UN wants more peacekeepers from Bangladesh


UN officials praised the professionalism of Bangladeshi peacekeepers and expressed interest in recruiting more peacekeepers from Bangladesh.

According to the Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Bangladesh Army Chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed has held bilateral meetings with a number of officials at the UN headquarters on various issues of mutual interest including peacekeeping operations. At the time, UN officials expressed this view.

During a visit to the UN headquarters in New York on April 25 and 26, UN Under-Secretary-General for Security and Safety Gilles Michaud, Acting Military Adviser Maj. The chief of staff met with General Christian Sanders and police adviser Luis Ribeiro Carrillho.

These very fruitful meetings highlighted various aspects of the significant contribution of Bangladeshi peacekeepers in the long run of UN peacekeeping operations.

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During the meeting, the Chief of Army Staff highlighted Bangladesh’s constitutional commitment to world peacekeeping. Recruitment of more Bangladeshi peacekeepers including women peacekeepers in peacekeeping missions, recruitment of high level leaders in peacekeeping operations from Bangladesh, participation in peacekeeping missions jointly with other peacekeeping countries, deployment of armed personnel carriers from Bangladesh, recruitment of Bangladeshi peacekeepers in various political missions including guard units. The Chief of Army Staff also called for the recruitment of skilled and experienced officers of the Bangladesh Army in the Operational Support Department and the recruitment of more Police Contingents and Individual Police Officers (IPOs) from Bangladesh. The Chief of Army Staff noted that the peacekeepers of Bangladesh were selected through a very rigorous electoral process and sent to the mission with advanced training.

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The Acting Military Adviser highly praised the professionalism, ethics and discipline of the Bangladeshi peacekeepers and said that these are the reasons why Bangladesh is at the forefront of world peacekeeping operations. He expressed interest in recruiting more peacekeepers from Bangladesh in future.

ASG Khaled Khiari praised Bangladesh’s leadership in the Peace Building Commission and Peacekeeping. He also lauded the government and people of Bangladesh for transitioning from the LDC category and providing humanitarian shelter to the displaced Rohingyas.

During the meeting, the Acting Military Adviser and the ASG of the Department of Political and Peace Building Affairs requested a speedy deployment of an aviation contingent from the Bangladesh Army to the UN peacekeeping mission and the Chief of Army Staff agreed in principle.

When the army chief proposed to replace the long-used weapons and equipment in the peacekeeping mission’s Bangladeshi contingents with new weapons and equipment from Bangladesh, the concerned officials agreed. As a result, this long-awaited issue is going to be resolved which will play a significant role in enhancing the capability, security and morale of Bangladeshi peacekeepers.

ASG Christian Sanders praised the professionalism and logistical capabilities of the peacekeepers in Bangladesh. He hoped for Bangladesh’s assistance in building the capacity of other peacekeeping countries, including deploying Bangladeshi helicopter contingents in various missions.

Police Adviser Luis Ribeiro Carrilho praised the Bangladeshi police personnel engaged in peacekeeping operations and expressed interest in recruiting more Bangladeshi police personnel.

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the UN Headquarters, the Chief of Army Staff inspected the benches set up in the name of Bangabandhu and the planted tree-loss luqast.