Travel Tips to Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Travel Tips to Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
Travel Tips to Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Some Las Vegas hotels cater to the common man. They have rooms that are somewhat spartan, but reasonably priced, the minimum bets in the casino are within reach of visitors of modest means, and guests can bring home an array of souvenirs without taking out a second mortgage. Wynn Las Vegas is none of the above.

Las Vegas Vacations at Wynn Las Vegas

The property has more than 2700 rooms, a casino the size of 7 NHL hockey rinks, and a price tag of a cool $2.7 million. What kind of casino/hotel can that much cash buy? In the case of Wynn Las Vegas, it bought a hotel that is considered one of the most spectacular in the world.

Most Las Vegas hotels provide their guests with a nice room, a casino similar to what Online Casinos in Canada provide, several dining establishments, some shopping opportunities, and some incredible Las Vegas shows. Wynn Las Vegas accomplishes all of these things, and does so with a decidedly upscale theme. It’s only money.

Wynn Las Vegas Shopping Attractions

For some guests, a Las Vegas vacation means more than just a few trips to the casino. Wynn Las Vegas has graciously considered the needs of these guests. Here are some of the shopping opportunities available at this Las Vegas hotel:

  • Black Satin Intimates – Intimate apparel and accessories by designers from near and far.
  • Cartier – Expertly crafted jewelry, watches, etc. No mood rings here.
  • Dior – Women’s leather goods, shoes and accessories. Located along Wynn Esplanade.
  • Penske Wynn – Life is full of tough choices: Ferrari or Maserati….Maserati or Ferrari….Ferrari or….
  • Wynn & Co. Watches – No matter where Mickey’s hands are pointing, it’s always time for a new Rolex.

Wining and Dining at Wynn Las Vegas

Las Vegas vacations are hungry work, and Wynn Las Vegas has more than 15 different places to seek nourishment. From Alex (French/Gourmet cuisine) to Zoozacrackers (Deli/Sandwiches), a wide variety of dining options are never far away. Most Las Vegas hotels, such as Caesars Palace, offer a buffet, and at Wynn Las Vegas, The Buffet features 16 live-action exhibition cooking stations and a Saturday/Sunday champagne brunch.

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The perfect way to end the evening during a Las Vegas vacation might include a nightcap at a nearby bar, and Wynn Las Vegas has thought of that, too. The bar/nightclub scene is jumping at the Wynn, and there are plenty of ways to wet one’s whistle. XS Nightclub offers a cocktail called Ono. This drink features champagne and cognac, and comes with a pair of cuff links for him and a chain/pendant for her. Enjoy in moderation-they cost &10,000 a pop. At least they named in right.

So, if it’s time to splurge on a Las Vegas vacation at one of the nicest properties in town, Wynn Las Vegas will do it’s best to satisfy their guests every need. But, before ordering a round for the house, find out what they’re drinking.

Best Las Vegas Buffets

Las Vegas is widely known as the epicenter for buffets in the world. The problem is that there are countless buffets in the city, all with perks and highlights that are made to draw in diners. To help potential visitors to Las Vegas, here is a small list of exceptional Las Vegas buffets and what to expect.

The Best Expensive Las Vegas Buffet

Hands down the best buffet in Las Vegas is found at the Wynn. While it is the best in food quality, station options, and atmosphere, get ready to pay for the French benefits. The Wynn Buffet is the most expensive buffet in the city with the dinner buffet running close to $40. What sets the Wynn apart is options, not just quality. The buffet at the Bellagio offers the same quality, but the diversity in food is what sets the Wynn apart from all others.

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The Wynn offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a very pricey Saturday and Sunday brunch. They offer Kobe meatballs, sushi, fresh fruits, and various world foods from Chinese to Southern-style barbecue. The options are difficult to describe given the sheer variety offered. Another major feature of the Wynn Buffet that separates itself from the competition is the table arrangements.

Table arrangements might seem insignificant, but when literally hundreds of fellow diners are having avid conversations the noise can be stifling. The Wynn has designed various small rooms where the massive sounds from other diners are sectioned off, limiting disturbances and a better dining experience. Hands down the Wynn Buffet is the best.

The Best Moderately Priced Las Vegas Buffet

The best buffet in Las Vegas for a moderate price is located at the Treasure Island. The Buffet at TI offers stations from all around the world. From Italian to barbecue to several Asian inspired stations, The Buffet at TI offers a solid selection with more than adequate taste. This all comes at a price a third less than the cost of the Wynn buffet. While the atmosphere makes the diner feel comfortable and relaxed it is the price that pulls it all together.

Other resorts such as the Mirage and the newly renovated Luxor MORE buffet offer similar features and quality of food as the Buffet at TI, but what sets TI over every other moderately priced buffet is that its atmosphere and selection match the price better. This isn’t to say the Luxor or Mirage buffets aren’t good buffets, because they are, but TI just has the high price feel without the debilitating check at the end.

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The Best Inexpensive Las Vegas Buffet

The best Las Vegas buffet that is easy on the wallet is at the Orleans French Market Buffet. By far the cheapest of all three buffets in this list it offers prices that maxes out well below $20 for the Friday night seafood buffet. The Orleans French Market also offers choices from around the world, but not at the grand quality of the Buffet at TI or at the Wynn.

The atmosphere is very plain with basic chairs and tables in a wide open dining area, but this must be expected when the bill comes. The food is still above average and no member of the family should have trouble finding something to eat. What also makes the Orleans buffet cheap is the fact it is found off the Las Vegas Strip. This fact about geography applies to almost every restaurant and buffet in Las Vegas. Being on the Strip immediately raises the price of everything, but off Strip buffets offer pocket book friendly options off the beaten path.

One thing to consider before committing to any buffet or restaurant is that most hotels offer their guests food and drink credits to apply to their room in order to keep them in the hotel and casino. This option will naturally cause a change in plans. Proximity and price changes will affect buffet choice. The Las Vegas Strip is long and in the extreme heat or at the end of long day the last thing anyone wants to do is make the trek to another hotel for its buffet. But if food is of the utmost importance, the buffets at the Wynn, Treasure Island, and the Orleans hotels are excellent establishments that should stand up.