If you follow these instructions, you can rent a car at Malaga Airport.

Online Reservation

Make a reservation online, either directly through a car rental company’s website or through a comparison site like easyTerra Malaga Car Rental. Never make arrangements for a rental car when you arrive at the airport, as you may run the risk of running out of options and spending a lot more time at the counter.

Credit Card

It is necessary to have a credit card in order to make an online reservation. Credit card companies require that the cardholder and the rental agreement be the same person in order to rent a car. At the time of rental, the car rental company will ask for a hold on your credit card, which can be thought of as a security deposit.

When booking your rental car, make sure to select “full coverage,” as the insurance provider will cover the majority of damages. Sadly, you can’t always count on the insurance company to cover every kind of damage. Glass and tires typically call for additional insurance.

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Fuel full-to-full policy

Fuel full-to-full policy instead of the full-to-empty policy, in which you return your rental car empty-handed, is preferable. After that, the rental car company will fill the car for you, but they will charge you much more for the fuel than the usual price at the gas station.

Make careful preparations for your pick-up and drop-off.

Typically, car rental rates are calculated per 24 hours. You will only be charged for one day (23 hours) if you rent a car from 12:00 to 11:00 the following day (two days). This indicates that you could save tens of euros by carefully planning your pickup and return. Particularly interesting for short-term rentals is this.

Services that typically come with a charge:

Additional driver

Navigation (if it is not already built-in)

Supplement for younger or older drivers

Insurance for the roof, underbody, tires, and glass

Passenger insurance (usually liability insurance)


Nowadays, it is simple for car rental companies to recover customer fines, such as parking or speeding tickets. You will receive a fine via email or mail. You are required to pay the fine, as well as the costs associated with sending the penalty. This administration fee ranges from 25 to 50 euros. Our recommendation is to obey traffic regulations and drive carefully!

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