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Surely, you’ll agree with us that it’s very normal for seniors to experience one or more mobility issues. The significant decrease in the ability of seniors to move properly has a lot to do with their inactivity rather than aging. When mobility issues arise, the best thing is to go for the right mobility aid products, such as walkers for seniors and bed rails for seniors.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about how to buy the best walkers and bed rails for seniors on MoovKart.

Are bed rails and walkers important for seniors?

According to health experts, bed rails and walkers are essential mobility aid products for seniors to enhance their independence and quality of life. With bed rails, it becomes pretty easy and safe for seniors to get on and off the bed. Walkers, on the other hand, provide them with much-needed support when moving from one place to another.

Both bed rails and walkers for seniors are very important. Below are a few reasons to consider them on your mobility aid list:


  • Walkers for seniors are very essential mobility aid products. They provide maximum support for users.
  • These products are often lightweight. This makes it pretty easy for elderly people to move freely from one place to another.

Bed rails

  • Repositioning in bed can sometimes be difficult for elderly people, especially those with mobility issues. This is where the need to use bed rails for seniors comes into play. With the right product, bed rails can serve as assistance for elderly people to reposition and turn easily in bed.
  • Bed rails help to limit fall risk, especially when seniors are trying to get out of bed.
  • Bed rails offer seniors additional support, especially when they try to get in or out of bed.
  • The right product can also make seniors feel more comfortable and secure.
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Factors to consider when buying bed rails for seniors

  1. Visit your healthcare provider

Before going ahead to shop for your preferred bed rail on Moovkart, it’s important to first check with your healthcare provider. The importance of this visit is to be sure what you need is a bed rail and not a walker. The right healthcare provider will have to examine you to better understand the mobility aid products you need.

  1. Types of bed rails for seniors 

Once you’re sure that a bed rail is what you need, the next thing is to understand the best option for you. Today, bed rails for seniors are available in different forms, including portable bed rails, legless bed rails, fold-down products, crossbar rails, and many more.

To pick the right product, we’ll advise that you go for bed rails with a storage pocket, such as this bed rail for seniors. This product comes with a soft hand grip for comfort and straps for your safety. In addition, it also comes with a pocket to enable you to store your items easily.

  1. Other factors

Other factors you need to consider when buying bed rails for seniors include:

  • Location and bed compatibility
  • Weight & length
  • Cost

What to consider (factors) when buying walkers for seniors

  • First, you need to check the types of walkers available. Four common types of walkers include standard walkers, two-wheeled walkers, three-wheeled walkers, and four-wheeled walkers. For people with unsteady balance, four-wheeled products aren’t the best option. Three-wheeled walkers will give you more balance even if you have an unsteady one.
  • The handle grip option is another factor to consider when buying walkers for seniors. Antimicrobial, Microfleece, Sherpa fleece and Memory foam are a few perfect options you can choose from.
  • Other factors to consider before buying your walker include adjustability, weight rating, and stability.
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MoovKart is one of the most reliable stores you can trust to find the best walkers for seniors. Apart from being affordable, these products are long-lasting and of high quality.

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