Top 4 Digital Asset Library Softwares In 2022

Digital Asset Library Software In 2022

This post was most recently updated on April 28th, 2022

Once you have created and approved your collections of assets, it’s time to share them. Digital asset library software allows you to share them with collaborators and partners using portals, share links, embed codes, and system integrations.

All of this functionality makes your job easier. And you won’t have to keep re-uploading your assets to different sites. To make your life easier, the software will automatically organize your files and keep track of the most recent changes.

List of Softwares:


Bynder digital asset library software helps you keep track of the latest version of all your assets. Its search engine features help you find specific files quickly. Bynder lets you sort and filter assets using their meta properties, including filename, metadata, tags, text, and more. It supports previews of most file types, so you can view high-resolution Adobe files without having to download them. You can also create collections, edit content, and assign usage rights to your assets.

Bynder Feature:

Another feature of Bynder is its integration with PIM. The application lets you store product images in DAM, and then send them directly to PIM via a unique SKU number. Bynder also sends relevant product information to the images. Bynder also allows you to track how much time you spend on each project or person. This feature helps you manage and pay contractors effectively. You can also use Bynder to keep track of video assets.

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One of the key benefits of using Lucidpress is its ease of use. With its browser-based interface, this digital asset library software is incredibly intuitive to use. Moreover, thanks to its many integrations, it allows you to import content from other programs and save it in Lucidpress. This way, you can quickly and easily customize all of your marketing collateral. For more information about this product, continue reading. And to get a quick and easy start, sign up for a free account today!

With Lucidpress, users can easily design and share their visual content with clients and customers. They can design invitations, greeting cards, presentations, flyers, brochures, eBooks, and magazines.

Lucidpress is also perfect for real estate brokers, email marketers, and other professionals who need to create and distribute visual content. It also supports creating customized links and printing PDF files. It is also secure, user-friendly, and offers dedicated support.

Extensis Portfolio

With Extensis Portfolio digital asset management website, you can organize your entire library of digital assets with ease and speed. The software’s powerful features include automatic keywording, multiple galleries, folders, smart galleries, and integrated business systems. Extensis Portfolio also provides features for cataloging and categorizing digital assets, automatic workflow, font recognition, and mobile file upload. These features help you increase productivity and create an effective digital asset management strategy.

As a comprehensive digital asset management platform, Extensis Portfolio aims to help companies organize, share, and collaborate across departments. The enterprise-grade software is flexible enough to meet the needs of SMBs and enterprises alike and offers Web-based and on-premise deployment options.

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It also supports a variety of file formats, including video, audio, and images. To maximize your investment in Extensis Portfolio, download the trial version and get started.


CELUM is the most versatile content management system on the market, with the ability to manage thousands of images, videos, and documents. The software helps you organize marketing assets and product data, and adds metadata to files to create meaningful digital assets.

Top 4 Digital Asset Library Software
Digital Asset Library Software

It supports multiple languages and allows you to define metadata fields to manage and protect your content. Its features make it easy to manage your content, from identifying and categorizing content to managing access rights.

CELUM is a cloud-based enterprise digital asset management solution that helps you manage your content. Its flexible interface lets you store and organize content according to project, brand, campaign, or product. You can upload files individually or in bulk and search for them using search widgets.

It supports various file formats and feature tools to convert and extract metadata. It offers web-optimized previews for over 200 file types.