Top 10 Proptech Companies in India in 2024

Top 10 Proptech Companies in India in 2024 image source: Linkedin
Top 10 Proptech Companies in India in 2024
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The term “proptech” combines the phrases “assets” and “technology.” It describes how many methods inside the actual property zone are progressed, streamlined, and innovated through using technology. Proptech companies utilize superior technical tools, statistics analytics, synthetic intelligence, and digital technology to decorate the actual property enterprise’s condominium, income, and control procedures.

Online property listings, virtual excursions, clever residence answers, assets management software program, crowdfunding structures for actual property funding, and plenty of more technologies and packages are all protected in the huge category of proptech. Proptech goals to improve the actual property industry’s accessibility, efficiency, and transparency while adapting to the changing demands of renters, landlords, and assets customers.

Proptech companies use technology to convert the actual estate industry and provide a number of benefits. These agencies dispose of conventional barriers like brokerage fees and provide efficiency and transparency to real property transactions. The assets search revel in is progressed with virtual excursions, AI-powered suggestions, and different current technology that adapt to converting client possibilities.

Rental-focused proptech structures streamline techniques for landlords and tenants alike, fostering ease and adaptability. Certain companies provide facts-pushed insights that allow clients to make nicely-knowledgeable decisions at the same time as purchasing actual property. Furthermore, proptech expands into nearby markets, increasing the accessibility of real estate services for a variety of demographics.

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Developers who integrate era enhance the client revel in universal with the aid of including options like smart home solutions and virtual previews. When proptech businesses get collectively, they remodel the real property marketplace, making it more adaptable, person-friendly, and in line with cutting-edge needs.Predicting the pinnacle 10 Proptech groups in India for 2024 is hard, because the panorama is constantly evolving with new startups rising and mounted gamers adapting and innovating. Here are the companies which might be expected to grow in the destiny times and become the top 10.

The Top 10 Proptech Companies in India in 2024 are:


NoBroker Rent Payment feature – Review – CardExpert
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Prominent proptech startup NoBroker has revolutionized the Indian real estate market with top notch achievements. The firm became began in 2013 with the intention of presenting a transparent and inexpensive alternative to traditional real estate dealers for property transactions.

Through its platform, NoBroker removes the need for middlemen brokerage prices by means of connecting belongings owners with potential renters or clients. The enterprise has elevated quickly as a result of its reputation for openness, massive assets listings, and consumer-pleasant design.

NoBroker streamlines the assets seek procedure by matching assets seekers with relevant listings via the use of modern-day generation like synthetic intelligence. The portal has introduced industrial residences to its listing of services over the years, similarly to residential real property.

 NoBroker’s dominance in the proptech industry is confirmed with the aid of the size of its person base and the amount of cash it has raised from buyers. The enterprise continues developing with new ideas and solutions to satisfy the converting demands of customers and sellers in the competitive Indian actual estate industry.


Rental housing startup Nestaway to focus more on tier-2 cities | Mint
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Since its founding in 2015, Nestaway has grown to emerge as one of India’s top proptech structures, focusing in hassle-free and bendy condo options. Nestaway presents managed residences and co-residing spaces, catering to young professionals and college students, and streamlines the renting process through generation-driven operations.

By designing shared residing areas that encourage a sense of connection amongst population, the organization specializes in network development. The platform from Nestaway streamlines the leasing manner by means of presenting on line lease price, help with upkeep, and belongings management offerings. The enterprise’s determination to improving the renting revel in by tackling issues like excessive prematurely prices and tough assets maintenance has helped it gain reputation.

Nestaway is a outstanding player inside the proptech area due to its attention on the usage of technology to manage homes correctly and its dedication to network-centric dwelling,catering to the evolving preferences of the younger demographic in India’s condominium market.

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Established as a department of Elara Technologies, PropTiger.Com is a well-known Indian real property platform this is essential to the proptech industry. Established in 2011, PropTiger.Com gives developers and brokers complete assets listings, statistics analytics, and advertising solutions.

The platform’s essential goal is to leverage technology to offer users a smooth and informed actual property shopping enjoy. The organisation’s purchase by means of Elara Technologies, which further solidified its role within the on line real property enterprise, is one noteworthy milestone in its trajectory.

PropTiger.Com is distinguished with the aid of its dedication to presenting particular and modern information on marketplace dynamics, price, and assets developments. The platform makes use of information analytics to provide customers with insightful data that enables them make smart choices. Its offerings move past best selling actual property; it also gives developers virtual advertising and marketing answers, which facilitates to create a more streamlined and powerful real property marketplace.

PropTiger.Com is positioned as a first-rate player in India’s proptech area, permitting less complicated assets transactions and improving the entire experience for both buyers and dealers way to its generation improvements and long-standing presence within the industry. | Gurugram
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An outstanding real estate portal in India, Housing.Com is renowned for taking an ingenious technique to the transaction and property seek processes. Since its launch in 2012, the platform has constantly evolved to meet the wishes of the marketplace and keep up with generation. Housing.Com offers a massive database of residential and industrial listings, catering to a huge spectrum of property hunters.

Housing.Com is specific due to its willpower to imparting an easy-to-use interface with tools like 3D walkthroughs and digital excursions, which let potential renters and consumers see homes from a distance. The cellular-first strategy of the web site ensures accessibility and allows customers to search for houses even as on the move. Housing.Com has developed strategic alliances and partnerships to enlarge its offerings all through time, solidifying its function because the pass-to supply for those seeking out real property in a lot of marketplace niches.

The enterprise’s persistence in a competitive enterprise may be attributed to its emphasis on integrating era into the actual property method and its interest to the customer enjoy. Housing.Com is still a key player within the proptech area, assisting to form the actual property marketplace in India via providing creative answers and selling an knowledgeable and powerful real estate transaction system..


Magicbricks Takes on The Latest Technology To Conquer The Market
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As one of the top actual property websites, Magicbricks is a famous participant in the Indian actual property zone. Magicbricks became based in 2006 and has constantly stored up with generation developments to offer a feature-wealthy and intuitive platform for shoppers, sellers, and real estate retailers.

Magicbricks stands proud for its constant innovation in the usage of era to enhance the actual estate search system. The platform uses synthetic intelligence (AI) to signify houses primarily based on user interests, making the hunt experience more tailor-made to every character. Furthermore, Magicbricks has brought talents like virtual reality belongings tours, which permit customers without a doubt visit houses and get a sense of the area.

With an extensive attain and brand reputation, Magicbricks stays a considerable participant in the proptech region. The platform’s commitment to adopting modern-day technology and presenting precious tools for belongings transactions positions it as a move-to destination for people and businesses involved in real property. As the proptech landscape evolves, Magicbricks keeps to play a pivotal function in shaping the destiny of the actual estate enterprise in India.


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Renowned proptech startup Livspace has made a name for itself within the Indian industry by using specializing in furniture and interior design. Livspace, a employer founded in 2014, desires to revolutionize houses via supplying a unbroken, technologically superior platform for indoors design and fixtures purchases.

The commercial enterprise capabilities as an online market that hyperlinks furniture and indoors design agencies with homeowners. Livspace provides a number of services, starting from fixtures delivery and installation to the three-D illustration of layout standards. The portal shall we users browse thru a cautiously decided on variety of styles, subject matters, and furniture alternatives, in response to the rising preference for easy and stylish home renovations.

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With using Livspace’s on-line platform, homeowners and architects may collaborate to create particular interior designs for their houses. Livspace stands out for its use of era into the interior layout system, which makes it a pinnacle alternative for individuals seeking out contemporary and technologically advanced domestic answers.

Livspace is a primary participant in the proptech industry, assembly the changing needs of owners and supporting to alternate the indoors design and home furnishing scene in India because it develops and broadens its product offerings.

Square Yards:

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One prominent proptech participant within the actual property and belongings technology area is Square Yards. Since its founding in 2013, Square Yards has advanced into a complete platform that gives a whole lot of offerings connected to investments and actual estate transactions.

The agency offers a one-prevent save for humans and agencies inquisitive about actual property, focusing on assets brokerage, mission advertising, and valuation. Square Yards stands aside because of its awareness on generation-enabled transactions and information-driven insights. The platform makes use of statistics analytics to offer insightful marketplace analysis, assisting users in making properly-knowledgeable decisions on the purchase, sale, or investment of real property.

The generation-driven approach of Square Yards is meditated in its consumer interface, which improves the performance and transparency of real estate transactions. The platform offers a wide form of actual property alternatives and funding possibilities to fulfill the desires of both the residential and business real estate markets.

Square Yards, a proptech player, has placed itself as an enabler of tech-savvy and easy real property transactions. Its importance and effect in India’s dynamic real property area are attributed to its innovation-targeted technique and incorporation of data analytics.


PropEquity | LinkedIn
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One distinguished proptech commercial enterprise that works inside the actual estate funding market and provides traders with creative answers is called PropEquity. Established in 2007, PropEquity has become well-known for its distinct method of democratizing get entry to to ownership of commercial real estate.

The employer offers a much broader spectrum of people the danger to engage in actual property investing by allowing investors to buy commercial buildings fractionally. A wider range of investors may additionally now greater effortlessly input business real estate way to the fractional possession model, which removes a number of the industry’s traditional front obstacles.

The facts-pushed insights presented by way of PropEquity’s platform permit traders to make properly-informed selections on their real property investments. The corporation’s emphasis on generation-enabled transactions and transparency appeals to an increasing institution of investors seeking out new and inclusive methods to take part inside the actual estate market.

PropEquity’s consciousness on fractional possession and dedication to utilising era and facts help it preserve its function as a enormous participant inside the Indian actual estate funding market as proptech develops. The organization is important in changing the way humans engage with and invest in business actual property.

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A official and well-known proptech platform that serves as an Indian actual estate market is 99acres.Com. Since its launch in 2005, 99acres.Com has considerably changed how purchasers look for and interact with real estate.

The website focuses in real estate listings and offers a large database of both residential and business properties positioned in exclusive Indian cities. 99acres.Com stands apart because of its emphasis on local markets and utilization of vernacular languages to appeal to a extensive range of customers.

By presenting assets and offerings that streamline the assets search process, 99acres.Com connects buyers, sellers, and actual property dealers. In addition, the platform offers beneficial marketplace traits, facts, and insights to help users in making well-knowledgeable selections on the purchase, sale, or condo of actual property.

With its widespread listings, easy-to-use format, and large audience, 99acres.Com is still a chief participant inside the proptech industry. The platform’s persistence in importance in India’s dynamic actual property industry can be attributed to its willpower to catering to the needs of clients from various language and nearby backgrounds.

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House of Hiranandani:

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image source: House of Hiranandani

Prosperous Indian actual estate developer House of Hiranandani has followed proptech to improve the home-buying method. The organization changed into founded as a department of the Hiranandani Group and has a reputation for producing notable industrial and home buildings. By utilizing present day generation, House of Hiranandani has prominent itself and given customers a contemporary and clean experience.

Through the combination of clever domestic answers, augmented fact belongings previews, and virtual excursions into its initiatives, the commercial enterprise has embraced proptech. Before finding out to shop for, searching for what you offer might use these generation elements to definitely walkthrough houses and conduct faraway explorations. By the usage of augmented truth, locations can be visible greater effectively, making the experience greater engaging and dynamic.

The usage of era and innovation by means of House of Hiranandani is a reflection of its dedication to staying beforehand of enterprise developments and fulfilling the desires of tech-savvy homeowners. By using proptech answers, the enterprise distinguishes itself in India’s cutthroat luxurious real property market even as additionally enhancing the consumer experience.


1. First, what’s proptech?

 Proptech, an acronym for assets technology, is the application of generation to increase and enhance various real property business approaches. This covers things like seeking out real estate, shopping for and selling, managing, and investing.

2. How do users make the most of proptech companies?

The goals of proptech corporations are to improve the real estate industry’s efficiency, ease, and transparency. Simplified procedures, economic financial savings, and greater availability of property-related data and services are superb to users.

3. What are the most often applied technologies in proptech?

Proptech organizations utilize an array of technologies, such as blockchain, records analytics, augmented fact, digital truth, and cell programs, to decorate and pioneer real property tactics.

4. How are brokerage charges eliminated by using NoBroker?

By getting rid of the need for conventional middlemen and setting belongings owners in direct contact with prospective renters or purchasers via its internet platform, NoBroker reduces brokerage charges.

5. How vital are virtual tours in proptech?

Proptech virtual tours allow purchasers to without a doubt and realistically observe residences from a distance. For those seeking out actual property who would need to study homes with out physically visiting them, this function is quite useful.

6. How does Nestaway foster a feeling of camaraderie in its shared dwelling areas?

By cautiously choosing co-dwelling regions and flats wherein human beings can also have interaction, Nestaway promotes network constructing. Tenants are advocated to have a sense of community and to proportion stories together thru the platform.

7. How can data-driven insights fit into proptech?

Proptech’s facts-driven insights provide useful facts on pricing, marketplace developments, and property-related facts to assist clients in making properly-knowledgeable selections. This makes the real property surroundings extra informed and transparent.

8. How do proptech organizations help to make real estate investing extra available?

By allowing buyers to fractionally own commercial buildings, certain proptech groups, consisting of PropEquity, assist democratize real estate investing by means of starting up the market to a much broader range of humans.

9. How do nearby and linguistic range problems are treated by way of proptech platforms?

By targeting regional markets and offering services in vernacular languages, proptech structures like 99acres.Com address linguistic and regional variety and boom the accessibility of real property statistics and offerings for a whole lot of demographics.

10. How do companies like House of Hiranandani include era into their opulent real property offerings?

In order to enhance the entire residence-buying revel in, companies like House of Hiranandani contain technology into luxury actual estate by providing features like digital excursions, augmented reality property previews, and smart domestic address linguistic and regional diversity and increase the accessibility of real estate information and services for a variety of demographics.


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