Types and Uses of Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks

We will discuss the different types of pallet pumps and their uses. We will also examine their benefits and drawbacks to individual users and organizations. 

A pallet pump, also known as a pallet jack, is a forklift most commonly utilized in a factory or warehouse setting to transport pallets or items carried on pallets. They are essential for manual tasks that involve lifting and carrying heavy loads, turning a time-consuming, energy-sapping, multi-person job into a reasonably manageable single-person job. 

There are different types of pumps, each with its benefits and uses.

Manual Pallet Jack

The manual pallet truck is the standard and cheapest type of truck. It has a load capacity of 2,500kg. The manual truck works by placing the forks beneath the pallet, lifting it off the ground, then using manual steering, transporting it to the desired location. 

It has the advantage of being portable due to its small size and weight. However, it is not the best choice for long-distance transportation lest operators get fatigued. The manual pallet jacks are ideal for supermarkets, general warehouses, or manufacturing companies.

Electric Pallet Jack

The electric jack is twice as large as the manual pallet jack and runs on an industrial battery. It has a load capacity range of 2,000kg to 2,700kg. Its main advantage is its capability to lift and transport heavy loads electronically. It takes most manual labor out of the tasks since it can drive, lift, and lower loads at the push of a button. Its small size also helps with portability.

Its primary disadvantage is the constant need to recharge the battery. It is pretty expensive to maintain since you must regularly repair the drive motor and lift pumps. It’s also not recommended for long-distance jobs because the operator is required to walk behind or alongside the jack.

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Weigh-Scale Pallet Jack

The weighing-scale pallet jack’s most outstanding feature is displaying the weight of the load. Furthermore, you can attach a printer to the pallet jack to print details of the shipment, such as its weight. This pallet jack is especially useful in loading bays and factory floors.

Rider Pallet Jack

The rider pallet jack is similar to the electric jack in that a high-powered battery also runs it. The main difference is the riding platform that comes with the rider jack. This platform is beneficial for long-distance movement because you’ll only need to step in it, and you’ll be moved around by the rider jack instead of the electric pallet jack, where the operator has to walk behind it. 

The rider pump’s mobility advantage is suitable for large factories and manufacturing industries or locations with frequent transportation of bulky loads over long distances. 

Its primary disadvantage is the potential risk it poses to its operator. The rider jack has a fiddly stand exposing the user to accidents and hazards. Its bulky weight could spell disaster to individuals and structures.

Pallet jacks have a wide variety of types and use. There is always a specific type of pallet jack perfectly suitable for your needs. It is beneficial to understand the various types of jacks, their features, costs, and suitability for tasks you wish to undertake. 

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