Unique Ways to Display Your Baby Announcement Disc: Ideas for Your Home

Unique Ways to Display Your Baby Announcement Disc: Ideas for Your Home
Unique Ways to Display Your Baby Announcement Disc: Ideas for Your Home
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Get creative with your baby announcement disc! Check out our unique ideas for displaying this special keepsake in your home. From wall art to photo props, we’ve got you covered.

What are baby announcement discs?

A baby announcement disc is a circular wooden or acrylic plaque that is customized with the baby’s name, birth details, and a design. Its purpose is to serve as a keepsake and announcement of the baby’s arrival.

Importance of displaying it in a creative way

Displaying the baby announcement disc in a creative way is important as it adds a personal touch to the announcement and makes it more memorable. A unique and creative display can also serve as a decorative piece in your home and can be a great conversation starter for visitors. Additionally, it allows you to showcase your personality and style while sharing the news of your new arrival.

Creative ways to display your baby announcement disc:

Display Your Baby’s Arrival in Style: Creative Ways to Showcase Your Baby Announcement Discs in Your Home

Using a picture frame:

You can display your baby announcement disc in a traditional picture frame, either standing on a table or hanging on the wall. This is a classic way to display the disc and can be customized with a frame that matches your home decor.

Displaying it on a bookshelf or mantel:

If you have a bookshelf or mantel in your home, you can use it to display your baby announcement disc. This allows you to incorporate the disc into your existing decor and can be easily swapped out as your style changes.

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Incorporating it into a gallery wall:

A gallery wall is a great way to display multiple pieces of art or decor in a cohesive way. You can include your baby announcement disc as part of the gallery, either in a frame or as a standalone piece.

Creating a shadow box display:

A shadow box is a framed box with a glass front, designed to display and protect items such as photos, artwork, and memorabilia. You can create a shadow box display for your baby announcement disc, adding other items such as the baby’s hospital bracelet or a special onesie.

Hanging it on a decorative hanger or hook:

There are a variety of decorative hangers and hooks available that you can use to display your baby announcement disc. This is a great option if you want to keep the disc visible but don’t want to take up table or shelf space.

Using it as a table centerpiece:

Your baby announcement disc can be used as a unique and meaningful centerpiece for a special occasion, such as a baby shower or christening. You can display it on a stand or surround with flowers or other decor items.

Tips for choosing the perfect display option:

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect display option for your baby announcement disc:

Consider the style of the room:

 Choose a display option that complements the style of the room where you plan to showcase your baby announcement disc. For example, a rustic wooden frame may look great in a farmhouse-style living room, while a sleek modern frame may be better suited for a contemporary space.

Think about the size:

Consider the size of your baby announcement disc when selecting a display option. A larger disc may be better suited for a shadow box or table centerpiece, while a smaller disc may look great in a frame on a bookshelf.

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Decide on the level of visibility:

Consider how visible you want your baby announcement disc to be. If you want it to be a focal point in the room, consider hanging it on a decorative hanger or incorporating it into a gallery wall. If you prefer a more subtle display, a frame on a bookshelf or mantel may be a better option.

Personalize it:

Consider adding a personal touch to your display option by incorporating other items, such as baby photos or keepsakes that relate to the baby announcement. This can help create a cohesive and meaningful display.


In conclusion, a baby announcement disc is a creative and unique way to share the news of a new arrival. There are various ways to display this special memento, such as using a picture frame, bookshelf, mantel, gallery wall, shadow box, decorative hanger, or table centerpiece.

Each display option has its own unique benefits and can be chosen based on personal preferences and home decor. By following the tips for choosing the perfect display option, parents can create a beautiful and memorable display of their baby announcement disc.

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