Top 10 Online Dating Sites in Singapore
Top 10 Online Dating Sites in Singapore

Top 10 Online Dating Sites in Singapore

Are you from Singapore and are still single? Trying to search for new people to meet and date, but don’t know how to do that. Then let us help you by letting you understand that the best way to find new people and know each other is very easy nowadays with the help of online dating sites in Singapore.

While there are several online dating sites in Singapore and people get confused in trying to find the best option for themselves, we here in this article, are going to talk about the top 10 online dating sites in Singapore. We have reviewed these best online dating sites to help you out in finding the love of your life.

Some of these websites also have paid features to become a member and enjoy more. All you need to do is register yourself and upload the best of your photos so that other people can know you better. Your ideal match is waiting for you!!


The first and most used online dating site that is used in Singapore is Tinder. Moreover, there are several reasons because of which people use this dating site mostly, and that is, it’s easy to use this website, although if you like someone or want to connect with them, then you need to swipe left and then you’ll be able to connect with them.

Nowadays they have added a new features of super like, which means that you have liked them very much and are eagerly waiting to connect with them.


The next option in the list is Bumble, but do you know that this online dating platform in Singapore is created by the co-founder of Tinder. Here, on this platform once you like someone, you’ll get 24 hours within which you can start your conversation with that person. Moreover, if you haven’t started any conversation, then you would have to give a mutual like once again so that you can start a conversation with that person.
On this online dating platform, the women have the onus to start the conversation, thus a better way of portraying women power.


This is a kind of online dating platform in Singapore, which whenever you will pass by someone the profile of that person will pop up on your Happn ID. If you like them, then you can give them a heart with the help of which you’ll be able to begin a conversation with that person easily and take things forward.

4.Coffee Meets Bagel

There are several benefits of using this online dating site in Singapore, and that is you would be able to take advantage of various features such as Talent pool, Best line and many more.

With the talent pool feature, you would be able to show off your talent and skills to everybody on this platform. Along with that in the best line feature, you can put stories of some best lines over this platform.


There are several features that we should need in an online dating site, and with the help of this platform, you would be able to get various security features which means you would be able to see blurred profile pictures and many more such features.

Hence with the help of these features, you can make sure that no one will use your profile data for wrong purposes. Moreover, if you are searching for a secured online dating site, then this is the perfect option for you to use in Singapore.

6.Lunch Actually

Here on this online dating site, you will have to fill out a complete form with the help of which you can find out the best match for yourself. Although the basic working of this dating site is that you will be able to find the perfect match for yourself by matching the compatibility options.

Moreover, if you are trying to find a partner who must have similar likings are you have, then Lunch Actually is one of the most appropriate online dating platforms for you in Singapore.

7.The Inner Circle-

The next option in the list of top online dating sites in Singapore is The Inner Circle, and the most significant benefit of using this platform is that you can get several filters, with the help of which you can find a personalized kind of match for your partner. Once you find them, then you can get connected with them, converse with them and meet them to take things forward.

8.OK Cupid-

This is a great and exceptional online dating site in Singapore and is popularly known as The Google of Dating. Moreover, this online dating site consists of almost everything that you would need for creating a perfect one-stop for online dating. Some of those features are one-night stand and many more such things. This is the perfect website to connect with that one person you have been waiting for since long.


This is a kind of different platform because at this platform you would be able to notice that you can find the perfect match for yourself by having a look at the number of things that you both don’t like. Moreover, with the help of these disliked things, you would be able to find your soul-mate easily. So, finding your relationship or a casual one is just a click away.


This is an online dating site in Singapore for the LGBTQ community, with the help of this site they would be able to connect and hence can fix a date with each other anywhere. The idea behind the app is to connect singles of any ages and give them a feeling of companionship and love. Anyone can find the likeminded partner online to share the rest of their life.


So, if you are single and ready to mingle, we have shared the top 10 online dating sites in Singapore from which you can choose the most appropriate option for yourself. You never know you might meet your soulmate online someday. These most popular dating websites are waiting for the singles to find their long-lasting love.



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