Two rings or one? Choose your engagement ring style accordingly

Engagement Ring Care Tips
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Engagement rings are a big decision, and it’s important to know what style ring will suit your fingers and personal style best. This article will tell you everything you need to know about solitaire, halo, and more engagement rings you can choose from the options.

Solitaire engagement rings

A single-diamond solitaire ring is an excellent option if you want to go with the classic. It’s been around for centuries and has become synonymous with love, commitment, and romance.

The design of this engagement ring style can vary from person to person. Some prefer their diamonds set into the center stone, while others like their stone suspended on its own or placed within an open band setting. Either way, these rings are timeless classics that never go out of style.

You can wear this style alone or alongside other rings, such as stacking bands or stackable jewelry pieces like bracelets or necklaces. And if you’re looking for something affordable but still meaningful? You’ve found it!

Halo engagement rings

A halo engagement ring is a type of engagement ring with the center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. The halo can be round, oval, or square usually made up of six to twelve diamonds. Halo rings are popular because they’re simple yet elegant.

What are some benefits of having a halo on your engagement ring? There is no need for prongs in this type of setting; no matter how many stones you have, it will look balanced and symmetrical (which means you won’t have any gaps where one piece meets another). This makes them perfect for people who want something simple without sacrificing quality. Look no further if you’re looking for something more traditional than what most people wear today.

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Three-stone engagement rings

These rings are a classic style, and they’re great for the bride who wants something unique. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary, this style of engagement ring is sure to please.

A three-stone engagement ring is also a popular choice because it offers so many different options in design. You can choose between diamonds, sapphires, and rubies or all three together. The best part about this kind of stone combination? It allows your fiancé’s name to be etched inside the band, so they will never forget how much you love them.

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Split-shank engagement rings

These are one of the most popular engagement ring choices for couples who want to show off their love but also have a little more than just an ordinary diamond. They’re often used to create a halo effect around the center stone, which makes it feel like you’re wearing multiple rings at once.

Split shank engagement rings can also be customized by adding gemstone accents or adding an extra gemstone in one of two ways: either through side stones that sit on top of your primary rock (like with round cut diamonds) or through side stones that nearly touch each other across the band (like with princess cut). These styles look best when paired with larger gems like rubies or emeralds, but don’t worry if these aren’t your style. You can always opt for something simpler.

Dainty engagement rings

Such rings are the perfect choice for a bride who wants to keep her wedding day simple and understated. These rings can be made from any gemstone, but diamonds are the most popular choice for brides because of their classic beauty and affordability.

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Diamonds are also known as “the girl’s best friend” since they’re flattering on all skin tones (and body types). They shimmer like stars in the night sky and make your fingers look flawless.


Your style guide to choosing the perfect ring is based on what kind of a woman you want to be.

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