Tips to Use Custom-Size Runner Area Rugs at Your Home

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Tips to Use Custom-Size Runner Area Rugs at Your Home

What instantly comes to your mind when you think of a runner rug at first? A long narrow carpet used in front of a door, in hallways, or on bedsides. Is that it? If this is the answer you’ve got, then you still have too much to explore. Custom-size runner rugs can enhance the look of any space in your home. You just need to know how to use them smartly. Here we are to help you out.

Let’s deep dive!

You must have heard that runner area rugs are long narrow carpets available in varying lengths. Yes, that’s true. But what more? Do you know a custom-size runner rug can brighten even the dullest space at your place? All areas of your home including your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, corridors, or stairs can be seen as more appealing if decorated wisely with a custom-size runner rug. Runners are popular for their versatility as they fit with a number of décor options. If you have long and narrow spaces in your home, custom-size runner rugs are the best option to enhance these spaces and add to the beauty of your house.

What Places in Your House a Runner Rug Can Enhance?

Can a custom-size runner rug enhance even the most overlooked space of your home? The answer is yes. But how? Custom-size runner rugs are best fitted for both the interiors and exteriors of your house. The entryways at your house could mostly be overlooked if kept bare. You can best adorn that space by placing a custom-size runner rug covering the length of the entryway or hallway.

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Imagine landing off from a bed and placing your feet on a luxurious and soft piece of rug. You must have felt this at luxurious hotels. Custom-size rugs are used sideways of the bed to enhance the beauty of the room and outline the expensive beds. They also aid in adding immense warmth and comfort to the room.

You can also make the best use of your custom-size runner rug if you have open floor plans, to distinguish different locations. You might require more than one runner rug of different sizes in an open floor plan. Select the right custom-size runner rag to best suit your decor.

Have you ever felt the fear of slipping down a staircase? Gripless stairs cannot be changed quickly but then how to walk down fearless? Get a custom-size runner rug for your stairs and ensure safety. Runner rugs will not only add to the aesthetics but also reduce the loud noise that comes on surfaces such as wood.

Place a custom-size runner rug in hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, galleries, corridors, or any other elongated space, and experience the magic of using a runner rug at your home.

Confused on How to Select the Right Rug for Your Space?

Are runner rugs primarily designed for places with a lot of traffic? Yes, they are. Entryways, hallways, stairs, etc. usually are used often. Use a good quality custom-size runner rug for such areas. A supreme handmade rug is the best choice for such areas.

Choose colors that contrast well with your walls and furniture. The color choice of your custom-size runner rug showcases your personality.

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Go for complementary area rugs or luxury area rugs based on your home decor and style.

Different areas of your home can have different textured custom-size runner rugs. For example, bathrooms and bedrooms can have furry textured runner rugs, whereas entryways and corridors can have handwoven runner rugs.

Opt for a custom-size runner rug if you have some specific requirements, depending on your house’s style, décor, and size.

Materials to Prefer for Custom-Size Runner Rugs

Do you have many guests visiting your place frequently or do you have pets and kids at home? If this is the case, you need to have the best quality material runner rug to prevent its wear and tear. It’s said that wool is the best material for heavy-traffic runner rugs. You can buy custom-size runner rugs online in materials such as wool, synthetic fibers, sisal, or jute. Choose the material that is durable, comfortable, and beautiful all together. You need to select the material of your custom-size runner rug wisely as all materials come with their pros and cons.

Wool is durable and luxurious. Synthetic fibers are pocket-friendly and easy to maintain. Sisal and jute look royal, however, are very delicate to handle. Therefore, jot down your needs first and select the best-suited material for your house. Different areas of your house can have different material custom-size runner rugs as well. Prefer wool, nylon, polypropylene, and polyester for high-traffic areas. Wool is also the best choice for bedrooms to get the best of warmth and comfort. Jute or sisal can be considered for low-traffic areas, where aesthetics is the only requirement. Wool also has good dying properties and is available in rich hues. Polyester is water resistant but cannot resist oil. Nylon rugs are available in beautiful colors but can fade with time in direct contact with the sun. Sisal and jute are the two materials that are least preferred for runner area rugs.

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Hope all the above information about custom-size runner area rugs finds you well. Custom-size runner area rugs are easily available both offline and online in various colors, patterns, sizes, and materials. Usually, the shape of a runner is rectangular based on its purpose.

Parting Thoughts

Now it’s time to devote time and money to enhance the narrow parts of your home. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? You can start shopping for your premium but affordable custom-size runner rug today at FurnishMyPlace.


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