Top 10 Mobile App Development companies in Singapore
Top 10 Mobile App Development companies in Singapore

Top 10 Mobile App Development companies in Singapore

The era of the internet and technology is continuously demanding, where businessmen and companies are actively looking to increase their evergreen customer base. The best way to reach out to your targeted audience is via mobile applications. It does not only guarantee customer satisfaction but also serves a medium to increase the sales and profit of the company. This is where Singapore comes into the picture by being the largest hub for mobile app developers.

Among the thousands of solutions suggested by Google, we would like to share the top 10 Mobile App Development companies in Singapore who have established a reputed track record in developing and delivering high-quality mobile apps with good years of experience in the field:


The Company is one of the well-known and top mobile App Development Companies in Singapore. Being focused only on mobile app development, no one can beat their expertise and experience in the market. The company is constantly serving start-ups and various new industries with new ideas. They have a strong and passionate team of skilled developers, which provides a great advantage to their clients in terms of cost, quality, and operations. Moreover, their apps are very innovative and easy to handle with all securities. 

2.Cognitive Clouds

Cognitiveclouds is one of the largest growing mobile app development companies in Singapore. Founded in 2012, the company is working with major reputed brands which include Walmart, Yahoo, Sony, Yatra, UBS and many more. Moreover, the team working with Cognitiveclouds is innovative and dedicated to fulfilling all the needs of its customers as they want. Not only mobile development, but you can also avail the benefits of web app development, Smart TV app development, E-commerce development, etc. at the most economical charges on connecting with them.
The aim of the company to deliver the best quality services to maintain a long-term relationship with the customers and ultimately achieve their sales targets.

3.21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve Interactive is another leading web and mobile app development company in Singapore. The company is engaged in offering its services to start-ups, small business and large corporates. With their best development strategies, clients can interactively engage their target audience. To serve the best for mobile app development, 21Twelve Interactive is involved in a much revolution way of development. 
Get your stylish and interactive mobile app now with the most reliable and trusted company to solve real-world problems at the most cost-effective prices.

4.Swag Soft LLP

Swag Soft LLP is a highly professional and specialized company in Mobile app development located in Singapore. The company always believes in adding some value while discussing client plans. So, it’s good to get the best results with Swag Soft LLP’s consultancy. Considering their services, the company also offers Game development, AR & VR development and additionally develops highly polished apps to generate high leads. 
If you are looking for some extraordinary services to drive your business to the customers with an unforgettable experience, then Swag Soft LLP is one of the good choices.


Started operations in 2009, Zoliotech has distinguished itself as one of the best mobile app development companies in Singapore. Zoliotech is expert in developing mobile apps, web applications, and E-commerce apps. The best thing about the company is that you will get full guidance with complete instructions regarding your app development. From start-ups to well-developed companies, the company is producing high-end apps for their customers. 


Codigo is a mobile app and software development company, which is focused on emerging technologies. The company is a one-stop solution for your dream mobile app as they are highly skilled in customizing the app depending upon your requirements. Codigo delivers the mobile app projects from start-ups, small to large enterprises across the globe. They have dedicated mobile app developers who firstly examine the client’s needs in detail to give their best.


Fully loaded with all the latest technology and development options, Singsys is one of the most prominent mobile app development companies in Singapore. The company has been serving in the market for more than 10 years in every type of industry such as fashion, E-commerce, Beauty, Health, Education, real estate, etc. and with more than 500 brands. More than 180 enthusiast and energetic IT professional teams are 24*7 available to meet the needs of the clients. 


The Company was founded in 2010 and has vast experience than other companies. Acmex has been making their clients successful through their strategies with their experience and expertise. Their strong and highly talented developers are unbeatable in developing mobile apps. The company is engaged in web development, mobile development, Application integration, web maintenance services. Coming to the clientele, Toshiba, CLEO, Genesis, Visa, NetApp are few of the prominent clients of Acmex.


Another finest company in the list of Mobile app development in Singapore is Applify. The company is well known to give a push to your business through the world-class mobile app solutions. The mission is to provide the simplest solution through constant guidance and technology development. If you are still looking to bring your business at another level and out of the crowd, Applify services are not to be missed.

10.Ranosys Technologies:

An energetic team and a proven track record are what makes Ranosys Technologies unique. They combine interactive technologies with amazing marketing services for those who are looking to enhance their customer base through mobile apps. The company is focused on exceeding the customer’s expectations by providing innovative and friendly solutions across the industries. So, if you are looking for perfection in your mobile app, it’s time to connect with Ranosys Technologies. 


There are thousands of mobile app development companies in Singapore, of which we have compiled the list of top 10 after reviewing the customer’s experiences and other ratings. All these companies are serving at the top-notch level in terms of quality as well as cost. Moreover, they are equipped with the latest technology trends.
Now, make the prudent decision and choose the best meeting your requirements to achieve your dream mobile app.



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