Coworking Space in India
Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces in India

Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces in India

Coworking spaces means a particular area created where the employee can work independently & without any interference or disturbance in the surrounding. This is the place where the employees of different companies share office space at not much expense. There are excellent facilities for the employees here such as communal copiers, fax machines, dining houses, sanitary facilities for men & women. Here there are particular meeting areas & conference rooms which can be used on rent for any meetings. These places are not more into adoption in India, but some developed cities have such coworking spaces for their employees. In These articles, We are going to list out the Top 10 Co-Working Spaces in India.

There are around 300 coworking spaces, out of which some have the best qualities, which employees preferred the most, which are listed among the top 10 coworking spaces in India. These ten coworking spaces have the best ambiance, which inspires an employee to work more enthusiastically & more willfully. The main aim behind creating such areas is that if an employee’s stress is reduced, they’ll be able to work hard & the company can get better results than expected.

The employees are the main wheels of the company, and they have the power to drag the company in any direction they want. Hence, nowadays only those companies can survive this competitive time whose employees are the best in each & every field. So today’s company look after their employees & these top 10 coworking spaces is the best example of it. These Top 10 coworking spaces have been started in different cities of India & they’re ranked as the best coworking spaces.

List of Top Coworking Spaces in India :


This brand has widespread coworking spaces, but the space located in Bandra Kurla Complex is the most popular & the best of all. The infrastructure of the building is so vibrant & peculiar that an entrepreneur will experience a cultural yet professional atmosphere to work. The building occupies 16 floors, including a multi-cuisine dining hall, a vast conference hall equipped with all the latest digital facilities, unique large desks for employees for meet-ups, & small gig desks for employees.

There are many services enabled to the employees using the workspace such as high-speed Wi-Fi, unique common areas, wellness rooms, outdoor spaces, bike storage facilities, complimentary refreshments, cleaning services & sanitizing services which are very mandatory these days, separate phone booths, event space , meeting rooms & there are many more services provided by them. Thus, such a workaholic environment makes this coworking space the beast coworking space in India.

CONTACT No.: 080020 02432

Email id :

Website Url: https://www.wework.com/en-GB


This space is famous for its glasswork interior. Nowadays the people check the place, location, accumulation, staff & interior of any building, so this coworking space has already won the hearts of the visitors through its unique interior & this is rated as the best coworking space in India. Besides this, the private cabins facility for new connections & also its stress buster micro-roasted coffee is just a cherry on the top. This high-class space is located in Vikhroli, Mumbai. The space is fully secured with cameras & guards to ensure that the visitors feel safe to bring all the delicate belongings that they require to bring here freely. There are whiteboards, projectors, ergonomic chairs, special in-room beverage services for the employees in the conference or meeting areas. There is a unique event space where one can conduct free chat sessions, book launches, weekly standups, or anything they want without any hesitation.

Contact Details:


The specialty of this coworking space is its locality. Red Bricks is located in Mumbai, close to Andheri local train station, Metro Station & in proximity to the Western Express Highway, so it makes it easier for employees & visitors to travel in a city like Mumbai is traffic at any time of the day. There are unique private rooms for the employees to conduct meetings with every facility related to the forum. Visitors have a special lounge where they can spend some time alone & can maintain the work-life balance. This is highly occupied & one of the best coworking spaces in India. The area is thoroughly designed with the art which boosts the values of professionalism & can increase the moral of youngsters to work more joyfully. The basic facilities like spe3cail phone booths, Wi-Fi, Air conditioners, snacks, chilling areas are already there. But apart from this, LCD Projector, Café lounge, Community, Secretary, 24/7 Access are also provided. Here many small business startups give themselves a shape & fresh beginnings.

CONTACT No.: 1800 120 9088
Website Url: https://www.redbrickoffices.com/


This is one of the most widespread coworking spaces 0f India. It is about 50,000+ sq.ft. prominent sized area. Here the freelancers, business owners & unique mindsets sit together & spend some time out of their usual busy schedules. This coworking space can accumulate over 1,100 members at a single time. It isn’t easy to design this whole large area that youngster likes to come again & more than that they understand the importance of that working space. But they’ve designed it so well that every visitor will visit that place again & with so many facilities will bring out the best ideas of them & post it in real life.
The coworking space is listed in India’s top 10 coworking spaces because of its utilities, updated technical services, & helpful staff. The space includes services like Game & Chill Zones, Hassle-free setup, availability anytime 24/7, PAN India Access, Pay-Per-Use plans, etc. These all make it the best coworking space in India.

Feel free to call us on 08047489191

Or drop us an email at [email protected]

Website Url: https://www.91springboard.com/


This coworking space is located in Janakpuri east metro station, Delhi. It is more attractive because of its fully-furnished private cabins with essentials like beverages, printers, excellent & strong internet connections, LCD Projectors for presentations & many such facilities. Here there are also some permanent & fixed sitting for the employees having membership & they get extra services by the staff of spring house coworking space. The meeting areas of this space are constructed as per the new ideas. This space has special facilities like Biometric enabling for the regular clients & visitors, In-House Pantry, Break-out Zone, Mail Handling team, Power Backup, printing & scanning facilities. There is a separate event space where an individual can set up a product demonstration or seminars or interactive fun sessions for the coworkers. The virtual offices of the spring house are ideal for the outstation employees & freelancers, or we can say that the employees living out of the city. This is the best coworking space in India.



This coworking space is still in the emerging zone, but the infrastructure & its ambiance has already made it to India’s top 10 list of coworking spaces. This is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. This was specially set up for the growth & development of small-scale businesses in Uttar Pradesh where people are less knowledgeable about the set & constructions like this. But the space has evolved many entrepreneurs because of the beautifully designed workspaces & workaholic environment. This space is normed with all the certificates & registration.

This is the best coworking space in India because they’ve got themselves fully certified. Noida is considered the central hub of B2B start-ups & diverse business corporations; opening something like coworking space is the best way to encourage the upcoming youth to work more challenging to be a better player in this field. This space has unique amenities like Business Telephone System (EPABX), floor pantries, incubation & business centers, security system, telecom services, training centers, park-wide power back-up. Also, this space is not rentable.

Contact Details:

  • Address : Plot No. 53 Kariyammana Agrahara Rd Devarabisanahalli, Bengaluru – 560103
  • Website Url: https://indiqube.com/


The location of this is its prime attraction. It is located close to national highway 8. The opening up of this space is effortless because the founders don’t need to go through the tantrums of finding a suitable location to get the preferred location to attract more visitors. It is located near a highway so they can get many visitors & here they’ve provided the customers with very excellent facilities for meetings & lounge that the customers have already voted it the top coworking space located in India.

The features provided by this workspace are Hi-Speed Wi-Fi & Lease line, IT Support Help desk, Reception & Concierge Services, Cafeteria & Lunch Room, Ergonomic & Modern Furniture..the private offices of SKOOTr are enough for expansion & growth of the business. This coworking is the best because of its brand name & its extraordinary services & facilities. This workspace is not rentable.

Contact Details:

  • 12th Floor, Building 9B, Sector 24
    Gurugram, Haryana, India – 122022
  • Call us at:+91 (0124) 4636060
  • Website Url: https://www.skootr.com/


THIS IS THE MOST ACTIVE COWORKING SPACES OF India because they organize regular events, which increases the coworkers’ & the management of the coworking space. Here the employee or the visitor has to choose a member group & then they can also access the curated & handpicked network called Crosstalk. This consists of the domain experts, investors & leaders. This functioning of the working space makes it the top functional space of India because this feature is an extraordinary feature that cannot be found in any coworking space.

The only coworking area provides a direct line internet connection with a broadband backup so that the employees can work effectively & without any interference of getting outlined or cut because of the server’s poor quality. The booking of the meeting can be made without paying any extra costs. There are even kitchen appliances provided to the employees so that they can have a hot meal.

Contact Details :


CBD being the premium business hub of Bangalore, Awfis is one of the center attractions of that hub. With premium meeting areas, multi-special dine hall, special facilities for the employees, highly technical meeting rooms, the coworking space has made itself the best of all in India. With the customized arrangements of flexible desks, premium cabins, rock ponds, the area is made more comfortable for the employees to get outside the professional zones & make themselves a little bit lighter & relaxed.

Many business firms meetings & problems have been discussed & solved with the help of this nurturing atmosphere. The members of Awfis have got skills in high-tech infrastructures facilities, for example, laser printing, video projection, video conference & hi-speed internet. Also, the pantry of Awfis got the best chefs to serve delicious food to its visitors.

Contact Details :

corp office Registered & Corporate office

Awfis Space Solutions Private Limited
C-28/29, Kissan Bhawan,
Qutab Institutional Area,
New Delhi – 110016


This working space is located in the most corporate area of Bangalore that is Global Technology Park. This is a vast spread coworking space of 120 acres & it is one of the best coworking spaces in India. This coworking space is surrounded by full of greenery, which means it is very close to nature. This space provides the best on-field facilities for working to their employees or visitors. It gives secure connectivity to the entire city.

A whole new look can be given to the firm by exaggerating the correspondence to the nature is what the Smartwork depicts. The features provided by this coworking space are collaboration room, seamless connectivity, courier services, ideation rooms, medical room, fitness studio, event area, crèche, anger management room, zen room, snooze room, sports arena & many more. This is not a rent-free coworking space.

Contact Details :

Smartworks Corporate Park
Sector-125, Noida, Uttar Pradesh- 201301

Contact Us


[email protected]

Website Url: https://www.smartworksoffice.com/



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