Top 10 Chinese Dramas 2024

Chinese Dramas
Chinese Dramas
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Come along on an excursion into the entrancing universe of Chinese dramas, where stories are something other than tales — they’re close to home undertakings loaded up with social extravagance. As we plunge into the top 10 Chinese dramas, prepare for stories that transport you, consistently mixing dream, sentiment, and verifiable interest into a charming encounter. Top 10 Chinese Dramas 2024. Chinese Dramas.

These shows aren’t simply top picks locally; they’ve woven sorcery that resounds with watchers from one side of the planet to the other.

Here are the Top 10 Chinese Dramas 2024:

Hidden Love:

Hidden Love 2023 TV series

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Hidden Love: This romantic drama swiftly became the go-to for those who had never delved into C-dramas before. The heartwarming tale traces Sang Zhi’s journey, who, as a child, falls in love with her brother’s best friend, Duan Jiaxu. Despite drifting apart over the years, fate brings them back together when she enrolls in the same university.

The lingering question remains: will Sang Zhi’s childhood love for Duan Jiaxu resurface, and will he now reciprocate her feelings? The answers lie in watching the show, unraveling the twists and turns of this heartwarming love story.

  • Release date: 20 June 2023

Till The End Of The Moon:

Till The End Of The Moon

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Arguably the standout Chinese drama of 2023, “Till the End of the Moon” shines with its compelling storytelling, soul-stirring ensemble performances, and masterful cinematography. This xianxia fantasy romance unfolds the story of Li Susu (Bai Lu), an immortal chosen to time travel 500 years into the past to thwart the world-threatening Devil God Tantai Jin (Luo Yunxi).

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Unbeknownst to her, Li Susu inhabits the body of Ye Xiwu, Tantai Jin’s wife. Against the backdrop of a catastrophic setting, the two characters navigate unexpected romantic feelings, adding depth to this captivating tale.

  • Release date: 6 April 2023.

The Forbidden Flower:


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Derived from the novel “He Who Stands Among the Gorgeous Blossoming Summer Flower” by Tai Hou Gui Lai, this visually striking drama unfolds the poignant love tale between the painter He Ran and horticulturist Xiao Han.

Beyond the gripping storyline and breathtaking cinematography, fans eagerly welcomed the return of actor Jerry Yan to the screen after a hiatus.

What truly distinguishes this drama is its exceptional soundtrack. From the initial moments, the music, vocals, and lyrics seamlessly establish the atmosphere, elevating the emotional depth of each scene.

  • Release date: 13 February 2023.

When I Fly Towards You:

When I Fly Towards You 2023 series

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When I Fly Towards You: This delightful coming-of-age romantic comedy takes inspiration from the beloved novel “She’s A Little Crazy” by Zhu Yi. It revolves around the vivacious Su Zai Zai, who, after transferring to a new school, finds herself smitten with the shy and introverted Zhang Lu Rang.

The narrative beautifully traces their journey of growing closer despite their contrasting personalities, showcasing how they assist each other in healing and personal growth over time.

  • Release date: 13 June 2023.

My Lethal Man:


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Enthusiasts of the enemies-to-lovers theme shouldn’t overlook this one. This beloved C-drama delves into the aftermath of a fateful incident that intertwines the lives of Shen Man Ning and the formidable, enigmatic Yan Xing Cheng.

Fate thrusts her into the role of his fiancée, compelling her to coexist with the man she despises and who reciprocates her disdain.

  • Release date: 13 January 2023.
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Meet Yourself:

Meet Yourself 2023

_image source : wikipedia

If life’s feeling a bit challenging, consider tuning into “Meet Yourself.” This slice-of-life romance drama is truly uplifting, recounting the journey of Xu Hongdou (Liu Yifei), a determined woman who takes a break from her job after her best friend’s sudden passing. She heads to Yun Miao, a fictional rural village in Dali, Mainland China, a place her friend had always dreamed of visiting.

Amidst the serene surroundings, Xu Hongdou encounters a cast of wonderful characters who guide her toward discovering the genuine meaning of life. Among them is Xie Zhiyao (Li Xian), the warm-hearted pseudo-leader of Dali Town, whose connection with Xu Hongdou evolves into a heartfelt romance.

  • Release date: 3 January 2023.

Stay With Me:

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Chinese BL dramas boast a dedicated fan base, and “Stay With Me” is a prime example. This sincere family drama beautifully portrays the growing bromance between Wu Bi (Xu Bin) and Su Yu (Zhang Jiong Min), who become stepbrothers through the union of the latter’s mother and the former’s father.

Despite their divergent starting points, these complete opposites find themselves drawn together by an unexpected turn of events. For those interested, “Stay With Me” is available for viewing on Viki.

  • Release date: 7 July 2023.

Story Of Kunning Palace:


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Another historical fantasy romance that captured the hearts of C-drama enthusiasts this year was “Story Of Kunning Palace.” The series unfolds the tale of Jiang Xuening, an ambitious woman whose power-hungry schemes are thwarted by rebels, leading to her tragic suicide.

However, fate takes a turn when she gets a second chance at life through reincarnation, finding herself once again within the intricate walls of the palace.

  • Release date: 7 November 2023.
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Hello, I’m At Your Service:

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There’s no denying the uplifting power of a cheesy romance drama, especially on a blue day. This quintessential romantic C-drama perfectly hits all the right notes in that department! It revolves around the love story of the charismatic and diligent customer service representative, Dong Dong En, and the composed and collected Lou Yuan.

Although they start on the wrong foot initially, regular interactions pave the way for love to blossom between the two.

  • Release date: 15 September 2023.

Sunshine By My Side:


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This compelling drama has truly captured our hearts. It revolves around Jian Bing, navigating life post a failed marriage, and Shen Yang, a young woman yearning to extricate herself from a relationship. Their paths serendipitously intersect, and a profound connection binds them together.

Despite facing criticism for the perceived power imbalances between the protagonists, the show received acclaim for its realistic depiction of love and relationships.

  • Release date: 1 September 2023.


Which Chinese drama has highest rating?

  • Hidden Love (2023), 
  • Ashes of Love (2018) and 
  • A Love So Beautiful (2017).

Why are Chinese dramas so popular?

  • The romantic narratives depicted in these dramas often surpass cultural boundaries, presenting universal themes of love, passion, and heartache that strike a chord with audiences in India.

Where can we watch Chinese drama?

  • Viki.

What are the three types of Chinese entertainment?

  • Chinese cinema, 
  • Chinese animation and 
  • Chinese popular music.

Where can I watch Chinese drama for free?

  • iQIYI.
  • YouTube.
  • Viki.
  • WeTv.
  • Mango TV.
  • Tencent Video.
  • Youku.
  • Bilibili.

What are the two most common types of drama?

  • Tragedy and 
  • Comedy.

What is the longest Chinese TV series?

  • In-Laws, Out-Laws.

What is another name for Chinese drama?

  • C-drama or cdrama.


So, these are the list of Top 10 Chinese Dramas 2024. You can add these to your watchlist and start binge watching these c-dramas. You will definitely love these dramas.

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