Top 10 Real-Estate Websites in the USA: {Updated 2021}
Top and Best Real-Estate Websites in USA

Top and Best Real-Estate Websites in the USA: {Updated 2021}

This post was most recently updated on April 20th, 2021

Whether you wish to buy a new property or sell your old one, finding the right real estate website can be very taxing. A website that can help you compare prices and give direct access without any middleman involved is what we all desire.

The online platform provided by such websites is actually quite helpful as they help you preserve a lot of time and effort. By simply viewing options, talking to the owner etc. has now replaced all the on-foot stress involved in buying/selling any property. To help you go on with it, we have curated a list of the top and best real estate websites in the United States:

Top 10 Real-Estate Websites in the USA: {Updated 2021}



Zillow is the leading real estate website in the United States has a database of over 100 million U.S. homes. The website has all the required information about real estate that there is. Yearly, the website is being visited by more than 44 million people expanding its services all across the country. With a load timing of 1.12 seconds, it has managed to be the number one site in the United States.

The website also provides a comparative market analysis (CMA) and has managed to coin the term “Zestimate”. The term is the company’s estimated home value using a proprietary formula that further caters to all your queries before investing.

2.Briggs Freeman

briggs freeman logo

You might find your dream home right here at Briggs Freeman, the real estate website to help you find the desired property. Having a loading time of 2.26 seconds, the development company equips you with the means to connect to agents and brokers around your locality for the sale and purchase of luxurious and exclusive properties. The website is also known for showing listings of Hollywood celebrities along with its variety of options and services.



A real estate and rental search website that offers a lot of options to its users, such as the method to calculate mortgage rates and find local agents. The filters provided are extremely convenient with their school ratings, crime data, proximity to restaurants, and much more.

With an approximate website loading speed of 3.04 seconds, it offers agents, property dealers, and managers to help you seek professional guidance through the whole process. The site provides focused search options that can be customized according to your likings and are super user-friendly.



One of the oldest websites in the United States that have been in the real estate market for over twenty years. Known for its reliability and experience in the field, it is trusted by many Americans all over for being an effective platform to meet home buyers and sellers.

The website collects its information using multiple-listing services (MLSs) databases that have been compiled by real estate experts. It is really easy to locate your wants as the site uses simple search and find local agents around you sort of set up.



Known for being one of the largest commercial real estate search engines that connect buyers to properties that are commercial in nature for sale and for lease. The website offers filters for property styles, for example, office, industrial, retail among many others.

The listings also have exposure options as to how many people can view your property, like diamond, gold, and platinum having varied offers and discounts on them.



Aprtments.com has apartments, condos, and several other rentals available in the market. The site uses what is known as the “Polygon” tool that lets you set your location the map-making things easy for you.

The database is determined to find seekers for rental properties with its array of filters that give prospective renters a gander of what it would be like to live in a given particular area.



Be it a townhouse or a bungalow, Rent.com has it all. It seeks to provide the users with workable information regarding the properties along with high-definition pictures and videos to better understand what you will be investing into. The amenities filters set the website apart from the rest as it offers filters such as parking, gym, maintenance, landscaping, and much more.

The results also give you a neat layout of the property, from the floor plan to the number of units available. Prospective buyers can easily find you once you list your property on the website.

8.Apartment Guide


A divisional branch of RentPath, LLC, with headquarters in Atlanta, Apartment guide is supposed to one of the most reliable rental resources that helps its consumers find their ideal home. The site also provides users with search by apartment type options. Be it military, commercial, corporate, or luxury, the website caters to all unique wants.

The web developers have put in a lot of effort in optimizing the site with a loading speed of 1.85 seconds. The site offers an incredible experience when it comes to finding the right real estate locator.



The realtor website offers the customers to search by real estate for sale, resale, or foreclosed homes. The reason you should for the website is the list of questions and answers guide for professionals to understand your requirements.

The searches that appear on your screen will have ratings and distances from important places displayed along with it. The site also provides estimated house rates, mortgage rates, and other resources that one needs to arrive at a decision.

10.Hot Pads


A revolutionary online real estate database that has residential properties for sale and rent. They have home amenities and community filters that can help you find your desired house. Not only does it display the property details, but it also happens to let the users view the number of visitors and contacted persons over the past week. T

he registered users can have access to a personalized dashboard that saves all their listings along with their favorite ones for review and reconsideration. Hot Pads will let to view properties similar to you that are listed to compare the ongoing prices in the market as well.

Real estate websites focus on helping users search for and contact the best real estate agents within their location to fit their particular requirements. These abovementioned websites operate within a network of expert agents who operate to meet their client’s expectations and each website is ranked with over one million pages and results.

Selling or purchasing a house is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. Thus, it’s best to not select the wrong website or agent. Begin with a detailed list and search for the accurate fit for your requirements.



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