Top things to do in Roatan

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From ziplining to deep sea fishing to exploring the archipelago of Cayos Cochinos, Roatan is a playground for lovers of water sports. A hundred things to do in Roatan will interest people of every generation. Roatan offers tourist Herat-pumping adventures like reef diving and sipping a sunset cocktail by the beach. Exploring the botanical gardens and the beaches on horseback is an experience one must take in his life for once, at least. 

Roatan is home to white sandy beaches, a unique and diverse reef system, amazing tropical jungle-covered hills, unique cultures, and heartwarming people. If you plan to vacation, Roatan is one of the best places to do so, as it offers several activities to its tourists who can spend quality time with their families on this beautiful Island. 

List of some amazing things to do in Roatan include:

Roatan snorkeling excursion

Snorkeling in Roatan is a fantastic experience to undergo. You will see the amazing sea life and corals in less than 11 feet of crystal Caribbean water. You will likely find a vast marine life, barracuda, nurse shark, spotted eagle rays, southern stingray, spotted moray eels, and much more. You will be assisted by our top guides, who, with their experienced eyes, will show you several things you may not be able to see on your own. The reef in Roatan is vibrant so you can see conch, parrot fish, queen angelfish, flamingo tongue, blennies, sea stars, and much more. So, Snorkelling is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Roatan as apart from that, you will get a chance to see the Roatan Chocolate factory and run the factory. 

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Scuba diving excursion in Roatan

If you want to discover the incredible world underwater, then scuba diving in Roatan is one of the best experiences that one should undertake. It offers outstanding dive sites to its tourists that are accessible throughout the year. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced scuba diver, you can still undergo this life changing experience with our diving instructors. You don’t need any skills for scuba diving at Roatan, but all you’ll be guided will be about the dive crash you will take before going to the ocean. You will get a chance to witness the beauty of underwater creatures like turtles, the school of fish, and the wrecks. 

Horseback riding and glass bottom boat tour at Roatan

If you are afraid of jumping into the water but still want to see the life of underwater creatures, then a glass-bottom boat experience is a must. It is a 45-60 minute ride in which you’ll be able to see marine life very closely. Along with it, you can enjoy horse riding at Roatan. The best instructors will guide you along the ride through the jungle. Here you can witness the beauty of the Roatan jungle and feel close to nature.  

ATV adventure at Roatan

One of the most famous shore excursions available on the Island is the ATV Roatan jungle adventure. Those people who love outdoor activities will surely fall for this jungle tour. You will be able to drive your own ATV through the jungle along with your friends or family. This thrilling ride will help you explore this adventurous tour’s fantastic, naturally preserved wildlife and wilderness. 

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Zipline fun at Roatan

Another best thing to do in Roatan is flying high on the zipline. Whether you are interested in sightseeing or just an adrenaline rush, Roatan offers its tourists some fantastic aerial views you don’t want to miss. You can soar through the lush green forest of Roatan, doing turns, flips, and superman moves on this zipline. 

Mangrove Tour and snorkeling 

Mangrove Tour is a must for those interested in learning about Roatan history and its ecosystem. You will experience the fauna and flora in the wildlife park in Honduras. After enjoying a beautiful drive to the east of Roatan island, you will drive through mangroves and get to snorkel in the swimming hole. You will visit the Mangrove tunnels passing through a small Caribbean fishing village on your way, where you’ll feel closer to the history of the Island. 

Mayan Reef diving

If you are an expert diver, seeing Mayan Reef or Mesoamerican is a must. It is an epic adventure only for the experts who will have the opportunity to see these colorful reefs along with the marine life. The unique species of eels, octopus, snails, lobsters, crabs and a massive variety of multicolor fish can also be seen here.

Cultural and Community experience

Roatan is one of the best tourist destinations because of its rich art and culture. The Roatan community’s most significant characteristic is their benevolent cheerfulness and spontaneity to free friendship to all visitors. The women of the Island cook unique dishes along with culinary art. By visiting Roatan, you’ll be able to closely see the beauty of the culture and art of these people. 

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Roatan sloth excursion

If you are an animal lover, you will love to undertake this excursion. Along with snorkeling and ATV ride tours, you can also enjoy meeting these slow, lovely creatures. There are several sanctuaries at Roatan where you can find a variety of monkeys, sloths, and parrots like macaws, etc., so make the fullest of your trip by visiting the sanctuary where animals are loved and cared for.

Roatan Island has been an attraction for tourists for a long time now. The diverse culture and art attract people from around the world to Roatan. Scuba diving, reef diving, snorkeling, Roatan jeep, and ATV tours are all you need for the upcoming vacations. So don’t just sit wondering where to head next for your trip. Make your time worth it by visiting this heaven on earth.

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