Top 5 Temp Agencies In Portland
Top 5 Temp Agencies In Portland

Top 5 Temp Agencies In Portland

If you’re seeking for a part-time job or thinking of recruiting temporary employees in Portland, then you’ve landed at the right place. Our primary goal is to connect local business with skilled local employees. We’ve compiled a list of top 5 hiring agencies in Portland after scoring them on more than 10 variables across 5 categories. So, sit back relaxed, and read through the hand-picked list of best Temp Agency Portland

What is a Temp Agency?

Temp Agencies, also known as “staffing agencies” are professional firms that partner with companies under a contract to provide them seasonal, temporary or part-time workers. These agencies might work as a general firm for different companies, offering them skilled staff or hire for a company of specific niche. 

If you’re wondering, how these agencies work? Then slide through the article and we’ll guide you to find some of the best Temp Agency Portland. 

How a Temp Agency functions? 

These agencies are similar to a regular HR Department in terms of the work they do. But the only significant difference they have, is that unlike a regular HR Department, the clients of Temp Agencies(contracting company) has no part in recruiting, firing or even in on boarding of the employees. So, if the company has to negotiate the salary, schedule or other important details of the employee, they have to come to Temp Agency. In the same way, if workers have a problem with the client company, they will report it to the Temp agency. Also, the client company cannot directly terminate the workers without coming to an agreement with Temp Agency. 

Therefore, a hiring agency or Temp Agency acts as bridge between Workers and Company.

Now, let’s have a look at 5 categories on which we’ve ranked our picks. 

  1. Reputation: We’ve analyzed the Temp Agencies on their history of customers service. 
  2. Qualification: We’ve also taken in consideration whether the Temp Agency has gained customer’s confidence by licensing, awards and accreditation or not. 
  3. Experience: This criteria examines the expertise and years of experience a firm has based on their practical approach towards situations.
  4. Professionalism: It tests the firm’s honesty towards clients and workers, also the reliability and respect they offer to them. 
  5. Availability: This particular criteria is highly prioritized, keeping in mind whether the firm is easily approachable and responsive towards it’s customer base. 

List of Top 5 Temp Agency Portland. 

Here’s is list of specialized agencies in staffing and recruiting employees from Portland metropolitan. 


SCION STAFFING is a temporary staffing agency situated in downtown Portland. They specialize in recruiting employees from Portland metropolitan. If experience is what you’re seeking in a Temp agency then this award winning firm should serve you as a right choice. SCION Staffing, as an executive search service is accustomed to placing skilled workers in core areas that start-ups, local corporations and nonprofit organizations need.  They place skilled and talented workers to various posts such as: Managers, Assistants, Executives in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Sales, IT and Creative operations. 

BeginRight Employment Service 

As a native staffing agency, BeginRight Employment Services has offices in the downtown Portland, Vancouver and Tualatin. They excel in knowing the demands of the local workforce and employers both. The firm strictly focuses on providing skilled workers for businesses and match the wide pool of talent with a tailored match job. This Temp Agency Portland, evaluates the skills of applicants and advise them job interviews accordingly.


This Portland based Agency was established back in 1994. Since then the company has excelled in providing top notch placements to talents as temporary employees in various companies. There specialization lies in recruiting talents for jobs in Hospitality, Administration, Payroll and IT sector. You can trust the firm due to it’s long reputation and bet on their partnership with American Staffing Association.  With 24/7 customer support and accessibility FLEXSTAFF remains as one of the best Temp Agency in Portland. 

Kent Employment Solutions 

This Portland based agency offers recruitment and career transition counseling to the local workforce. Kent Employment Solutions was also featured in the 2016 list of top 100 fastest growing Pvt. Ltd. They hold more than 25 years of experience in matching talents with client companies of different sectors in the Pacific Northwest. You can go then for services in sales, marketing, finance, administration and many more. 

ProSource Network

ProSource Network is a firm bridging the gap between talents and client companies while continuing to build mutually rewarding relationships with both. Based in downtown Portland, this Temp Agency specializes in finding professionals in IT, finance and administration to fit the needs of each client company. 


The companies listed above promises to genuinely care about the workforce and clients and attribute high standards of service to each individual. 



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