Top Logistics Companies In India & How To Choose One

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India – the country with the second-largest population in the world and a $3.53 trillion economy, has a lot to offer businesses. With the increasing number of logistics companies in India and the logistics industry expected to cross at least $320 billion by 2025, growth opportunities are plenty.

With many choices comes the burden of picking the right logistics company for one’s business. Choosing the perfect logistics company is hardly one size fits all, and with new players entering the market every day, it gets increasingly complicated.

Selecting a logistics partner that understands your requirements and molds according to your specifications is essential, complementing your business. While a good logistics partner will give you efficient service, a great one will curb your operating costs, improve supply chain efficiency, and improve your overall experience.

Out of all top logistics companies in India, how can a business choose a suitable partner to thrive in the market? Here are a few things businesses need to watch out for while picking a logistics company:

Logistics Capabilities

Businesses need to check the logistics company’s resources, organizational processes, storage, warehousing, and material handling before they zero in on any choice. A quick look at their competencies, transportation, information, and control can reveal essential details crucial for decision-making.

Focus On Customer Experience

In an ever-demanding eCommerce-driven world, focusing on customer experience can be the make-or-break strategy. Logistics companies in India emphasize putting the customer first, but that is seldom the case. A Forbes report stated that while 80% of companies believe they provide an excellent customer experience, only 8% of customers believe they receive the same from the companies.

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Adoption Of Technology

The logistics company of your choice must have the right technology to handle your business requirements and keep up with you as you scale. There must be a bridge between what the company is offering and your business requirements. The eCommerce shipping software should be easy to integrate and use.

Safety & Security

We kept the most critical feature for the last. Make sure the logistics company of your choice has proper contingency measures in case of emergency or safety issues. Check out their insurance claims and security measures. Talk to fellow businesses to find out the ground-level realities of these contingencies before deciding on a logistics company.

Now you know what to look for when choosing a logistics solutions for your business. While these are not the only criteria, it is an excellent place to start.

Here are some of the top logistics companies in India that allow businesses to scale and reach customers across the country.

Blue Dart

Blue Dart is a household name in South Asia’s logistics solutions. They are known for their express delivery services via air and provide reliable delivery to over 35,000 locations in India. They have the most comprehensive logistics network worldwide and various distribution services, including air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, and customs clearance. They have employed state-of-the-art technology to optimize supply chain management for eCommerce businesses. Blue Dart offers various web-based tools and standalone tools to make your eCommerce shipping faster and much more advanced.


Delhivery is a multi-faceted logistics provider with a good track record of fulfilling orders on time and efficiently. They are one of India’s leading supply chain services companies that provide technical infrastructure and logistics operations to eCommerce businesses. They currently serve around 18,000 pin codes in the country and provide services like express delivery, on-demand delivery, same-day delivery, cash-on-delivery services, returns management, etc.

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DTDC has been providing its services in over 10,800 pin codes all over the country.  Originating from India, they have expanded to over 240 other countries and union territories. They offer timely deliveries and services like COD, bulk shipping, heavyweight shipping, and express delivery. DTDC has inter-state and intra-city delivery options for enterprises to maximize their shipment reach. Some of the salient features of DTDC include a location finder, SMS & e-Tracker, packaging solutions, shipments as per volumetric weight, price & time finder, and interstate & international paperwork services.


Xpressbees offers B2C, B2B, 3PL, and cross-border logistics solutions. It also provides companies with an on-time reverse order pickup service where they collect return orders from the buyer’s doorstep and bring them back. Their service is exemplary, and they carry out return shipments seamlessly without any hassles. Not just this, they provide these services at nominal rates and make return shipments an easier task for businesses. With a capacity to handle 3 million+ daily shipments and an extensive network across 2500+ cities, it is one of the top logistics companies in India.  


Picking a logistics company for an eCommerce business is one of the most challenging decisions business owners must make. The key to choosing the right company depends on the requirements of every company, delivery rate, and budget. Finding a solution can get a little tricky.

With plenty of logistics companies in India to choose from, look for their specific advantages, offerings, and price ranges. Your decision to select a company should be based on analyzing the business structures of courier companies and considering the factors mentioned above.

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