Twitter to turn paid for commercial and government users: Musk

Twitter to turn paid for commercial and government users: Musk
Twitter to turn paid for commercial and government users: Musk
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Governments and business users may soon find that their tweets come with a price tag, according to new Twitter owner Elon Musk. While the network will always be free for casual users, there may be a small fee for “commercial/government users,” Musk said on his official Twitter account. “Ultimately, the Freemasons’ demise was giving away their stonecutting skills for free,” he said, before adding, “Twitter will always be free for casual users, but maybe a modest payment for commercial/government users.”

twitter to turn paid

Musk responded, “Some revenue is better than none!” after someone tweeted that Freemasons couldn’t compete with “cheap masons.” This suggests he’s serious about this. Musk has long maintained that Twitter is a crucial element of public conversation and that, after the acquisition is completed, he intends to take the firm private. Musk’s commercial ambitions for Twitter, according to Reuters, included the possibility to make cash from popular tweets. According to the allegation, he intends to charge a fee to third-party websites that wish to quote or embed tweets from verified persons or organisations.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously tweeted that he intends to make modifications to the company’s Twitter Blue premium membership service, including lowering the price, removing adverts, and adding the option to pay in the cryptocurrency dogecoin. After that, he erased the tweet. He also stated that he wished to lessen the website’s reliance on advertising, but that statement was also removed.

So, Musk isn’t joking when he says there will be a paid component to tweeting in the near future. In addition, the SpaceX co-founder reacted to a CNN tweet regarding an article claiming that advocacy groups want businesses to ensure that Twitter’s content moderation regulations are upheld under Musk.

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“Who is funding these groups that aim to limit your access to information?” Let’s look into it…” he responded in response to the tweet, adding, “Sunlight is the finest disinfectant.”

When someone else said, “A few names will undoubtedly come up, such as Open Source Foundation, George Soros, and others,” Musk said, “I will contact him and ask,” alluding to billionaire investor George Soros.

In response to an article claiming that “PayPal Helped Spur EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple Payments,” the SpaceX CEO took a shot at Apple. Musk is a PayPal co-founder.

Elon Musk’s Twitter transaction was revealed on Monday, April 28th, and he would pay $44 billion for the firm. However, the specifics of how he intends to fund this are yet unknown. Since the announcement of the agreement, Musk has continued his tweeting marathon, teasing and discussing a slew of upcoming improvements to the platform.

Some of Musk’s remarks have sparked retaliation against Twitter workers, notably Vijaya Gadde, the company’s legal chief, who has endured a barrage of racist abuse and harassment on the network after Musk obliquely criticised her. He then followed up with a meme insulting Gadde.

Musk has also stated that on Twitter, freedom of speech must be limited by the law, and that he opposes any censorship that goes beyond legal boundaries. He’s also stated that the goal is to make both the far left and the far right as unhappy as possible.

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