Top 6 Problems With Reading PDFs and Solutions by Wondershare PDFelement


Undoubtedly, PDF is among the most common formats used among people for sharing and reading documents. While most users come across PDFs on a frequent basis, we cannot overlook the fact that PDFs are not often not readable from every device. The format is highly protected and may restrict users from performing a variety of activities. Readers may be open to viewing the documents available in PDF format but cannot do several things on it. In such a situation, a PDF editor app might be a crucial requirement for users who use PDFs quite often. 

PDFelement assists users to make desirable changes to PDF documents and convert them as well. There are a variety of features available in the application that allows users to read PDFs in a more convenient manner. Let’s learn more about how PDFelement can enhance your experience of working with PDFs. 


The Main Problems With Reading PDFs

Irrespective of the fact that PDFs are being used quite widely by people in their studies, work, and other purposes as well, there are a variety of problems associated with reading PDFs, as follows:

  1. We frequently need to mark up important passages in documents while reading them for reference in the future. A requirement to export notes may also arise when reading PDFs. however, these tasks are challenging to complete with standard PDF readers. 
  1. PDF files are frequently needed to be translated into a variety of languages. However, translating PDFs in the preferred language is not possible without the availability of a professional tool. 
  1. There could be instances when two documents need to be compared. However, manual comparison of documents is neither practical nor convenient. This is another major challenge that can be overcome with the assistance of a free pdf reader and its advanced features. 
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  1. Additional modes for reading are occasionally required when users choose to access PDF documents from different devices. For instance, reading PDFs often requires the option for night mode. Similarly, in general, the one-page mode is the only option for reading PDFs, this makes flipping pages inconvenient when reading lengthy articles. 
  1. It is common for people to need to take a screenshot of the PDF because they found something quite interesting and they would like to store it or share it later. However, without the availability of the right tool, it is not possible to take screenshots in PDFs. 
  1. There could be situations when a certain piece of information needs to be discovered rapidly from a PDF. However, it could be a really daunting task to extract the exact text from numerous pages of a PDF document. One might not be able to do this without having professional tools. 

The majority of the time, editing PDFs is simple, but aspect handling still requires some extra care. With the aid of specialized Wondershare PDFelement software, these issues can be easily resolved. In this article, we will let you know about PDFelement and its wonderful features that may assist you in solving most of your issues related to reading PDFs. 

How PDFelement Solve the Problems of Reading PDFs

  1. PDF Annotation 

If you have already attempted to read PDFs through a computer, you must be aware of the annoyance you have to face when doing so. It is not always simple to browse the pages and the language is frequently small and challenging to read. Reading PDFs has never been easier thanks to PDFelement. It provides a variety of annotation styles in addition to letting you adjust the page setup and enlarge the size of the font. Users can use PDFelement to highlight key phrases, annotate the margins, as well as include their own remarks and queries. Because of this, even the trickiest PDFs are simple to read and comprehend with the help of PDFelement.  

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  1. PDF Translation 

Users may quickly get their PDF files translated into the target language within a few steps. Additionally, PDFelement 9 offers particular phrase translation, allowing you to easily search for the meanings of terms that you might not be aware of. PDFelement could be an ideal program for most students, business people, and other users who require to change language when reading PDFs. 

  1. PDF Comparison

A comprehensive PDF application with amazing features to facilitate working with PDFs is PDFelement. Among its most beneficial capabilities is the feature of comparing two documents parallelly. This is especially useful when reading lengthy documents or attempting to discover variations between documents that are similar. You may view two different PDFs in different tabs with PDFelement and make an instant comparison between the two. This feature makes it easy to identify the modifications or differences between two documents. If an individual requires to regularly examine PDFs, then they can use PDFelement because it also enables you to mark changes and include comments.

  1. Screenshot Feature 

The screenshot function of the software allows the user to capture a screenshot of the required area in the PDF. there is also the option available to annotate or pin the area on the screen. This feature could be really helpful when users wish to keep track of anything or concentrate on a particular section of the PDF. Reading PDFs can be more effective with this tool. 

  1. Larger Area of Reading and Undisturbed Immersive Reading 

Reading on PDF could be really frustrating. It is challenging to read the content on the little screen. Zooming in often leads to a loss of the page context making things more confusing. This issue is resolved by PDFelement by providing a bigger reading area. By displaying a broader view, PDFelement makes reading much simpler. The software also provides a fully immersive reading experience free from advertisements or other interruptions. 

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How HiPDF Solve the Problems of Reading PDFs

The following are the different ways in which HiPDF can solve your problems with reading PDFs:

  1. Convert from PDF

Easy conversion of your PDF document to different formats like JPG, Excel, PPT, and Word with HiPDF. A total of 15 formats are supported by this program. 

  1. Convert to PDF

You can change documents from 12 different formats into PDF files, including PPT, JPG, Excel, and Word. 

  1. Compress PDF

Reducing the PDF size is often a common requirement. This task is much easier with the compress tool available. Users can pick the desired filter and make the changes as per their choice. 

  1. Merge PDF

Easy merging of PDFs within a few clicks is possible with the advanced merge tool. 

  1. Sign PDF

You can now Sign pdf online with this wonderful tool and save time. 

  1. Organize PDF

The tool supports tasks like splitting, rearranging, and deleting PDF pages according to the preferences. 


PDFelement can be a complete solution for most issues that you might face in reading PDFs. Enhance your reading experience with PDFelement and be ready more peacefully without any interruption. Thanks to its simple UI you can now make the most out of your PDF files. 

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