Top 10 Co-working space companies in Singapore
Top 10 Co-working space companies in Singapore

Top 10 Co-working space companies in Singapore

What could be better than doing your favorite things in the space which encourages you every moment? Yes, the Co-working space is now giving the required hype to numerous start-ups and freelancers to work effectively in a calm environment to save them from unnecessary distractions. The co-working spaces are full of amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi internet, cafeterias, private rooms, regular seminars, and mentorships.
Among the thousands of coworking spaces, we are sharing the top 10 Co-working space companies in Singapore to build a good network.

1.The Great Room:

The great room is considered as one of the best co-working space companies in Singapore due to its hospitality services. The company has more than 20 workstations across the Asia- Pacific region. The facilities offered are meeting rooms, video conferencing, high-speed Wi-Fi, weekly social networking. Moreover, whether you are an individual or a team, the great room has various membership plans to offers depending upon your requirements. 
Furthermore, the furnishing of the interiors is stylish to give a professional look with well-designed sofas and hardwood floors. You can also reserve some hours in a day to relax after a hard day’s work.


It is one of the prime co-working space companies in Singapore. The infrastructure provided to the customers is amazing which will refresh your mood to work with dedication. The major services offered by Found8 are Workshops, tea, coffee, & snacks, mentors, speaking opportunities and many more. They have four different plans depending upon the need of the clients. Their spacious and vibrant spaces are perfect for meeting rooms and events as well.  
So, whether you are a freelancer, businessman or a team looking for a professional environment to work, Found8 is suitable for everyone.

3.The working Capitol:

Founded in 2015, the working capitol is offering the co-worker spaces in Singapore at the cheapest rates compared to others. The founders of the company have converted their old biscuit factory into an innovative co-worker space with their creative thinking. The interior of the space is beautiful and located in a very convenient location. There are various membership plans and all plans include community events, unlimited Wifi, meeting rooms, Coffee & Tea, and shower facilities. 
Overall, it’s a futuristic space where all modern amenities are offered so that you can focus on work effectively.  


JustCo is the multi-city presence of coworking space companies in Singapore. Their space is designed in such a way that they will give you a feel at home. From hot desks to dedicated studios, everything is available to make your work more productive and enjoyable. Whether you are a startup, freelancer or an established company, JustCo is loaded with their modern facilities and inspiring working spaces. The shared workspace has an in-House cafe, event spaces, printing facilities, superfast WiFi, 24*7 access & security, etc. JustCo is an ideal coworking space to conduct interactive sessions, workshops, and events.

5.The hive:

The hive, one of the prominent co-working space companies in Singapore had officially started its operations in 2012. The company is now operating in 7 countries across the Asia Pacific with 21 spaces and is quite well recognized. To ensure a happy and successful working day, the Hive is delivering exceptional facilities with modern amenities such as phone booths, mailbox lockers, printers, high-speed internet, etc. Their all services packages are flexible and at best affordable rates. Just in $30 a day, you will get access to the lounge area, desks and rooftop areas for your work.


WeWork caters to freelancers, SMEs, and start-ups with the belief of combining work and play to create a relaxed and collaborative environment. The company has a team of experts to guide start-ups and helps to conduct regular workshops, seminars, and events. WeWork has all the needed facilities such as high-speed internet, comfortable furniture, printer and so much more to offer. The company provides a range of workplaces from hot desks to private offices along with all amenities. Also, flexible and customized membership plans cost-effectively ensure smoother work. 

7.Collective works:

It is one of the prime coworking space companies in Singapore. The services offered are Coffee & Tea, Wifi, Printing, Locker, etc. The culture of the Collective works has been cultivated to create the environment to inspire and help each other to move forward. The company is featured by the leading brands which include The Asian, Yahoo, Executive lifestyle, etc.   


A unique coworking space in Singapore offers a range of services and facilities to suit the needs of individual clients. Level3 aims to improve the productivity of workers by providing a great platform for collaborations. The company has three membership plans as Hot desk, Personal desk and Team suite, whether it’s one person or a team, Level3 has space for all work. The company is highly focused on bringing start-ups and corporate together to drive innovation. The best thing is that there is a huge discount opportunity for start-ups on any plan. 


Looking for space to work for just a day or long-term association, ClubCo is one of the ideal coworking space companies in Singapore. The clubCo provides an opportunity to network with like-minded people and helps to promote the business and ideas. The space is suitable for creative freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small startup companies. The cozy spaces have 24*7 accessibility, high-speed internet, private offices and many more.

10.Camelia & Co.:

Camelia & Co. is a popular coworking space in Singapore that has all the basics covered. The company has Hot desk, dedicated desks and private offices to meet the needs of each member. Apart from this, regular workshops, events, incubator events, are frequently conducted for the enrichment of the member. Further, all office equipment’s like printer, scanner, projector, microphone, Air conditioning, high-speed internet with 24*7 accessibility is available.


So, these are the top 10 co-working space companies in Singapore. These are the number of co-working spaces with a calm and inspiring environment along with free Wi-Fi and all modern amenities to work productively. All you need to do is take a tour and choose the best one to work at a relaxed workspace.



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