Transfer Options from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia Port

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To travel to the civitavecchia port to fiumicino airportyou can choose between two transport options, train or taxi. The cheapest, at €13 per ticket, is the TRAIN. Please note that there is no direct train connecting Fiumicino airport with Civitavecchia. The most comfortable option to travel to Civitavecchia from Fiumicino airport is the TAXI. They charge a flat fee of €120 for this journey.

How to get to Civitavecchia by taxi from Fiumicino airport

The most comfortable way to get to Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal from Fiumicino Airport is by taxi. Since 2012, a fixed rate of €120 has been established for journeys between these two points. They are separated by a distance of 60 km and it takes 45 minutes to arrive.

Taxi fare from Fiumicino airport to Civitavecchia

The cost of the journey between Fiumicino airport and Civitavecchia port is a flat rate of €120. Tips are not included in the price; 10% of the total is usually given.

Where do they come from?

You can easily find the taxi rank in arrival terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5. Please note that during rush hour you may have to queue.


Once you land at Fiumicino airport, the last thing you want to do is worry about getting to the station in time to catch your train. If you take a taxi you can relax and start your vacation earlier. The advantage is that taxis are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter when you land, there will always be one available.

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How to get to Civitavecchia by train from Fiumicino Airport

There is the possibility of reaching Civitavecchia by train, but you will need to change. You have to take the FL1 train at the station located outside Terminal 3, get off at Rome Trastevere station and change to the FL5 line towards Civitavecchia port.

The ticket costs €12.60 per person and it takes about two hours to get to the train station from the cruise terminal.

How much does the train cost between Fiumicino airport and Civitavecchia?

A one-way ticket from Fiumicino airport to Rome’s Trastevere district costs €8 and €4.60 from Trastevere to Civitavecchia port. The total cost of the trip is €12.60.

Where do they come from?

The train station is outside Terminal 3. If you arrive at Terminals 1, 2 or 5, you will have to walk or take the shuttle bus to get to Terminal 3.


Unfortunately, there is no direct bus from Fiumicino airport to Civitavecchia port. You have to change at the station in the Roman neighborhood of Trastevere. This will add time to your trip and more difficulty in carrying your luggage.

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