Trending Carpet Cleaning Methods In 2022

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The new year brings along new beginnings. With all that is new going around us in 2022, we have brought to you some of the trending carpet cleaning methods. Well, carpet cleaning is crucial to keep your house in good condition. Carpets go through a lot of wear and tear due to regular usage. This new year, keep your carpets clean and fresh with the help of modern techniques and methods. We have conducted a survey on various carpet cleaning company that were popular among our clients in 2021, and based on the research, we have come up with the best methods for effective carpet cleaning. Read this blog, to know the most trending carpet cleaning methods of this year.

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  • Foam encapsulation- In this method, synthetic detergent is used as a basic component, that converts itself into a powder form upon drying. While cleaning, the dirt particles present in the fibres of the carpet will be confined into this powder when the cleaning foam gets dried up. After this, the carpet will be vacuumed or dusted with a broom. This method is one of the top trending methods as it uses less water for cleaning and less time for drying. People have started adapting foam encapsulation as it leaves a less chemical residue as compared to other techniques. Hence, foam encapsulation is also considered as an commom carpet cleaning method
  • Hot water extraction- Hot water extraction is commonly known as steam carpet cleaning. Our customers swear by this method of carpet cleaning. High pressured hot water is used to agitate the carpet fibres and dissolve the dust in the carpet. It involves the application of a cleaning agent on the surface of the carpet and agitation with a brush. Then the carpet is rinsed thoroughly. Generally, it takes about 2-3 hours cleaning your carpets by this method. 
  • Bonnet cleaning- This is one of the most popular methods for surface cleaning of carpets. It involves cleaning the surface of the carpet fibres using a motorised machine. It contains a pad that is completely dissolved in a cleaning solution such that it pulls all the dirt from the surface of the carpet. Bonnet cleaning is most popularly used in hotels as it gives a quick solution for carpet cleaning in frequently crowded areas. Public areas require carpets to be cleaned without using much water and they also need to dry quickly to avoid the inconvenience of the guests that come to the hotel. Therefore, in such situations professionals prefer bonneting. Thus, bonnet cleaning is one of the trending methods for outdoor carpet cleaning. 
  • Dry cleaning- Dry cleaning, also known as compound cleaning is one of the latest cleaning technologies that has gained a lot of popularity and is approved by many leading carpet cleaning companies because of its efficiency and convenience. Dry cleaning does not require any time for drying, hence it is the foremost choice of many professionals. The main characteristic of this method is that the cleaning powder or solution is applied at the base of the carpet using a specialized machine that contains a rotating brush. This way of application of the cleaning powder helps the carpet fibres to open up and let the compound penetrate into them. Complete penetration of the compound into the fibres helps in deep cleaning of the carpets. One more reason for why this method is trending is that the cleaning compound used here is made of biodegradable material that totally absorbs and pulls up the dirt from the carpet. Thus, dry cleaning is safe for all kinds of carpets and it is also suitable for commercial places. 
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With the advent of technology, carpet cleaning methods have evolved a lot. The latest trends are very Read our more blog titled The Ultimate Guide To Carpet Cleaning Perth.

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