Top 10 Brand Influencers in Australia in 2024

Top 10 Brand Influencers in Australia in 2024
Top 10 Brand Influencers in Australia in 2024
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Social media influencers increasingly dictate brand marketing in the current digital landscape. Numerous talented and influential creators in Australia harness their platforms to establish connections with audiences and endorse brands: they wield significant power over consumer perceptions–a key aspect of modern business strategies. Based on their Instagram followers and engagement rates, this article introduces the top 10 brand influencers in Australia in 2024. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and industries, these influencers share a common ability: they connect with their audiences on a personal level; furthermore, they create content that is not only engaging but also informative.

If you, as a business owner, seek to partner with an influencer or harbor curiosity about the Australian influencer scene–this article caters specifically to your needs. Delve further: discover who is considered the top 10 brand influencers in Australia; moreover, probe into what precisely underpins their remarkable success.

RankInfluencer NamePlatform of Choice
1Levi NeufeldInstagram
3Aj ClementineInstagram
4Leah HaltonInstagram
5Emily SkyeInstagram
6Mishti RahmanInstagram
7Chloe TingYouTube
8Jake F I S H E RInstagram
9Zachery DereniowskiTikTok

We are now going to discuss the top 10 brand influencers in Australia in 2024 in more detail below:

1. Levi Neufeld

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Source – Instagram

A 19-year-old Australian, Levi Neufeld, distinguishes himself as a social media influencer, content creator, and model. His comedic skits and relatable content have earned him recognition. Over 1.4 million Instagram users follow Neufeld; furthermore, his engagement rate surpasses 10%.

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Instagram – 

2. Nalopia

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Source – DeviantArt

A 23-year-old Australian, Nalopia excels as a social media influencer and content creator; her expertise extends to fashion, beauty–and lifestyle topics in particular. Instagram boasts over 1.3 million followers of hers, with an impressive engagement rate exceeding 9%.

Instagram – 

3. Aj Clementine

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Source – Instagram

At 24 years old, Aj Clementine hails from Australia and thrives as a social media influencer, content creator, and photographer. Notably recognized for her compelling travel narratives and captivating fashion shoots – often set against awe-inspiring landscapes- she also curates lifestyle content that resonates with an extensive audience. Boasting more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone–a testament to the impact of her work–Clementine’s engagement rate frequently surpasses 8%: a statistic envied by many in this digital realm where numbers reign supreme.

Website – 

Instagram – 

4. Leah Halton

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Source – Instagram

A 25-year-old Australian, Leah Halton, excels as a social media influencer and content creator; her expertise spans fashion, beauty, and fitness. With an Instagram following exceeding 1.1 million–coupled with an impressive engagement rate of over 7%–Halton dominates the digital landscape in her chosen niches.

Instagram – 

5. Emily Skye

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Source – Instagram

Emily Skye, a legend among Australian influencers–boasting over 60,000 YouTube followers and 2 million on Instagram: hails from Gold Coast, Queensland. As a popular fitness model with an industry focus on health, she offers her proprietary F.I.T. program—thus promoting not just physical wellness but also body confidence—to help individuals achieve their ambitious fitness goals. She not only shares fitness content but also delves into her professional and maternal experiences – including the compelling narrative of giving birth to her son at home.

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Instagram – 

Website – 

6. Mishti Rahman


Source – Instagram

A 27-year-old Australian, Mishti Rahman distinguishes herself as a social media influencer and content creator; her expertise lies in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. Boasting over 900,000 Instagram followers–with an engagement rate surpassing 5%–Rahman commands substantial online influence.

Instagram – 

7. Chloe Ting

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Source – Chloe Ting

A 28-year-old Australian, Chloe Ting operates as a fitness YouTuber and wields significant influence on social media. Her free workout videos, garnering over 2 billion views on YouTube, have established her reputation. With more than 2.6 million followers tracking her activities on Instagram, Ting maintains an impressive engagement rate exceeding 4%.

Website – 

YouTube – 

Instagram – 

8. Jake F I S H E R

ZbcPc23Qbl361E To03iw2 wyN85WUTqm2XoS1n eRrBj1cgdJQVo9QAgHVzE6cZ9Qn0VZ NjyQ 4gD3hdO6gqpJT4r6HGYY y2T x6q8Hjf8 VKtbzdeH4 WSQTDP9ot OiFYeoOA503yW6KA70vA

Source – Instagram

At 29 years old, Jake F I S H E R actively influences Australian social media and creatively crafts content; his travel: fashion–and lifestyle specifically—stand out. With an Instagram following exceeding 800,000 individuals–notably impressive is the engagement rate of over 3% he commands.

Instagram – 

9. Zachery Dereniowski

m7k9ls6u6CX6YYJtzg6ZLCvkTDYjtoj2KlsuOFHM4aLZTuq 6u NbAkbZ9BT1XCTWM1jodmAiuVM0jhE9hBu6uSkVNTdNYVfTUYJusgmszBvFN

Source – Space Coast Daily

At 30 years old, Zachery Dereniowski stands as an influential Australian TikTok content creator; his motivational–even inspirational–videos have garnered a massive following: over 14.8 million dedicated followers. Indeed, the engagement rate he commands exceeds 15%.

Instagram – 

Website – 

10. Mocha 

NiJyVKeOhD7Zp8vCKkOrEEs8ERVnC94 6kUwFjfbBCenLaI4 BTOOaW9YV9ngOSdqZIX1pNNaBSspisMUoG7wHcKd2B8HNllMuIaU1PTtBHm1NdrVOSRfMiotwuIA vAAEm jD6kuuWVPLsIbRTDHg

Source – helloBARK!

A 31-year-old Australian Pomeranian dog, Mocha, serves as a social media influencer with her endearing and adorable videos. Her fame on TikTok transcends millions–she boasts an impressive following of over 14.2 million users; moreover, the engagement rate for each post exceeds 19%.

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Instagram – 

YouTube – 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who are the top 10 brand Influencers in Australia in 2024?

The top 10 brand influencers in Australia in 2024 аre Levi Neufeld, Nalopia, Aj Clementine, Leah Halton, Emily Skye, Mishti Rahman, Chloe Ting, Jake F I S H E R, Zachery Dereniowski, and Mocha.

Q2. What expertise do these influencers have in 2024?

In аԁԁition to their exрertise in their sрeсifiс fielԁs, these influenсers аre аlso known for their аuthentiсity, сreаtivity, аnԁ аbility to сonneсt with their аuԁienсe. They use their рlаtforms to рromote а vаriety of рroԁuсts аnԁ serviсes, but they аlwаys ԁo so in а wаy thаt is genuine аnԁ relаtаble.

Q3. Whаt аre the ԁifferent wаys through whiсh these influenсers reасh the mаsses with their iԁeаs?

These influenсers utilize soсiаl meԁiа рlаtforms suсh аs YouTube, Instаgrаm, аnԁ Twitter to reасh the mаsses. When they work with brands, the brands also get them visibility apart from their own social media efforts. Some of them also work in web series and TV shows.

Q4. Is it good advice to follow the methods given by these influencers?

Whether or not it is gooԁ аԁviсe to follow the methoԁs given by influenсers ԁeрenԁs on the influenсer’s exрertise, the sрeсifiс methoԁs being reсommenԁeԁ, аnԁ your own inԁiviԁuаl сirсumstаnсes.

Q5. How are these influencers influencing the nation?

These influencers are influencing the nation by promotion of products and services, inspiration and motivations, and by their opinions on topics of interest to the masses.


In 2024, the top 10 brand influencers in Australia in 2024 have actively harnessed their platforms to connect with audiences and promote brands. Stemming from various backgrounds and industries, these influencers share an exceptional ability: they establish personal connections with their viewership–a skill that enables them to craft content that is concurrently engaging yet informative. As a business owner seeking a partnership with an Australian influencer, ensure your research is thorough and select someone who aligns precisely not only in terms of brand values but also with the target audience. The ideal influencer alliance empowers you to penetrate new customer segments; it amplifies brand awareness – ultimately propelling sales.

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