Unknown Facts About YouTube Monetization

Unknown Facts About YouTube Monetization

This post was most recently updated on February 14th, 2022

YouTube is one of the most used video streaming platforms on earth and is owned by the tech giant Google. Being the second most visited site in the world, Youtube has billions of videos of different genres available for all age groups. The application has different forms like YouTube music, YouTube TV, etc.

The application maintains a unique relationship with its content creators. The monetization feature of the application has attracted a lot of content creators on the platform. Video marketing has never been easier before. Although the YouTube terms and conditions for earning revenue are strict, yet it is the safest platform to rely on for selling your videos. You should know about in market audiences would be suited to reach which user .

  • YouTube has 2 billion users as of 2020 and 80% of the users belong to the 18-49 years of age group.
  • More than 500 hours of content is uploaded on the platform every minute. More than 1 billion hours of content or video is watched by the users per day.
  • Around 35% of streamers earn a five-figure income and around 40% of content creators earn a six-figure income through YouTube.

Facts About YouTube Monetization

You must have heard about the strict YouTube policy of having at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to be eligible to get a check from YouTube. After your channel becomes eligible for monetization, YouTube puts various ads in the beginning and in between your video and you earn revenue through these ads. The frequency of these ads can be controlled by you.

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People have been looking for different ways to buy YouTube subscribers, views, etc. However, after you gain the aforementioned statistics, your channel can earn money through a lot of other ways on this platform. Have a look at the following:-

  1. Ticketing- This feature came into existence through a partnership with Ticketmaster. It allows the creators to feature the next US concert on their watch page and make money through it.
  2. Merchandise- A channel that is a part of the YouTube partner program can earn an advantage through this feature. You can link to several merchandise distribution sites and crowdfunding sites and earn decent revenue.
  3. Super Chat- You must have viewed a live video on YouTube. Your message will stand out in a live YouTube video if you buy a super chat. This is the most recent way and streamers are making a lot of money through it. 

Not only these, but you can also start affiliate marketing on your YouTube channel and earn commissions through the products that your viewers may buy. You can attach the links of the products in your description box and easily earn money even without fulfilling the YouTube criteria.

YouTube pays a handsome account to its content creators. You need to have an Adsense account and apply for monetization before you can get your first check. Earning revenue on YouTube has become a lot easier over the last few years.

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