List of the Top Places to Buy Wedding Flowers in London

List of the Top Places to Buy Wedding Flowers in London
List of the Top Places to Buy Wedding Flowers in London
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London, a city teeming with history, culture, and romantic tales, has witnessed countless love stories unfurl against its grand architectural backdrop. When these stories advance to their joyous crescendo – the wedding day – the city embraces the couple with a floral embrace befitting their unique love tale. As the historical heart of the British Empire and the modern pulse of European culture, London brings together the old and the new.

Its rich tapestry of history, combined with its contemporary verve, manifests brilliantly in its floral offerings. This bustling metropolis is home to some of the world’s most renowned florists, each offering a distinct blend of traditional and avant-garde designs.

From the iconic Kew Gardens, which has regaled visitors with its botanical wonders since the 18th century, to the quirky lanes of Shoreditch teeming with innovative floral pop-ups, London’s floral scene is as diverse as its population. Whether it is the regal lilies symbolizing the monarchy’s elegance, the English roses that speak of timeless beauty, or the modern arrangements echoing the city’s ever-evolving skyline, every bouquet tells a story.

In the meantime, for a couple that is ready to embark on their marital journey in this city, finding the perfect bouquet becomes an adventure – a delightful quest to find blooms that echo their emotions, aspirations, and dreams.

London’s Blooming Best: Where to Find Your Wedding Day Blossoms

Hidden Botanics

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Established from the genuine affection between two souls, Hidden Botanics is a manifestation of love and artistry. Having its origin in the picturesque seaside town of Didim, Turkey, the founders, with their shared passion for creativity, embarked on a journey that culminated in the heart of London.

Their virtual space at Hidden Botanics is an extension of their dedication to modern yet timeless aesthetics, merging Japandi minimalism with Bohemian charm. With an ever-evolving selection of flowers for wedding London, Hidden Botanics stays ahead of the curve, ensuring that each bouquet is 100% handmade, unique, and perfectly suited to the occasion. 

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Beyond aesthetics, their profound commitment to sustainability is evident in their efforts to source flowers responsibly and support farmers back in Turkey. The Bridal Style Quiz, a unique feature on their platform, demonstrates their customer-centric approach, simplifying the otherwise daunting task of choosing the perfect bouquet.

As they continue their journey, spreading joy with every petal, Hidden Botanics stands as a testament to what passion combined with hard work can achieve.

Your London Florist

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With a reputation that resounds through London’s bustling streets, Your London Florist has become an integral part of many Londoners’ special moments. The brand has masterfully entwined age-old floral traditions with contemporary tastes, appealing to a wide range of clientele.

Over the years, the experienced team has cultivated an understanding of London’s unique vibe, and this understanding translates into their creations. With every bouquet, they encapsulate the spirit of the city, the hustle, the dreams, and most importantly, the diverse love stories that play out on its historic streets.

Their commitment to quality ensures that every bloom, leaf, and twig is handpicked, ensuring a flawless experience for their patrons.

Amarante London

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A synonym for grandeur, Amarante London brings a slice of the world’s most exotic gardens to London. Their arrangements are a harmonious blend of classic charm and modern aesthetics.

The meticulous attention to detail, from selecting the freshest blooms to intricate arrangement techniques, ensures that each bouquet is an art piece in itself. Stepping into their boutique is akin to entering a floral wonderland, where every scent, color, and texture evokes a sense of wonder.

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Lavender Green Flowers

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Boasting a rich history of over two decades, Lavender Green Flowers stands tall in the luxurious neighborhood of Chelsea. Their longstanding reputation is built upon countless hours of dedication to the art of floristry.

With a clientele that includes the city’s elite, their designs seamlessly merge luxury with nature. Besides that, their vast experience ensures that they are adept at curating bouquets for any occasion, be it a grand royal banquet or an intimate garden ceremony.

Wild at Heart

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Pioneering a revolution in the floral industry, Wild at Heart challenges the status quo with its fearless designs. Under the visionary leadership of Nikki Tibbles, the brand has carved a niche for itself, championing designs that resonate with the modern, independent spirit of London.

All in all, every arrangement tells a story, a wild, untamed tale of love and adventure, making it the perfect choice for the contemporary Londoner.

Grace & Thorn


Drawing inspiration from the eclectic spirit of East London, Grace & Thorn is more than just a floral boutique; it is a movement. Celebrating the beauty in imperfections, their designs are unstructured, raw, and filled with emotion.

Not to mention, each flower, in its natural, unaltered state, speaks volumes, reflecting the authentic, unfiltered beauty of life in the city. Their commitment to authenticity ensures that every arrangement is as unique as the individuals they cater to.

In a nutshell, each of these boutiques, with their unique narratives and design philosophies, contributes to London’s rich tapestry, making it one of the world’s premier destinations for floral enthusiasts.

The Bottom Line

Every couple’s journey to find their perfect wedding flowers is a reflection of their shared experiences, aspirations, and dreams. In London, this quest is met with an array of options that are as diverse and enchanting as the city itself. From the historical charm of Covent Garden to the innovative allure of East London, the city promises a bouquet for every emotion.

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Hidden Botanics, with its unique story, stands out as a testament to the city’s ability to nurture dreams. From a small seaside town in Turkey to a design studio in Norwich, their journey exemplifies the spirit of London – a city that celebrates passion, determination, and creativity.

Their bouquets, handcrafted with love, are not just floral arrangements but stories of dedication, dreams, and a shared journey. On top of that, their commitment to sustainability, coupled with their innovative approach, makes them a symbol of modern London – a city that respects its roots while looking forward to the future.

For many, flowers are not just decorative elements but symbolic representations of their journey. They encapsulate moments, memories, and promises. As couples embark on their new journey, the bouquet they choose becomes a reflection of their past, present, and future. It is a silent witness to their vows, the tears of joy, and the laughter shared.

In this vibrant city, every alley, every corner, and every market resonates with tales of love. Each florist, with their unique offerings, becomes a storyteller, weaving tales of romance, commitment, and dreams.

As the city stands witness to countless such tales, it ensures every story is adorned with the perfect blossoms. In the end, whether you are drawn to the contemporary charm of Hidden Botanics or the timeless allure of Covent Garden, London ensures your love story is celebrated in full bloom.

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