Turing Alternatives to Hire Remote Engineers

This post was most recently updated on May 20th, 2023

The best part about being in the information revolution is that there are absolutely no barriers to entry. Companies that help you hire remote engineers are no different. You are able to quickly scour the internet to find a list of companies that can help you hire your software developer in no time.

Getting on to that list right off the bat are:


Gaper.io is like your tinder for remote software engineers. They have over 1200 resumes ready to deploy as soon as you hit the “hire” button and you would be matched with your talent within 48 hours. The best part? They are vetted to the top 1% and your risks are absolutely nilled for the first couple of weeks you get to try out your new team member. If you would like to switch to a different software engineer, that too can be managed without any hassle. Affordable, reliable, and scalable, you can augment your team without the headache of going through the painful process of hiring.

Think remote, think Gaper.


Codeable is a platform where you get a list of remote software engineers, with their ratings, years of experience, where they are from, the languages they speak, the coding languages they know, the number of projects completed, and the number of clients they have serviced. All this gives a birdseye view of the coder’s profile, and you can then select based on your requirements to be able to make your final decision.

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The only downside is that they only cater to WordPress development and no other requirement. The best part is that you are able to hire within 24 hours.


A more reasonable option, CloudDevs has a week-long trial period and they try to match according to your timezone to make the augmented team member as seamless as possible, even if remote. Hailing from Latin America, it is easier to match timings with their American counterparts. Compared to full-time options on Turing only, CloudDevs is more flexible in its hiring process.

The prevetting process makes for a reliable, quick, and easy hiring procedure.


With four payment options, Guru gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to hiring your remote software engineers.

The best part? They are gurus in almost every field on this website. From software engineers to bloggers, to marketing experts, there is something for everyone and every need.


CloudDevs’ global partner, this Turing alternative has a price tag of $35 an hour. With such a low rate, the quality is still not compromised as the talent is still pre-vetted. With a 7-day free trial. The risk is further reduced in the decision-making process.


With entire tech teams at your disposal, you have to take a leap of faith with this option. With no trial period and a minimum fee of $52,000 for a project, you have to rely on the top-rated reviews when it comes to choosing Gigster for your talent needs.


To look for alternatives for Turing, the list is extensive which goes to show there is a lot out there on offer. It is up to you what you need and how you need it.

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In today’s highly competitive and expensive options, if one is able to make a feasible decision that can extend for the long term, it would be prudent to do so. The marketplace is huge, but navigating through all the options is a test of your abilities and endurance. Make most of the research that you can do, in order to make the most informed decisions. It would always be in your best interest.

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