Top Beauty Brands in 2024 to Elevate Your Skincare Routine

Top Beauty Brands in 2024 to Elevate Your Skincare Routine
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Have you ever paused midway to think about the ingredients in the cosmetics you’re using on your face while applying copious amounts of skincare product in the hopes of experiencing magical results? It’s reasonable to say that, in around 70% of cases,  we honestly don’t know.

Results from repeated exposure to harmful chemicals will be entirely unexpected.  Let’s just say that consumers are now gravitating towards organic and natural skincare products for a reason.

So, if you’ve been thinking about switching to organic skincare items, we have curated a list of the best beauty brands that have natural skin care products you can add to your skincare routine.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is well-known for producing natural, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan product formulations, natural skincare products, and hair products. One of the best beauty brands in India, The Body Shop is a high-end, product-focused business that caters to all skin types and hair issues and treatments. 

The Body Shop products come in over 1,000 varieties worldwide, from nostalgia-inducing mists and perfumes to iconic and classic body butter to tea-tree-infused treatments and an extensive makeup selection. You can find the entire range at The Body Shop India. In addition to launching a campaign with millions of participants to oppose animal experimentation, The Body Shop is dedicated to making use of recycled plastic for its product packaging.

Forest Essentials

One of the top beauty brands, Forest Essentials has been selling natural, handmade, and ayurvedic items since 2000. Using natural materials and mixing them with contemporary chemistry is how Forest Essentials describes their manufacturing method. For example, coconut oil, organic ghee, gulab jamun, anar ras, and other natural, home-based ingredients are used to make lip balms and kajals. Because of its stringent no-animal-testing policy, the brand is even more environmentally friendly. 

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One of the first companies in cosmetics, Biotique, offers ayurvedic skin and hair products that are natural and entirely organic. It is well known for its natural skin care products and testing natural cosmetics products with cutting-edge biotechnology. 

Biotique doesn’t use any chemicals at all, and it doesn’t test on animals. The products offered by Biotique include everything from infant care and hair care to face washes, cleansers, exfoliators, sunscreens, and toners. 


One of the top beauty brands, Mamaearth, which began by revolutionizing the personal wellness and newborn care industries in India, is now widely praised for its all-natural, organic skincare formula.  Furthermore, Mamaearth is a firm believer in complete openness when it comes to ingredients; each product page provides comprehensive details on every step involved in creating it!

Khadi Natural

A self-sustaining company, Khadi Natural offers a wide array of natural skin care products and hair care products. The goods are created entirely locally, by hand, and under the supervision and direction of dermatologists and Ayurveda professionals. The package is aesthetically pleasing, reusable, and environmentally sustainable.

The skincare brand has a variety of face washes, scrubs, soaps, bath salts, face packs, shampoos, rose water, and essential oils available. This is essential for anybody looking to purchase premium organic goods on a tight budget.

Just Herbs

Just Herbs is an organic, chemical-free, herbal hair and skin care company. A premium company that manufactures its paraben-free, 100% natural goods using ancient Indian Ayurvedic beliefs and studies. Just herbs’ solutions address a variety of issues, such as dandruff, dry hair, hair loss, pimples, blemishes, eye bags, and sensitive skin. It adheres strictly to the no-animal-testing policy. This cosmetic and skincare brand is a must-try for its skin tints and essential oils for the body and face. 

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Plum Cosmetics makes an effort to incorporate more natural elements into their makeup. Although it is not entirely natural, it provides a low-chemical substitute. This brand has no parabens and is entirely vegan. The company sells a large selection of skin, cosmetic, and hair care items. When placing an online order, seasonal and holiday discounts are also offered. This brand’s trademark items are face gels and eyeliner. Plum cosmetics products are eco-friendly and absolutely against animal experimentation. 

Vaadi Herbals

In order to create cutting-edge goods, Vaadi Herbals began as a pharmaceutical firm that researched and used 150-year-old Indian traditional beauty treatments for the skin, face, foot, and hair. Bioactive substances are infused into these skin care brands’ products. Their products contain extracts of amla, avocado, almond, rosemary, neem, palm, papaya, rose,  kokum butter, Khas Khas, and other substances.  It does not subject its goods to animal testing, as attested by organic tests. 


SoulTree sells beauty items and high-quality cosmetics. Although the firm sells a wide range of goods, Kajals and lipsticks are its specialty. The kajal is composed of natural butter, nourishing oils, and a small quantity of eye-healthy camphor. Its production process is free of synthetic chemicals and employs ecologically friendly manufacturing practices. The items are not subjected to animal testing, and the packaging is recyclable. Shampoos, lipsticks, Kajals, hair oil, scrubs, body lotions, and other items are among the offerings. 

Organic Harvest 

Suffice it to say that when a company contains the word “organic” in its name, that label prioritizes that quality. And in the case of Organic Harvest, this is especially true. The brand’s product line solely consists of natural components that are grown from plants without the use of any dangerous chemical fertilizers.

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There are several advantages for the skin and scalp when using natural products for hair, skin, and body. Not only do they benefit you personally, but they also benefit the environment by producing less chemical waste and contaminants. There will be less animal experimentation as the demand for organic products rises. Thus, pick your cosmetics carefully!

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